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    Runaways DJ

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    1. Link start! #3

      by , 01-04-2015 at 07:26 PM (Runaways DJ)
      I'm outside. There is my dog and some chicken. Dog have "fun" with chicken. I found some small boots. I go take them to home. When I going I become lucid. I go near pond and start meditate. I looking for pillow to sit, there isn't any, but my dog running around and I using him as a pillow. I meditate short time, first I see darkness, then some small blue landscape.
      After go to my room. I put something on my head and say "Link start". I saw some color things. Then I was in choose account menu. Most colors of this menu is orange. There are 2 account, one probably mine and second Katsuno. I choose Katsuno. He got few characters. First got 15 lvl, guy who look like pilot be with wife named Maria. Thier surname was Rayan. There are other characters with lvl under 10, so I choose Rayan. I appeared in my room. I sit near computer, on screen I watch someone playing in casino. I drop things on the desk to the floor and go into screen.
      First I was in Rayan's body or 3rd look. Rayan throw dice and got 2 six few times. Everytime he win, I hear part of song "Bellini - Samba de Janeiro". Then I was in other body in this table. Some guy want to join, but he saw that Rayan win some postcards and there is nothing interesting in this table. Croupier give me some cards: king, queen and jack. I wonder can I get poker and I wake up.
    2. Link start! #2

      by , 12-19-2014 at 10:32 PM (Runaways DJ)
      Iím in kitchen in my house. I watch SAO on computer, the player bugged, I need to turn on it few times. I almost don't hear sound from computer, so I go for headphones. I turn it on and watch. At first there are something like intro. I see desert with some people. Narrator tell (I read subtitles) something about two skills, but he's not sure it's mistake with translation or this skill change his name, when someone has killing spree. After I see arena, I hear crowd, but I don't see them. In the middle there are two knights on the big mounts, they want to duel. Between them appeared Kirito. He shot the arrow by bow to start the duel. They fight stubborn. The knight on left use some skill and enemy's HP fall under 50%. The crowd cheers, they know that the Left win duel. Suddenly he keep fighting and kill his enemy. The crowd are fearfull and run away.
      Now, I'm in Kirito body. I know somewhere there is some sword. Other people looking for it too. I see him, but someone go to it first. I don't care, because I know it's very heavy and I'm the only one who can get it. I come to this place where I saw sword and there isn't here. I look at this guy and see sinister smile. I feel this is some king of stratagem. There are some girl with him (one of twins i saw in other dream? tonight).
      Then I'm in some building in hole with circle stairs. Everything inside was made with wood. I'm talk with some of elders elite, but I don't remember about what.
      After I walk street, I thinking about this situation. I hear some voices in my head. I feel they are evil, but follow them is the only way to solve the mystery, so I take the risk.
    3. Link start! #1

      by , 12-17-2014 at 11:05 PM (Runaways DJ)
      I am outside, lucid. I try to tp to SAO, by penetrate the walls, it doesn't work. So I tried to wear something on my head and scream "Link start", but there wasn't anything. Then I decided to go to my room. I am here and I looking for something to wear. I found wire and wrapped it around my head. Again I scream "Link start", but nothing happend. Then I lay down on the floor and try to penetrate the floor by my head. First time I hit it, but second time it worked.
      I appeared in nearest town. First I watching it from third-view, there are many people, but in few seconds i appeared in my body on the ground. There are two people with me, Katsuno (I just feel it) sit on a clothes-horse and other one who had blonde hair (I think). I start talking with blonde hair guy. I ask him for a name few times. Everytime he told something diffrent. I ask him "Which one is your name?" he answer, he gonna PM me. I feel like we understand each other and it means shared dreaming. I ask how he will found me or maybe I PM him, but he did not say anything specific. Then I say we have to have fun. I thinking and my proposition was to change into girl and go to the girls dressing room...
      Someone said that the pill to change sex should be in military shop, so we go. While we walking we saw place where you can make campfire. Someone want to use it, but one of us take wood and place into it before them. Near campfire was road and on this road was table on wheels with some food. It slowly coming to us and before it reach us something exploding above table. We look and there was fish food, we taste it and it taste bad. We gonna looking for cook, who made this food to make a complaint. We walk the street and on our way there was fast-food. Some women with long black hair sit next to it. He look like "french" aristocrat. We ask her who made this food. She start telling only good things about this cook, I thinking she was this cook.
    4. #10 Shared Dreaming Attempt

      by , 03-24-2014 at 06:10 PM (Runaways DJ)
      I read about technique to go to someone else dream. In dream you need to have mirror and DC of person which you want to go in dream. Then you set this DC to see him in the mirror and then go through it. It's required to have specific feel to work.

      I'm lucid in my room. I screaming PS. No one comes, so I thought I do something wrong. I start screaming to see DC of PS. Then someone comes, he was mature man with neat black hairs, beard and pale face. I set him near the window (my mirror), when I saw him I jump through window. I was falling into the black hole and I woke up.

      I don't have that specific feel and I don't know how PS look like. I gonna try it again, but with friend I know IRL.
    5. #9 Shared Dreaming Attempt

      by , 03-18-2014 at 04:09 PM (Runaways DJ)
      I'm lucid or semi-lucid somewhere. There are some girls, I am looking for more pretty girl. Meanwhile, I give one girl medal and kiss her in her nose. I keep looking for pretty girl, when I realize I had different goal. My awareness raise. I concentrated and want TP to PS. I start spinning and I fall on the ground, but I still spinning. I hit something and I imagine this is trashcan from beach. I open my eyes and I was at beach. It's dusk. I saw big mountains and red sundown. I saw some people on the beach, I looked behind and don't saw anyone. I walked to the these people. One person look like Dis (League of Legends streamer), but I think this can be PS. I ask him about PS, he don't answer and ask me about my name. I say Runaway and he start be happy. He want to swimming, he lie down in half-feet (~15 cm) water and moving his arms. His confused and probaly think "What I am doing wrong?". That look very funny. I ask him "Maybe we should try to fight?" and I woke up.
    6. #8 Shared Dreaming Attempt

      by , 02-22-2014 at 09:22 PM (Runaways DJ)
      I'm in my room, it's dark. I wonder maybe it's a dream ? I checked my phone, the screen was different than in real life and I become lucid. There is realy dark and I want to make a day, but I can't. I go outside and try TP to PS, but it's don't worked too. I meet postman. He got pack for me from PS. I opened it and I saw "yellow thing" (sulfur or PUR foam), instruction from the radio and wallet. I think I send this to PS and now he send it to me back. I wonder why ? First I think maybe he don't want to SD anymore ? But then I think he left his signature energy on this items and now I can using these energy to find him in dream, but I woke up.
    7. #7 Shared Dreaming Attempt

      by , 02-17-2014 at 06:09 PM (Runaways DJ)
      I'm lucid in shopping mall. There are some girls, I make one naked, but I go to the elevator. I want to go to the beach and wonder which floor choose. Intuitively I choosed 8. The door opened and I'm still in building. Somehow I go to the beach. There are some small plants, pineapple I think. There is some being, I'm not sure he is human. We are talking. I think he don't understand my language and I try to talk in English, this situation make me a little bit confused. He ask who I am and I answer I'm human. Then he changed his body? And now be underwater, I coming to him, probably to help him and I woke up.

      I forgot to scream my targets name.
    8. #6 Shared Dreaming Attempt

      by , 02-09-2014 at 02:02 PM (Runaways DJ)
      I'm in manufacturing hall. There is some guy in BMW, who driving and looking for me. I'm hiding. He saw me and coming to me, then I get lucid and fly away. I was near the road and shop. There are some girls, but I ignore them. I'm focus on my perception, I had nice vivid. I start TP to beach, some noise disturbing me, but I continue TP. I'm in sewer tunnel. There are some young boys, I screamed "PostScript". Then I saw two animals under the ceiling, one is badger, but second I don't remember. They jump and I catch them. Then I went outside and want to do TP, but I feel (I don't have enough energy), when I try it, I will woke up, so I thinking how to fix that. Someone tell me I need to go to DYI. I go there with few peoples, but we are at market. We go to stall with makeup accessories. I said I don't wanna have make up and I woke up.
    9. #5 Shared Dreaming Attempt

      by , 02-07-2014 at 07:36 PM (Runaways DJ)
      I'm lying in my bed and I get lucid. I'm TP to PS. I was near "Kame house" from Dragon Ball. I go underwater and ask someone about PS. He told me that PS had quest and he need to get tooth of white shark. I looking for him, but I don't find him. There are many people, they watching some art. I watching the art too. I'm in building. I meet girl from my old school class. Then I start watching other girls, I want to look at very pretty girl. There aren't any, so I want one model to appear in second room. I try few times, but she don't appear and every person disappear. I think I can meet some girls in school, so I TP in it. I go to the toilet, there are some girls, I kissed one.

      I had FA. I'm again in my bed, I do RC and be lucid. I go outside and try few times TP to a beach, but I failed. There is one small creature, I help him or something. Then something appear in the air. I think this is made from clay, I'm sure this is orange. I fly into it and my alarm woke me up.

      I like the thing that in this dream I many times told myself to be focused, but I don't like this "girl stuff"... and I forgot to call/scream for PostScript.
    10. #4 Shared Dreaming Attempt?

      by , 02-02-2014 at 04:36 PM (Runaways DJ)
      I was lucid or semi-lucid. I was outside, there is floatinghead, we join hands and start spin, this wasn't have any effect, so I start spin alone with thinking about beach and I woke up.
    11. #3 Shared Dreaming Attempt

      by , 01-29-2014 at 11:45 AM (Runaways DJ)
      1. "..." I'm lucid near some house, I go in. I saw door, I opened them and wrote Postscript99. I closed them, open again and go in. I'm in some hall, there was many DC. I ask them, where is Postscript (PS), but they don't want to answer, so I screamed Postscript! Then someone entered through the door, he look like my friend, but I think he was PS, so I follow him. We walked through the corridors and talking. I asked him "What's your name?", but it's hard to hear answer, I think he's name started with the letter "P". Then we sit, next to us were two girls, they kissed, then PS kissed one girl, then I kissed one girl and then I kissed with PS . After this, every DC "die" (lie down without moving) and PS dissapeared. Then someone said me, that they needs replacement parts. I had FA, I had some notifications on my phone form DV, I think PS confirmed SD, but there was only bullshit.

      Other dreams, only keywords:
      2. Someone poisoned my friend, I was looking for the person who did it, drive car, fighting.

      3. Walked with priest and grandmpa through forest, disco, girl with blonde dreadlocks.

      4. School.

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    12. #2 Shared Dreaming Attempt

      by , 01-27-2014 at 10:40 PM (Runaways DJ)
      I'm lucid in my room, I go outside. I do TP, but mother go outside too and screaming to me. I lost focus. I fly away, I saw tropical flora. I jumping and watching plants. Dream end.

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    13. #1 Shared Dreaming Attempt

      by , 01-26-2014 at 07:31 PM (Runaways DJ)
      I'm lucid in my room, I go outside. I try to fly to use teleportation (TP)(float up in air and spinning very fast), but I can only jump, so I found door, write name and go in. I appeared in something like park for kids, I see some kids, they talking to me, but I ignore them. I keep walking and see buildings (like walt disney castle). I jumped on them, I think I'm in wrong place, so I think I should try TP, so I recall flying training from Dragon Ball Z, focus on my body and start flying. I start spinning with intent to TP to other person, but I wake up.

      Next time after TP I will ask people where is person, which I looking for or screaming he's name.
    14. 20/10/2013

      by , 10-20-2013 at 09:23 AM (Runaways DJ)
      1. "..."I decided to go to someones of IOSDP members dream. I chose juroara. I start spin very fast and then [Film view]I saw some girl and boy flying very high above the ground, few kilometers I think. After they was few meters above the ground and two bad guys fly close to them.[/Film view] After I'm in cinema, there is some charitable organization. I told myself, that when I fly through the ceiling, I will be in the Lmrhone dream. After I'm at the corner of the ceiling, there is computer and it's DV site. I looking for some way to contact Lmrhone, but by coincidence I found the IOSDP member list, where I can see who is online. I saw that Windy is online, so I try to write pm to her, but two bad guys start disturb me. I try do protective barier few times, but it didn't worked. I try write pm again and I wrote "h" in title and some 3 letters in message, I looking for "send" button, but there wasn't any. I can't do more, because those bad guys dragged me away from the computer. I'm start be angry, so I do kamehameha in their faces and I woke up.

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    15. 13/10/13

      by , 10-13-2013 at 08:54 PM (Runaways DJ)
      1.I'm in my room lucid. I try to go outside by windows, but I tangled in the curtains. After moment I'm outside and I decide to make protective barier, that nothing more bothered me. After I'm watching myself, I wear blue-white shoes, dark green pants and dark blue sweatshirt with fringes, which was moving with the wind. After my friend come to me, I told him "Go looking for girlfriend for me, only pretty and redhead". After I',m saw police car and some very fat policeman. I had FA and I done DELID in dream. I'm again in my room, but this time I go fast outside and try teleport to Cardia, but I landend in Aion without sounds and with 3rd person view.

      2.I'm in school, there was girls basketball match in gym. I'm walking the corridor and reading some stuff. Someone ask me what i will do if my family died, I answer "I will don't care, but I'm not sure"

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