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    by , 07-18-2014 at 02:10 AM (279 Views)
    I'm walking into a school with a group of kids. It was raining outside, and a guy is talking about how Jesus made it happen. I get irritated and say loudly "the water cycle!"'
    We all sit down.
    An old friend, S , is here; she sits at the desk by me.
    We now get separated into 2 groups for a game. The groups are the 'bible believers' and the 'nonbelievers'. As a surprise to me, and everyone else, I end up in the believers group. I think that it won't be bad, since I probably know just as much as the believers. An ex's brother is my group. I tell him he knows a lot about the bible and he laughs.
    We are now at a dark baseball diamond, sitting against the cage, playing the same game.
    The group goes somewhere - into town.
    I, and 2-3 others, veer off from the group, down a little alley with shops on the sides. We enter a building. The building is dimly lit, quiet, empty, and impeccably clean. Shelves, boxes, and containers of candy, any candy you can imagine, fill up the walls and counters of both rooms. It's set up like a buffet, but with sweets.
    I admire the candy, but tell the Asian woman behind the counter that I don't need any. She tells us to have a nice day and we leave.
    Outside, I find myself alone and at a river. I try to cross the river, holding my shirt above my head while I swim with only my feet. The current catches me, but I grab ahold of a rock.
    I see a figure under the water with his hand outstretched. I grab him and pull him up; it is my old friend, K. We get out and start walking along an empty road towards a lone building. There is a urinal built into the outside of the building. We talk about that.

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