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    by , 07-18-2014 at 02:30 AM (231 Views)
    I'm in a large park with grass and playground equipment.
    Two other darker-skinned guys are here. One is fat and short, the other is just the opposite.
    I do not know them, but we are running around, wearing baseball gloves, throwing tennis balls at eachother.
    It seems like they can never miss me and like I can never hit them.
    This goes on for a while.
    Now, I'm at the grassy area, and it is dark out.
    A fair or something is going on.
    I'm in a large, enclosed bounce house with a lot of guys, all Hispanic.
    Some guys are holding the entrance closed, and were having fun trying to escape.
    I say "I need some white friends" and a lot of them laugh.
    We finally get out and I walk away, counting a handful of change.

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