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    by , 07-18-2014 at 02:53 AM (250 Views)
    I'm walking out of Dad's house, wearing my work uniform, to my car that is parked almost in the middle of the street. I get in and start driving up Lakeside to get to work.
    The road is steeper and windier than I remember. I see pine trees and lots of big, granite rocks. There are also tons of moose roaming around. I see the silhouette of one by a tall rock and tree. It is surreal.
    The road has ended and I am now walking on a dirt road. Dad is with me, saying how this is a more direct route to my mom's house.
    We're approaching the top of the hill and im texting either C or F about how I'm going to see Frozen.
    We get to a house and I climb up through the entrance. I hear a voice talking about 'how babies are made'.
    There's boys room and a girl's room; I go into the boys. My grandpa and a young boy are laying on a large bed. My sister is here, complaining about how she wants to stay with me but can't. She leaves.
    I lay down but feel that my shorts are damp, like I've been swimming, and I want to change them.

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