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    by , 07-22-2014 at 09:13 PM (313 Views)
    Dream 1

    I am outside somewhere with some device that looks like a black waffle iron. It has a flat section that heats up and a flat top that presses down over it. I am picking up cool rocks and flattening them with it. I tell my friend about how cool it is.

    Dream 2

    I am at an outdoor pool with Sage and my dad. Sage and I are swimming when a man comes on to the little 'stage' at the edge of the pool. It is the singer from America. He is going to sing but first he is doing some trivia. It is something about a horse with no name and 2 horses with no names. Sage and I get it right and she gets excited because we are like the '2 horses with no names'. We find out that we have won a date. I think this is already the date, but it for somewhere else.

    Dream 3

    I am in a big room where lots of people (from school?) are lining up to get free coffee. There's a man at the front of the line spraying coffee into the crowd. I get up towards the front and see two men with what looks like bottles of coffee creamer - caramel and blueberry? flavor. Now, I'm in the hallway with someone. We get to a table that has a huge cake on it. I take a huge piece and tell the guy at the table that I will eat it all. A girl is here and says the windows are dirty. I know I must be at the Green Lantern Inn, so the concert must be tonight and I have to call my dad.

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