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    July 18th

    by , 07-18-2013 at 09:17 PM (290 Views)
    This one was long but I forgot a lot of it..
    - I've forgotten my black backpack at school by the art room. I know where it is but when I look for it, I can't find it.

    Dream 2
    - I'm outside by a fairly large lake. I think the sun has just gone down; it is dark but there are still some shades of purple on the lake and in the sky. A man who looks like Gandalf comes over and gives a little, pink, bipedal creature. This creature is very affectionate and keeps hugging my leg.

    A fragment..
    - I see my best friend B sitting at a counter with 2 of her friends. They're all tightly wrapped in ceran wrap. B looks very uncomfortable, like she doesn't want to be there.

    Dream 3
    - I'm in an unfamiliar 2 story house with R. R isn't doing much, but he's here. We're on the bottom floor and I know there is a lot of food here. I think I take some crackers. Now I am upstairs; R Is gone, but I'm sitting by my mom who is talking to some doctors. They are saying that I could have pneumonia. I think this upsets my mom so we leave right away, but right before we do I get something else to eat because I am still hungry. Whatever I get, it comes with a beer. There are four choices; I pick a peach flavored one. Now, my mom is driving us home but I am outside the truck, somehow attached to it and able to sit down. I drink the beer, really noticing the prominent peach flavor, and think that I'd like to move to Scotland.

    Dream 4
    - I'm driving my cousin down a busy, main street to some burger place. We finally find it, and enter the building through some secret entrance. It looks more like an old house and I get the feeling that we shouldn't be here. We continue on anyway, and reach a big window/opening in the wall. Looking out, I see a huge, grassy feild far below me. On this feild there are many marching bands, each wearing their school colors.

    Dream 5
    - I'm at an indoor concert with my dad. We are seated in a row close to the small stage. My dad gets up and leaves for a bit; when he gets back, he has already missed the ending.
    **I wake up after this dream ends and haven't moved or opened my eyes. I try to imagine myself back at that concert cheering with everyone else, but not a thing happens?

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