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    Tribune de l'Incompréhensible

    The Boardwalk

    by , 04-10-2012 at 06:43 AM (701 Views)
    Alright, this is my first dream journal post. I'm going to be porting a large number of the entries from my actual handwritten journal onto this website. Keep in mind, however, that my dreams tend to be incredibly dark and obscure. Anyway, all this said, let us begin.

    Sunday, August 14, 2011
    Strength: Vivid
    Type: Creepy-Chaotic
    Lucidity: No

    In my dream, I was in a sort of dock city. I was walking with someone else whose exact identity I cannot recall. We were walking beside water on a sort of boardwalk. At the beginning of our walk, the buildings lining the sides of the boardwalk were clean and fresh. But as we continued, the buildings grew dirtier and darker. It was almost as if we were entering a slum area. We kept walking. Slowly, the buildings fell into decay. The boards lining our pathway were rotting, the bricks were falling, and the doors, having lost support of their hinges, simply lay at the opening of each decrepit house. About a mile or two in, I saw the first corpse. He was lying outside of his house, mangled and bloody. As I continued, more bodies lined the floor. For whatever reason, I just kept walking.

    What once appeared as a slum was now a ruin. Pieces of roof and debris lined the floor. Bodies lay in piles, pools of blood collecting beside them. The water beside me grew rough, and the ground became slippery with blood. Everything was coated in a shade of red. Then, I reached a dead end, where the boardwalk had simply rotted away to nothing. And there, standing at the edge of the dock, was a tall, dark, humanoid creature. His figure was illogical and chaotic, constantly contorting, while his head remained stationary. He just stood there, staring at me. It was then that I finally halted my forward shuffle. Both of us stood there, staring each other down. Then, all of a sudden, the rough water began to rise. It collected around my heels, swallowing the boardwalk and washing over my body. I lost sight of the creature. However, even with the water collecting around me, I remained frozen, staring straight ahead into space. Just as the water passed my head, I awoke.

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