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    1. Colored Squirrels! YAY!

      by , 04-26-2011 at 08:58 PM
      I am in a dream landscape with small, empty houses. It's dirt on the ground and it's hot. One of the barracks is mine, it's full of useless stuff.[/color][color=violet]The whole world reminds me of Borderlands (game)[/color][color=blue]It's kinda big war around, but it's like hidden, you can't see but feel it. In the evening some Soldiers arrive and search for people like me to kill them, I can hide somewhere else. I have to icyjump [/color][color=violet]( It's a technique from a game I play, A bug in the engine allows you to accelerate when running in circles on a slippery surface )[/color][color=blue]to a secure place, but while I jump, the view is from the top and what I see is not my body, it's something else. My view floats to where the thing representing me is and my dad comes invisible too with me. He tells me what to do better next time. ( once I almost hit the right place but then the thing drowned in water)
      My dad turned into some kind if squirrel in the past of this dream and he sits on a tree with many other squirrels (each one has got a different fur color, expect 4 white ones). They are like "better beings" and they are awaiting the "Queen of Light" or something like that, but my dad does t like her, she sent the soldiers from part 1. He wants me too watch the show too, but because I am no "better being" and the Queen wanted to kill me earlier, I wouldn't be allowed too. My Dad turns me into a little "dot" but I follow the scene from a view from the top, again watching my bodies representation without being it [/color][color=violet](in-dream-OBE??)[/color][color=blue] The "dot" can be easily hidden and so the scene goes on.
      ~~ / Tricky here, it could be a false awakening....
      Well, the scene "morphes" into my home, to a spot inside the flat near my sleeping place. I still sit on that tree, but am human again, The tree got really hard. All the colorful squirrels turned into plastic-figures. My Familiy is around. The white squirrels fall down, and as I try to get them to put them back onto the tree, I fall down too.
      [/color][color=violet]This dream is both at the end AND at the beginning of part 1 and 2.[/color][color=blue]
      It's first in the hut in 1 and than at the end when I amn't on the tree anymore. It's something strange, I write poems - senseless ones of course - and they get "compiled" on that paper. The paper writes itself, it doesn't need any Printer and Computer to Compile, it just starts and then is finished. (The compiled Code is useless by the way...)

      I am at a stadion with my family and we want to get something to eat. The whole world is a tiny little square which we are in now, and the Fastfood hut is in one Corner. On the way there, We have to go down really long steal staircases, because we were on the stadion in a higher level. Also is the terrain near the stadion lower than the rest, the rest is kind of a hill. We buy some food and sit down at the edge of the hill into the grass (anything is a covered with grass)

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