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    1. Spying mum

      by , 05-28-2011 at 11:12 PM
      [color=blue]I am sitting in front of my PC, chatting with someone else I don't know IWL. I want to advertise him for my gaming clan, I chose him from the list of players because he's got a short name (like "Caot" or some like that). Unluckily, my mom is sitting next to me, watching our chat. When I write something again, she says "NO." and I close the windows virtual machine, delete it and shut down my computer.[/color][/center]
    2. Secret teleporters, hidden in desks

      by , 05-25-2011 at 11:11 PM
      [color=violet]Puuh, a pretty long one now[/color]
      [color=blue]Skiing again. I just got up from a lift and now took my backpack to the front while driving slowly. I'm in a hurry and just now I got to put one of the two sunglasses I am wearing into the backpack, which is pretty hard. If I don't hurry, I will miss my family at the next stop where we wanted to meet. I notice the weather is about to get worse. Suddenly a staff-guy appears, he even got 3 sunglasses upon each other. He drives next to me and we talk a little. Suddenly he almost falls to his right, but in the last moment pulls himself back to the left and managed not to fall. He now asks me whether I feel it too, when I am about to fall off my skis. Now he asks me "How much time you've got left?" and my Dream-SC suddenly lets me scream "8 MINUTES!"[/color][color=violet] ( I know that was the time between now and my 'death' and not the obvisious delay between now and my planned arrival at my family's ) [/color][color=blue]Now I turn my right wrist around and look onto my watch, it says *:27, which means I got 3 minutes left. We speed up and go R E A L L Y fast, take another lift and then drive down a small way ('Ziehweg' in german) where you have no chance to gain more speed. To the left, there is the mountain, but to the right, there aren't even trees. The way now does a curve around the hill, which is icy in the moment. The other guy screams "JUUUUMP" and I jump, just before the curve, so I fly out of the way. In midair I turn hardly to the left and get upon the way again, now annoyed by the staff member who almost killed me.
      The way now comes to an end, with a really high vert (quarterpipe) you have to drive up. I fly out on top and he tells me to do "backwards movements", so I move my feet as I would do when trying to walk backwards on the snow. I start to gain horizontal speed and then fly around the pinnacle in a helix-shape. Right on the other side from where I flew up, there is a cable car track which I pass really close, flying between to wires, still cursing that guy. Now the 'dream camera' fades away from me, showing some thawing leaves and grass. Also I hear my mum talking to the guy, who was just telling her, that I probably died, but still feeling my own body. I know they finally found me and got me back home.
      I am sitting in the bathroom and the notice the whole story above was just a story on a CD which was given together with a cosmetic product. I walk out of the bath and tell my mum how unlogical the whole story was and google its name on a laptop. I find out that the story is even got a homepage.

      I am in the 'House of the King', which I amn't allowed to be in. I am in one big room with only a desk near to the wall and a door next to it in. I see there is something special about that desk and try to get on the chair behind it, but it was made to block that. I try to get behind a few times but then give up and gog through that door. It's another room, and there is the same type of desk again, plus a few bookshelves around. I find there is a mechanism, you have to push one button, then a part of the desk slides inside the deskplate, and there appears another button, until you can get behind it. I now sit on the chair and see there is one last button below the main table plate, and I know it'll teleport me somewhere else if I push it. I want to wait until someone appears and then say some like "Haha, you'll never get me", then push the button and disappear, but I think it'll maybe take to much time and the person may shoot me before I can get aware.[/color][/center]
    3. Another icyjumping dream

      by , 05-11-2011 at 01:41 PM
      [color=violet]Another icyjumping dream, should spend less time playing :/[/color]
      [color=blue]I am playing and leet a level. The next one is harder and suddenly two DC's avatars show up. They both look like a mix of airplanes and cars, with many different colors. I can hear them talking at there homes. Finally I get the jump and go back where I leeted from.
      The two DCs show me how they gain extremely much speed. I amn't even in the game anymore, I am more like a spectator now, I float around.[/color]
      [color=violet]During the whole dream I hadn't got a body, I was just floating.[/color][/center]

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    4. Skiing

      by , 05-10-2011 at 09:01 PM
      [color=violet]Because I actually go skiing at least once a year, I have had dreams about skiing often.[/color]
      [color=blue]The dream starts with me, hanging on a "platelift"
      I go left and right all the time so it feels like I got more speed and finally are almost at 40km/h. At the top I turn around and go down with about 60km/h (which I reach on good days IWL). In my mind, I know it's a ski-hall with only one course, where before was our favourite hang, but in reality there are no walls or ceiling. I drive up again and on my way down I almost overrun 3 guys standing there. I quickly say sorry and go on, but they dont even notice. Suddely there is a snow groomer in front of me, and as I look, I notice there is one behind me too. I drive on the freshly-groomed snow and then I wake up.[/color]
    5. Pirates!!

      by , 05-09-2011 at 09:00 PM
      [color=blue]Somewhere in a desert, there are two ships inside a hole, both tied to the ground with wooden planks, so you can walk on and off them. On the ship there are people we don't like (and who don't like us themselves). My home is really really far away, the house is like ours in vienna, a little bit bigger. My whole family is in there and I sleep in a niche on top. I notice my ipod is lost. I go to the ships and on an edge besides one of the ships, there is a computer, which I have to do excercises on. Someone stole my socks. The pirates see me and run out of the ship. I jump (very high) over the ship, but I stop the jump while still in air, so I don't get too far and fall into the hole.

      Me and my friends are in a query. Its full of people and we talk a lot. At the end there is nothing, but anyone wants to get there.[/color][/center]

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    6. Tired.. tire... tir.... t.

      by , 05-08-2011 at 09:00 PM
      [color=violet] I signed up for testing [url=http://www.ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=36923]this[/url], so this is my first experience[/color]
      [color=orange]It was already half past midnight and I had to get up early (in comparison to other sundays :P ). That is why I decided to go to sleep at that time. I forgot to set my WBTB Timer and just tried. As I started, I did not notice how tired I was, and just started progressive relaxing. Because I can only hardly visualise things, I sort of 'thought about visualizing' the Energy (Green worked good). As I got to the point of letting my feet crumble to dust, I really could not feel my feet as good as usually (Placebo?). When I got to my dream body, I had problems staying wake and had to do each step twice or even more often, because I forgot about doing it and almost fell asleep each time. When I tried to create my new dreambody I finally fell asleep after like 5 tries.[/color]
      [color=violet]Don't remember what I dreamed.[/color][/center]

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    7. Paranoia

      by , 05-06-2011 at 08:59 PM
      [color=blue]I am in Prag with my family. We all can fly and the goverment of the czech republic thinks we're 'evil'. We sneak through a tunnel and at it's end, there is a wide wall that we climb up. We get out of the tunnel near the university, at a subway station. We head towards a very tiny, bad looking house, called the 'Taubenhaus'. It is a well-known place to hide. To get in it, We have to get through a hole in the roof. I climb first and halfways, I stop and let my mother give me our jackets and stuff we carry around. Suddenly I notice we all got fancy-colored computers without screens with us.[/color][/center]

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    8. Beer Brewing

      by , 05-05-2011 at 08:59 PM
      [color=blue]Me, my dad, my uncle and his daughter and my little stepbrother are going to drive out to a place where you can brew your own beer. My uncle and his 1 year old daughter drive by bicycle, my dad, my 2 Year old Brother and me go by Car. It's raining and the sky is dark. Suddenly our car flips along the front-wheel-axis and cuz of a reflex I can grab and hold my lil' brother before he falls down. After 90degrees we stop and fall back. After that my dad talks to my uncle and they notice we forgot some ingredients. One is called like "Blutstein" (Bloodstone in english).[/color][/center]

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    9. Accidental Almost WILD

      by , 05-01-2011 at 08:59 PM
      I do not sleep in my bed anymore, I just sleep on the floor. That's usual now, so I don't think about it. I have to visit an old woman each day but I don't have school.

      I play the game with the icyjumping [/color][color=violet](see 26.4.2011)[/color][color=blue] and I just play it by usual and suddenly see two opponents who got much more ammo than one can have. I ask why and they tell me that's a secret. Then I jump away.

      I get off a train and see a vending machine. Another friend of mine asks me whether the items in the vendor were naturally made and I tell him anything in ylthere is made from plastic.

      I meet a friend of mine [/color][color=violet](dude how many of them am I got??)[/color][color=blue]. He's got a ring of metal around his head, its from top to bottom over his ears. I ask him why he's got it and he tells me it's against headache. Then we just talk.[/color][/center]

      [color=violet]This is very funny, because I often tried WILD before but I concentrated too much onto my body and the sensations. This time I didn't want to do WILD, I didn't want to LD, I just wanted to sleep and remember the dream. Also at any of my WILD attempts I didnt see any HI and this time there were loads of it.[/color]
      [color=olive]First there were many colorful sparkles on a black ground, then I saw moving shapes, it looked like if I fell in a round hole. Next there was a small white circle which moved towards me but I was surprised about it so it disappeared before i could look through. Then suddenly I was in a dream, but didn't notice it.[/color]
      [color=blue]I walk beside one of my classmates. We talked a lot and then we arrived in a park where the rest of my classmates stood. Anyone talked to someone else or walked over small stone planks on the ground. My best friend was surrounded by other people because his head turned into a glass-head which was hollow and filled with JellyBelly® JellyBeans. Anyone wanted to get some and as I talked to him, he didn't want to give me few too. I told him I bought some Beans yesterday to.0[/color]

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