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    1. Accidental Almost WILD

      by , 05-01-2011 at 08:59 PM
      I do not sleep in my bed anymore, I just sleep on the floor. That's usual now, so I don't think about it. I have to visit an old woman each day but I don't have school.

      I play the game with the icyjumping [/color][color=violet](see 26.4.2011)[/color][color=blue] and I just play it by usual and suddenly see two opponents who got much more ammo than one can have. I ask why and they tell me that's a secret. Then I jump away.

      I get off a train and see a vending machine. Another friend of mine asks me whether the items in the vendor were naturally made and I tell him anything in ylthere is made from plastic.

      I meet a friend of mine [/color][color=violet](dude how many of them am I got??)[/color][color=blue]. He's got a ring of metal around his head, its from top to bottom over his ears. I ask him why he's got it and he tells me it's against headache. Then we just talk.[/color][/center]

      [color=violet]This is very funny, because I often tried WILD before but I concentrated too much onto my body and the sensations. This time I didn't want to do WILD, I didn't want to LD, I just wanted to sleep and remember the dream. Also at any of my WILD attempts I didnt see any HI and this time there were loads of it.[/color]
      [color=olive]First there were many colorful sparkles on a black ground, then I saw moving shapes, it looked like if I fell in a round hole. Next there was a small white circle which moved towards me but I was surprised about it so it disappeared before i could look through. Then suddenly I was in a dream, but didn't notice it.[/color]
      [color=blue]I walk beside one of my classmates. We talked a lot and then we arrived in a park where the rest of my classmates stood. Anyone talked to someone else or walked over small stone planks on the ground. My best friend was surrounded by other people because his head turned into a glass-head which was hollow and filled with JellyBelly® JellyBeans. Anyone wanted to get some and as I talked to him, he didn't want to give me few too. I told him I bought some Beans yesterday to.0[/color]

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