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    by , 05-09-2011 at 09:00 PM (415 Views)
    [color=blue]Somewhere in a desert, there are two ships inside a hole, both tied to the ground with wooden planks, so you can walk on and off them. On the ship there are people we don't like (and who don't like us themselves). My home is really really far away, the house is like ours in vienna, a little bit bigger. My whole family is in there and I sleep in a niche on top. I notice my ipod is lost. I go to the ships and on an edge besides one of the ships, there is a computer, which I have to do excercises on. Someone stole my socks. The pirates see me and run out of the ship. I jump (very high) over the ship, but I stop the jump while still in air, so I don't get too far and fall into the hole.

    Me and my friends are in a query. Its full of people and we talk a lot. At the end there is nothing, but anyone wants to get there.[/color][/center]

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