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    School changeed

    by , 04-21-2011 at 08:56 PM (315 Views)
    [color=blue]I am in class. As I look around, I notice that the classroom is much bigger than usually. Our Physics teacher says that we'll write sort of class test tomorrow. Next, she tells us that we will watch a film right now, but all the rooms with TVs inside are already full. We're split up into groups of 5 to 8 people and each group searches for a room. I am in a group with all my friends and I got my notebook with me. [/color][color=violet]WTF in school ??[/color][color=blue] I hand it to one of my guys and he starts a game. We all talk bout the game and who's good and who isn't at it while we head through a hallway searching for a room. Finally we find one, its empty and got a TV. we sit down and talk a little and suddenly the room is full of other students. They all eat something.
    I am on the courtyard full with students and try to get to the canteen.[/color][color=violet] IWL there is no canteen on the ground, it's inside he school.[/color][color=blue] Anyways, as I step in front of the door suddenly my legs go numb and I fall onto my knees, feels like I step into pudding ;) Anyone around watches me crawling into. I sit down on a chair in the Corner and wait. I try too sneak out as a guy from my grade cones in cause I blamed me before. He notices me and talks about a virus he made which isn't recognized by AntiVir.

    I am about to meet a friend who moved away in first grade but who I still have contact too. We will meet on the ceiling of a house and I am already waiting for him. I write something stupid onto Facebook (via mobile phone) which makes him upset. As he arrives, he wants to know why the f**k I wrote that stupid thing and I tell him it was a joke. He slowly calms down and we are going to visit another friend of my first school, but cause I haven't seen this one for quite a while I am nervous and don't want to visit him.[/color][/center]

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