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    by , 05-10-2011 at 09:01 PM (374 Views)
    [color=violet]Because I actually go skiing at least once a year, I have had dreams about skiing often.[/color]
    [color=blue]The dream starts with me, hanging on a "platelift"
    I go left and right all the time so it feels like I got more speed and finally are almost at 40km/h. At the top I turn around and go down with about 60km/h (which I reach on good days IWL). In my mind, I know it's a ski-hall with only one course, where before was our favourite hang, but in reality there are no walls or ceiling. I drive up again and on my way down I almost overrun 3 guys standing there. I quickly say sorry and go on, but they dont even notice. Suddely there is a snow groomer in front of me, and as I look, I notice there is one behind me too. I drive on the freshly-groomed snow and then I wake up.[/color]

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