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    [INCENEOR][4 WILDS] Early LD's - Demons

    by , 02-11-2016 at 08:37 PM (515 Views)
    A short dream cluster. There are buildings that supposedly have consciousness and they don't want to get renovated. After this I'm at my local super market and one of the scientists from the movie Pacific Rim falls through the roof. As he hits the floor hes legs' bones tear through his skin. He says : " Oh boy", and a couple of seconds later he continues with a loud " Aaaaaaaaahhhh!!"

    My body is starting to get stiff as I'm lying on my bed. With every breath I take I get more and more paralyzed and "heavier" in some sense. I'm calm. It feels like there's millions of electrified small particles shooting around my brain, I find this funny. I'm in the darkness and I open my eyes, I'm in my room and it's pitch black. A force lifts me from my bed and it moves my paralyzed body towards the wall and then through it. It takes me to a room under our house and there's some random switchboard that operates the piping system. The dream gets life like, but I lose my lucidity. I'm walking on the street of some middle-class houses. My sister's children come to me and there's dogs chasing them. They get to me and the dogs as well, they're desperate for attention and I'm willing to give it to them. The dogs practically jump on me and they force me to pet them, ok ok! I'm under a mountain of fur. Then an orange kitten jumps right in front of my face and looks me into my eyes. Huh? I pet it as well. The dream changes and I'm standing on this mound with the boys in the middle of a small swamp. The older one of the two decides to jump on another mound, but I pull him back right away and he's nose starts to bleed. He just laughs. The ground is all green, blue and wet.

    I'm in my bed again and I stop all movement. After a short while I once again start to drift into the darkness, this time without the particle bombardment. I'm taken directly into the dream scene and I find myself running with a friend of mine on a sunny beach. We run along the side of the waves that wash ashore. Two other friends of mine come towards us and as we get to them, we all decide to continue the running together. We stop after a while and what I thought was an ocean has now turned into a lake. All three of my friends go in to the water and I join them after a few seconds of pondering around. The water reaches our hips and we're bare foot. Some other teenagers with motorcycles come to us and the dream gets hazy. Can't recall the end.

    In bed again. Another transition similar to the previous ones, now I'm almost immediately taken to the dream. I'm in my room once again and it's dark. I stand up and instead of trying to switch the lights on from the switch I rub my hand to the wall. I do it as an stabilization, usually when I'm grounding myself to the dream world the dream also becomes more bright. I then open my door and enter our dimly lit kitchen. Know you must be told that I'm at a phase where I'm literally hating my brother's and father's dream characters. They're trying to follow me around continuously when I get lucid and they always make me really frustrated. I see my brother in the kitchen, but he seems a bit different than he really is. I guess hes just another dream character that wants attention or something. I tell him with pointing my finger on the floor : " And you stay here." There's now a white line on the floor. As I'm walking to our hallway so I could teleport through our main door, my brother comes to tickle me. I turn around and say :" Seriously, I will obliterate you." I point my hand at him and spell some weird ancient words so I could make a beam of laser to come out of my hand and melt him down. He's shirt disappears. *sigh* I start to concentrate and remember what Hyu from here Dreamviews did. I completely ignore him and proceed to the door.*Tickle attack!* RRrraaarrgghhhh!! I wake up...


    I can't remember how the transition happened but I'm in a dream scene where I'm driving bikes with a friend of mine. We're going up a hill towards my home and my old elementary school. I tell him : " I gotta go." I'm now at the front square of my elementary school and as I look towards our local police department I notice the dream is a little bit blurry. I go lying on the ground and I rub my hands together while concentrating on the details of the ground. I get back up again and the dream is absolutely life like. I say to myself : " I don't even have a body..." I'm pure consciousness. From a sudden impulse I point my hand at the clear blue sky and a beam of light tears the sky open. The world becomes orange colored and the sky gets a red tone to it. From the beam of light emerges winged demons that are descending to our realm. I have called them, I imagine them as my nightmares ( but they're not really). I'm going to make them my allies. But before I'm able to do that I'm taken into darkness. I can't see anything, but then out of the void comes the Devil himself and everything becomes flames. The three meter tall infinite being with it's red horns walks in front of me. The being is red skinned and wearing black leather. I'm a little suspicious if "hes" the real deal. I again realize that I'm pure consciousness and another impulse happens. I swiftly take a hold of the being's throat with a single hand and start to choke it. My hand is not mine anymore. It's red and demon-like. I'm wearing an armor made of material that is not from this earth. I'm a prince of the underworld, now equal and greater against the greatest evil in existence. Total dominance. I lose lucidity. I hit the being with my fists and soon two other beings rush towards me. I hit them as well.

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