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    [INCENEOR] Early LD's - Loss

    by , 02-09-2016 at 06:10 PM (608 Views)
    The dream starts with me reading a novel. Suddenly I'm inside the novel and I'm "playing" the story line as if it was a console game. I'm flying a wing-machine besides a big airplane that has an air conditioning hatch on it's side. I jump out and go stand on top of the airplane near the hatch. I press the "B" - on my invisible xbox controller that is "behind the screen of the dream in another dream where I'm "playing" the novel." I get inside the plane through the hatch. The cargo-bin and cockpit are in the same space and the main villain is there, but he is already beaten by other good guys of the novel. We give the novel to him so he could read the last pages and learn the plot twist about himself. As he has read the part one us shoots him instantly. The dream ends with us arriving to an airport.

    Very long and vivid dream. I'm with my brother and some random forty-year old man. We're buying weapons in a house that looks like it was taken directly from the Godfather movie. There's a counter and a man behind it, he's the one selling the weapons. There's a boss of a mafia buying weapons at the same time as we are. He is far more richer than us. I try to irritate him while the weapons dealer stacks huge amounts of guns to him. We want those guns from him, and just then the dealer goes through the back door to check something. The mafia boss takes one of the guns and loads it, I say : " I bet that you want to kill me." He looks at me like I'm an idiot. All of a sudden the forty-year old man shoots the mafia boss. What the. Now we have to act quick! We are desperate. We're trying to quickly carry the mafia bosses body away from the room and I'm starting to dress into he's clothes. So I could pretend to be him. Agh! I drop the idea and go and try to stall the dealer from entering the room. The dream hops and I'm at my cousin's apartment. I ask her : " Which is more effective, a landmine or a grenade?" I then go into the kitchen and open the dishwasher. I pick up a coffee mug and I'm about to eat it when my cousin looks at me confused. I tell her : " I have eaten these before." I didn't get to eat it, I'm returning to the dealer's room but I end up in a medical center - looking area.

    As I arrive there I leave the nearby ruins so the characters from the last dream won't come and shoot me. Some random gangster also threatened me briefly. I go to a well and take soap from a soap bottle into my hands. I'm starting to apply it to my hair and my hands when the scenery changes. I'm at the corner of some camping area and I see my brother, sister and mother briefly, but they soon disappear. There are others and they're spread around the camp. I see some brown haired boy and he seems nice. He looks at me and I smile. I'm now suddenly waxing a blue motorcycle. The boy I saw earlier is coming to me and I think that I could try to take make friends with him. Actually I think he want's to make friends with me as well. I'm not sure what I should say when he'd get to me. Then some older friends of mine suddenly pop in front of me and the boy goes to hide behind a wall. They ask : "How's it going?" I reply : " I'm fine." Other teenagers join us and we begin to sit down in a circle. The boy also comes to join from behind the wall. I have vibes that he's kinda like me, we could be good friends if we had the chance to get to know each other. I take of my fleece jacket and I sit near the boy. Others presume I'm the "leader" of the group and I hesitate, I don't know what to say. So I ask : " What kinda grades do you guys get at school?" Numbers are told, I brush my hair with my hand. I then leave the circle and I appear at my old junior high-school. My sister's dog is there too and I'm playing with it. It gets loose, oh no. The dog runs through the doors of the hallways and then outside, I try to call it back by hissing and calling it's name. My sister sees what I have done and says : " This better be the last time." I go back to the hallway and start to apply gel into my hair. I see my brother, hes... hes stalking me! He suspects something. I shoo him away and I notice that he has set up an camera recorder on to the floor. It's pointed at me.

    But then I'm already hopped into another scene by the dream. I'm now in the canteen of the same school. The classrooms' places have switched and the canteen is a bit bigger than it really is. There are students discussing their grades. Some have gotten A+:ses and some LNAD:s, that means an F. At least that is what the dream says. A young long haired kid enters the canteen from the back aisle, he's holding a gun. He's about to shoot but he doesn't know how to use the weapon so I quickly run up to him and take a hold of his arms. I try to point the gun away from everyone and myself. He shoots. He hits someone's thumb. He shoots more. I don't know where the bullets go. I disarm him and run away from the front aisle towards the front doors. I freeze. I see a teenager lying on the lobby's floor. I break to tears. He's the boy from the camping site and he's been shot. He's dead. There's a girl lying next to him, she's dead too. They turn into glowing stick figure-looking beings as I pick them up into my arms. I start to carry them outside and as I get through the front doors I'm no longer carrying the girl, only the boy I wanted to be friends with.


    I realize it's a dream, but I don't care, I'm still devastated. I say to myself : " ... this is a dream."It's a bright day outside and the dream is life like. I turn to look to the basket ball court and there's a gladiator made out of pure silver looking at me. He's wearing green warrior robes and he looks very powerful. He asks me about my promise, that I'd challenge him into a duel for fun. ( I never really had any promise like this). The silver being I'm looking at seems very wise, so I ask him for help. He walks to me. There has appeared a giant silver hand statue in to the middle of the front square. The hand is opened towards the sky. The gladiator being takes the boy from my arms and places him onto the palm of the hand. He stands up on the palm in front of the boy and raises his hands into the air. I ask if he could sing a memorial song in the boy's honor. I say : " Music..."and a soothing melody starts to play. I can't remember how the lyrics go but the song is very touching. The gladiator sings about heaven as he is looking up the skies. A beam of light hits the statue where the boy is lying on and where the gladiator is standing on. An angel of pure light appears from the light and takes the boy into her arms and rises up into the heavens... I lose focus, but another dream starts.

    I fly a black small airplane thing and I fly past the hand statue. I think it symbolizes knowledge and the pursing of it. Everyone has disappeared. I have machine guns in both of my hands and I'm shooting everything I see. I get to a stadium and land in to the field. There are small shops and children with their parents. I take off and fly back to my junior high-school. Now the statue has disappeared too. I then suddenly get transformed into an anime character and some weird Japanese k-18 action starts to happen, but it's too weird to be posted here. And FINALLY the dream ends and I wake up.

    Another dream begins as I fall asleep, and it's a lucid one. I'm in our stairway. I start to run towards the stairway's windows and I jump. I glide through them effortlessly into a dark and snowy dream world. I fly calmly and it's quite warm. Everyone is asleep. I put my fists in front of me like Superman and I gain a little bit of speed, but I want to go slowly for now. I think to myself that this might be what O.B.E is like. I fly above my neighborhood with no hurry. I go to this science center place near my city's train-station. There a river running close by so I go and glide above the frozen surface of it. The stars reflect from it. I glide and glide for good two kilometers at least, but the time it takes is quite short, near thirty seconds. I rise up to the roof of this tall hotel besides the main highway. I realize I'm in a good spot and say : " I could go to the Everest now." I begin to recognize giant mountains in the distance and I take off. Snap of fingers, it's day time now. Some tubes appear into the air in front of me and as I go through them I gain huge amounts of speed. Okay this is enough, some semi lucidity from now on I'm getting tired of writing this journal entry. There might be some typos, sorry about those.


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    1. vudooscience's Avatar

      << They turn into glowing stick figure-looking beings as I pick them up into my arms >>

      Something like this happens to me quite often when someone dies/I interact with the dead bodies.
      Multiple times a dream character has died in my arms, and their bodies always shrink up super tiny and rubbery, like palm sized sour patch kids.
      I've even had some glow, too.

    2. Saizaphod's Avatar
      Something like this happens to me quite often when someone dies/I interact with the dead bodies.
      Multiple times a dream character has died in my arms, and their bodies always shrink up super tiny and rubbery, like palm sized sour patch kids.
      I've even had some glow, too.
      Probably just a coincidence, happened to me only once