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    The Book of Indestructible Dreams

    [INCENEOR] Early LD's - Protecting and leaving the Earth

    by , 02-02-2016 at 04:47 PM (393 Views)
    I'm holding a presentation with two other students in a big hall. There are some hundred other students listening. I'm having big trouble reading what is said on the screen, the text is greenish-red and all blurry to me. A girl who is keeping the presentation with me and another guy asks whats wrong. I then start to keep the presentation all by myself and I start fooling around. An imagine is show on the screen that is supposed to be funny and I sarcastically say :" ... ha." Everyone laughs. I think the students went from 16-18 year old to 13-14 year old. I start reading everything with an exaggerated bored- tone. Again laughter. My mom comes in through the main opening and takes the microphone away from me, she looks at me disappointed. The dream hops me and the other students that are back to my age, 16-18, to a hallway at our high-school. We hear screaming coming from another hallway. We find out that our monsters that we have created with our minds into existence are now scaring the 13-14 year olds. The creature I have created is a purple giant scorpion, actually it's not that big of a giant, maybe half a meter tall. We run away from them for some reason, they were kinda like our pets in the beginning I suppose. Once we get outside I see that two monster socks are following me by hopping forward. I distract them by walking backwards. Then there's something about a Yoga Ball game. We then discuss the possibility of playing some video games with my friend. Then I want to go home. Suddenly, another friend of mine all the way from elementary school appears and I feel pleasantly surprised. I don't want to go home anymore, I'd rather hang out with my friends.

    I'm in my high-school and I walk outside to the parking lot. There's a new platform on the area that used to have spots for cars. Students come out and a big brawl breaks loose, the reason, there is no reason. They're just mindlessly fighting each other like mad men. Someone tries to pull me in and I get scared so I run away as fast as I can towards a nearby train-station. I come to steep stairs and fearfully I slide down the railing on it's side. The sliding feels awesome actually. I hear a student shouting behind us to the others : " They're running away!!" LUCID.

    I take off to the air immediately and rise to fifty meters above the ground. As I levitate there above my home city I'm starting to feel a danger approaching from somewhere... the sensation comes from behind the visible sky. I look up to the clouds and a red meter the size of a large mall falls from the skies with great speed. I watch it hit the ground but there's no explosion, the giant lump is bouncing towards my location destroying everything under it's sheer weight. I create a blue force field in front of it's path and I use it to move the rock away from me and then I freeze it still. I'm not satisfied with the what has happened with the lucid so far. I feel the sensation again, I enforce it with my intention. The clouds shred open and a gargantuan boulder burst towards me and my and my city. I look at the thing and I estimate it between 500-600 meters wide. I raise my hand and head it directly towards it, I feel no fear. A massive blue and bending shield comes into existence to guard the Earth from my command. The meteor pushes deep into it but the shield is indestructible, the shield is made by The dreamer. The meteor stops like the one before it. I move the shield with pointing my hand towards it, then I pull my hand back, and thrust it forwards and I shoot the pathetic little crumb back to where it came from! I see it go to an asteroid field and there's meteors ten times it's size. Ummm... I'll let them be. Just to be sure. I see Shia Labeouf on the asteroid field and every asteroid is filled with different kinds of animals. Foxes, rabbits, bears, giraffes you name it. Shia crawls inside one of the asteroids and the asteroid shuts.


    I'm lucid again and I recall one of my long-time goals, get to Asgard, the home of Scandinavian gods. I start looking for an empty area so I could try and use the Bifröst. An ancient teleportation. I'm at my home city again just around fifty meters from the train-station when I find a good spot. An empty circle-shaped area. Out of nowhere Thor ( the one how Marvel made him look like) comes to stand next to me. I look up to the sky and a faint flash can be seen. Whhhooooossshhhhh!! The circle is hit by a straight- lined ray of light as we stand right in the middle of it. I quickly grab Thor with my hand, just to be sure. He looks at me and raises an eyebrow. I'm suddenly in the space between being awake and being asleep. Whooosh! I appear at the golden front hall where the Bifröst bridge begins. I'm kind of in a kneeling down position and when I look up I see the front of a man in a golden armor. He holds a golden scepter with both of his strong hands. He looks down to me smiling and says :" Hello, my name is Heimdall." Dude... Everything is as real as in waking life. I'm in fricking Asgard! Woooooo!!! I see a golden little object on the also golden floor and I pick it up to give it to Heimdall. I hand it to him and I see that my white tiny hand pales in comparison to his godly powerful brown fists. I briefly see Odin's home, the peak of Asgard in the distance. The rising golden pillars. I have a feeling I might end the dream because it's so awesome and everything melts.


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