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    [ZADMOS] 1v2 Dream fight

    by , 04-15-2017 at 08:03 AM (985 Views)
    I become lucid in my living room as I'm trying to write my signature on a post-it note. All that comes up is symbols of notes. My brother comes up to me. I know the dream is ending and all I have left to do is show the thing I just made to him.

    I'm walking through a liquor store and I'm looking at the drinks on display. I'm interested only in the small portion of light drinks, like ciders. My friend Tony arrives to the store suddenly. I have decided to buy a readily-filled glass of liquid that tastes like mineral water. Tony takes a sip from another similar glass and decides to buy one of them as well. The dream hops us into his car. Tony still clearly has a hangover from last night and has trouble steering the car. I advice him to go slower and go through a quieter area so the cops wouldn't catch us. After a while the car disappears and we're walking towards a low metal-bridge on a snowy scenery. The air is warm though. I see our destination further away, some random apartment building. Out of the blue it hits me; "Tony I'm lucid... this is a dre-... I'm lucid! We're in a lucid dream!"

    Tony gets really happy as well as I. "First thing, we're not going to continue towards that place" I say. I turn around and right then my brother and a friend of his have spawned there. My vision gets more sharp an detailed for a while. We decide to have a fight, one against two, as Tony has now disappeared. This is going to be easy. Actually this is something Iv wanted to do, to show off my dream powers to my friends. They start throwing large rocks at me with telekinesis. The rocks are flying towards me and as I spread my arms and take battle stance, a huge force field shoots active around me with a low electric noise. The rocks break as they hit the force field. My brother and his friend are clearly amazed. They try again doing the same move, throwing large rocks at me once more. I wave my hand from behind my back and a huge wind slash strikes the boulders destroying them. I continue my move and wave my hands in front of me turning their spot into a fiercely hurricaning cloud of wind fists. They're fine. They decide to try something else. They see the snow and they try to use it to their advantage, but I won't let that happen. I lower my hands and point the area around us, making all the snow melt down immediately. The ground is now visible. Like Toph from AtLA I make a strong lifting gesture upwards and a large column of ground lifts up; with me on top of it. They shoot more rocks at me. I blast another pillar sideways from the larger pillar launching myself sideways into the air. I shoot a fire blast and a wind blast to the two rocks destroying them again. Suddenly I see Sensei in front of me.

    He immediately tests me. Calmly he lifts three small black rocks and shoots them at me. I throw my fist forwards and a force shock meets the three rocks. He tries something again, but I can't remember what it was. After that hes fine and sure; he would take me on. His whole figure turns blackish and power-emitting. I think something along the lines "Oh f-" before taking off. My brother and his friend stay put, they clearly have no idea who they're dealing with now. I start losing lucidity now
    as I enter a narrow room. "If you're able to beat me now you'll likely win all of our duels" Sensei says. I dodge some of his attacks but then I get distracted as Tony is now making noises outside. The whole scenario becomes a mess because of that. Suddenly we're not even fighting anymore, actually, we didn't get to fight at all. "Soo... you won I guess?" Sensei asks. "No dude you won, I think" I reply. Someone from the competition comes to me. He has Zapdos's head for a head. I try giving him a code, so later when we'd be awake we could see if we were shared dreaming. " Banana smoothie" I tell him. " Banana smoothiiiiiie" ... definitely lost lucidity towards the end lol.
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    1. Letaali's Avatar
      "His whole figure turns blackish and power-emitting." Great lucid. Congrats.
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    2. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Nice start to the competition! Hehe Banana smoothie. A delicious password.
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