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    [ZADMOS] Early LD's - Asking DC a question

    by , 02-03-2016 at 06:21 PM (324 Views)
    I feel exhausted in the dream and I go to the shower to sleep since my bed and dream journal is there. The space is larger than usual and there's a window in the roof. It's another day already, I won't be able to sleep. My brother didn't like my decision to sleep in the shower room because then he had to sleep in my room for some reason. He has left three notes with threats, I'm not that intimidated. He has a bad handwriting and I feel sympathetic towards him. I'm able to read the threat from start to finish which is odd, usually all texts are kinda blurry. He tries to ask money from me then but I won't agree to give it to him. He looks to the first pages of my dream journal without my permission. The dream changes and I'm now in a grocery store with my family. I think we're candy shopping, for candy. My dad starts to talk to some man and then the dream hops us back into our apartment. My dad tells us hes sick with a bad disease. I ask for the name of the disease, but he won't tell me. I think he is lying that hes sick. I then try to sleep at my bed.

    A force is lifting me from my bed in to the air and I realize the situation right away. My room is dark and I can see that The Grudge is standing where my trash bin usually is. I'm surprised to see her trying to help me instead of being just a regular nightmare. She uses some kind of a telekinesis ability to make me spin in the air, loosening the dark force's grab of me. She also says something weird along the lines : " You're my boyfriend and you will get a girlfriend."I don't like what she just said. She then show a quote from here, Dreamviews, that states :" You can get lucid, believe." I put my hands in the air to my sides and I stop the spinning with my intention. I'm not afraid of the Grudge even for a second. She helped me. I begin spinning again but I'm dropped to a warehouse floor by the dream. With telekinesis I push everything around me away from me and into the walls. I go into a nearby staircase where I see the Grudge for the last time in the dream. I give her a high-five and we both smile, we made it. I made it! I go outside and see an intersection of four roads. It's a brightly lit small city center. The dream seems a bit disoriented, at least the scenery seems. I rise to the air and fly for a minute or so, the next thing is that I'm in a grocery store. I go and walk past the counter and the cashier lady. We laugh at something with a fat man. I'm in a mall. A lively 30-year old woman walks towards me and I ask her to sit down with me. We sit on one of the benches.

    I remember my task, maybe one from DV or my own. I whisper to her : " What are you grateful for?" and I put as much emotion into the question as possible. She starts to cry a little and she answers ( the answer doesn't quite match the question ): " Never love anyone as much as you love yourself, because when you do, love for yourself grows lesser." For some reason I feel I'm in a movie similar to Good Will Hunting because of what she said. When she answers there is Ludovico Einaudi's music playing on the background for a while. Her message seems important. I stand up and once again take off to the air. I'm suddenly at a door with my brother. I mentally prepare myself for a great battle, one that is to be set in the ancient Middle-Earth. I tell my brother : " It can be quite scary then." I know it might just be the craziest lucid experience I'll ever have if I get it right. I open the door into dark grass plains. There are some elvish soldiers here and there, a small army. My brother says: " This isn't even good." I agree, a total failure! The quality of the scenario is really bad. The forces run down into a lit enemy cave. There are a few horsemen too here and there. It feels like I'm in a B-tier video game. The last thing I remember is being behind yet another grocery store.


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