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    [ZADMOS] Early LD's - Battle suit

    by , 02-03-2016 at 03:47 PM (277 Views)
    I'm on a corridor at a grocery store and I'm walking faster than usually. I run faster because there are aggressive insects of all sorts coming from every direction. As I walk I think of some empty aquariums I saw earlier. After a minute or so zombies also start to appear from all around. I look at my shirt and something is growing on it, like spots that are duplicating. The dream changes and now it's 1am and we're at our city's main street. I'm accompanied by my brother, my old friends from elementary school and by a few new faces. It's really late compared to my usual sleep rhythm and I should go home and sleep, but I don't want to. I suggest we go get some pizza. Everyone agrees. I'm having the idea in mind that we will slice the pizzas, no way I'm eating a whole one. I also think it would be cool to go and see a movie at out local cinema that is almost always empty. We have some collectible items with us. I feel great, it's a late summer night, I'm with friends and there's not a single soul on sight besides us.

    I start suspecting there's something going on as I'm in the dark in my room. I try and push my hand through the wall behind my bed without looking at it's direction and nothing stops the movement. " Ok I'm definitely dreaming."I open my window and carefully glide in the air towards the night sky. It's a bit cold. The dream changes and I'm sitting at our living room's sofa with my sister's children. They're eight and six years old, both boys. My sister is somewhere at the house and others are too. Suddenly, I notice something odd going on with the 8-year old. He has tummy on both sides of his body. I look at him perplexed and say : " Well this is weird." He replies: "Yes it is." He goes to show it his mother. Suddenly a random man wearing only a t-shirt comes from the other side of the apartment to me. He bends over and says : " Will you stick it in?" "What!? I will most definitely not!"

    I'm realizing it's a dream but I don't quite "get it" yet. I float to the air and I'm gliding eight meters above the ground. The landscape is much different than usually, all the building I know have changed. I wonder where my high-school is, there's only a blue walled square building where it used to be. I see a few other people floating around, I guess they're other lucid dreamers ( I'm definitely semi-lucid). They start to follow me. Suddenly they change into anime-looking characters and they drag me down and pinch me to the ground. They stick a wide and black spear into my chest. I see a glimpse of a blue man's face who's just standing there and accepting what's happening. I appear to the other side of train tracks that go past the area where my high-school is. Some machines start appearing and I realize that they are bombs. I start beating their metal surfaces with my fists to break them so I won't get blown up. They keep appearing more and more so I take off to the sky and suddenly I'm more aware. ( This has happened a couple of times, flying straight upwards has lead me to gain more awareness.) I go back down and slide in the air near some building's rooftops and then I take off to the clouds above. As I'm near the clouds I decide to roll over so that the clouds are actually beneath me and the ground above me. Then I boost straight upwards and go all the way to the outer atmosphere. There's darkness ahead so I turn back and look down to Earth. The quality foggy so I dive back down, and try to head to New York City. I get closer and closer and houses start to appear the way they do in Google Earth. They get 3D.

    I'm suddenly teleported to the surface and everything is life like, which is really nice. I feel like I'm a good spot now. I'm on a street of a quiet middle-class neighborhood. I begin stabilizing by rubbing my hands fiercely together while looking at the details of a nearby store. The quality of the dream gets a bit better, though it was really good already. I think about transforming. So I rise my hands and stand like Jesus on the cross at the middle of the street with my eyes looking up. I'm not thinking of anything particular what to transform into. I actually just want an armor, like that of Iron man's. I feel movement on my other hand and I look at it. A green titanium battle suit is completely covering it. It's made for combat. It has an "army" vibe into it, like it was made by humans in the far future. I manage to create a gun that matches the essence that of the battle suit's. The suit covers now all of my body, not only just my hand. I begin to walk the street searching for a mirror so I could look at myself. I find one at the front of one of the houses. I look at it and I look bad ass. I miss a helmet. I close my eyes and try to focus on it appearing to my head. I feel a tingling sensation on the back of my neck and titanium begins to engulf my head. It's nearly complete, but I wake up.


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