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    [ZADMOS] Early LD's - Jannis's banana

    by , 02-04-2016 at 05:57 PM (505 Views)
    I go into a player's room in Habbo Hotel, I'm seeing the pixel world as you would normally. There are many roundish pets strolling around the room and I "scratch" three of them once. The owner is present at least, I don't know if there's any other players here besides him. I came to ask for free stuff and as I ask if there is any I add many " xD":s into the question. I feel so stupid because of doing that. The owner replies something and he also adds many "xD":s into his answer. The dream ends and another begins where I'm spectating a Finnish Tv-star Riku Rantala ( Madventures ) on Russia. He plans to prank two Russian police men, and explains what he is going to do. He will pretend to be taking his p***s out of his pants to urinate. He says to the "camera" : " I'm going to run away from them... by standing still." Riku then walks towards them on the street. He starts to open his pants and the police men start to walk quickly towards him. They say to their radios :" P***s out, p***s out." I laugh in the dream. As they get to him Riku then tries to shake their hands and says confidently : "It's okay, I'm from Finland." The police men tackle him to the ground onto the snowy pavement. I laugh even harder. Riku acted like one of the Dudesons. I suddenly appear back in the Habbo room I was in before and now everyone is gone and all the stuff has disappeared. I scroll the chat upwards to see what has happened. Some twenty year-old habbo with a wild hairstyle has said that heterosexuals are boring and then has added all the people in the room to his friends list including me. He has invited everyone to his place then I think.

    In the dream I'm laying on our living room's sofa under a lamp's light that is on a bed-side table near me. My father and brother are nearby. I tell them to be quiet, I'm about to fall asleep and I don't want to to be disturbed. My eyes begin to close and my body start to go numb , but then my brother gives a laugh. Now I'm smiling too, argh. I then fall a sleep as from a snap of fingers and I'm levitating towards our toilet while paralyzed. I turn my head and see a grey figure at my room's door, my pulse raises to the sky. It sprints to me, but I'm not scared. The figure's face starts to change and it get's two-dimensional. It bubbles : " Mun mun mun mun mun."

    I think I dive straight back into a dream. I find myself aboard a luxury yacht on what seems a beautiful Caribbean sea. It's a sunny day and the sky is blue and clear. I look at the shore and there's a fancy vacation paradise-hotel setting. I feel the sun's warmth on my skin. The dream world feels a bit... roundish I suppose. The yacht has a parquet floor. I walk to the far back of the boat and I then have a quick idea of some k-18 action when a figure starts to come towards me. The figure can't do what I had in mind so I leave that scenario behind and move on. I have appeared at the paradise's beach and I want to go into the ocean. As I'm going towards the waves that are slowly floating ashore my friends and brother shout to me not to go, I might drown because I can't swim. The water is also dirty suddenly. I raise my hand and create a hardened sand pathway into the water, like Toph at Lake Laogai in the AtLA-series. I also kinda want to walk on water like Jesus. I go and walk on my pathway and I see my brother is following me. He then falls and is engulfed in a membrane in the water. I use telekinesis to lift him out, even though my brother is kinda annoying because he keeps following me, I still don't want him to get harmed. I go to a Tiki bar fully lucid. I say out loud to the dream : " Now subconsciousness, show me something funny." A second passes and a madman with a spray-can and a lighter comes in. He tries to burn people including me, but I use my also fiery hand to take a grab of his weapon and destroy it. I don't see how that was funny, huh.

    I remember an "inside task" ( the inside joke started at fourth grade ) and I say :" Okay, now the Jannis thing." A door opens behind me and I see Jannis, the kinda weird kid from our elementary class opening the door. He peaks out and I ask : " Do you want Jannis's banana?"( My brother and his friend had really gone to Jannis's door and asked him this question while offering him a banana. Elementary school jokes are weird I know ) "Or do you have Jannis's banana?" I ask him. He squashes a banana into my hand and goes back to his computer to play video games. It's his room, but different than it really was. I also enter and there's a lot of video game toys and game covers. I look into the space between the shelves and I think at that moment he threw me out. I'm back at the Tiki bar. I say :" A door to a train station." A door emerges and I go through it. I get to my home city's train station and everything is life like.
    Too bad I'm starting to lose lucidity at this point. A cool big silvery train comes and stops. There are flat rollers inside on the floor and double seats on top. I look if I could go sit next to the operator's seat, but I then go sit to all the way back. Then something mildly lucid about my brother being a blue monkey humanoid but I'm not going to delve into that.


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