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    [ZADMOS] Early LD's - Station to nowhere

    by , 02-02-2016 at 08:47 PM (361 Views)
    I'm being moved from a dream to another, hey what is happening? The realization hits me and I scream: "Lucidity!" from the bottom of my lungs. I immediately materialize into the dreamworld and I find myself in and odd large room with the ceiling reaching fifteen meters high. As if it's a station, a station from where you can leave to "nowhere", a "nowhere" that a human couldn't understand. I strongly feel that Iv been here before. The room has some benches by the wall. I don't recall what kind of beings there walked and stood around, but even though they have kind of a human-like features I have a feeling they're something different. Kinda like the shadowy people from Spirited Away but with colors. I do a few reality check such as breathing trough my nose while pinching it firmly. I then try to approach a black man dressed in stylish jacket with large shoulders. He glows with mystery as he calmly stands there by a pillar-looking object. I try to approach him, but I find myself being stopped by two other men. They won't let me go to him, huh. The man in the suit looks at me silently as I turn away. I head outside. I guess the place looks kinda like a mix up of three structures : The Spa from Spirited Away, a church and a train station. There are suddenly tribesmen all around me and their tribe's/dance group's coloring is almost all red. They're dancing around and walking past me. I then concentrate to gravity at the same time as I watch a lower part of the small mountain I'm at. Guess the mountain is only around a hundred meters high.

    Gravity pulls me to the lower part. I gaze to the upper mountains across the valley and there's a red beautiful castle on the mountain side. I look at it with wonder and I kinda would want to go there. The middle part of the castle is a little blurry. I then go and sing with the tribe's me and I somehow know the foreign, however simple, lyrics by heart. The music echoes all around the dreamworld. I'm then having difficulties staying in " first person" view, it feels as if my eyes were on the back of my head.
    After this I'm gradually losing lucidity. I go down under the castle through a short cave to a concrete hallway. I walk through black hanging curtains and enter a dimly lit parking lot. I'm being led by one of my elementary school - time friends and he is now ten years older. I'm not afraid of what's to come if there is to come something weird. The dream hops to a cold room- grocery store. Kinda like the place the Asian man in Blade Runner had where he was doing something with human eyeballs. But not that cold. I look at the other customers that seem to be my friends or something and I realize they don't even exist. I start to think the way they told you not to think about everything in Inception. Everyone turns their head at me. Oops. They charge towards me. Oh hamburgers hahaha. A man orders them to stop and they freeze. Huh? The man is dressed in a relaxed office suit and he looks at me with a semi confident look on his face. He knows Iv been on a long dry spell and I'm nearly getting back to the habit. He knows I'm close.

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