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    [ZADMOS] Egyptian bracelet

    by , 05-13-2016 at 04:46 PM (735 Views)
    I'm on a highway on a world that is about to be turned into that of Mad Max- series', because of some global disaster. Everything still seems normal, but it wouldn't last. I have a machine rifle on my hands and I'm shooting some bandits that are running across the street some 30 meters away. I manage to kill all three of them. I see a few cars that have been turned into the cars from Mad Max- series. Suddenly like a fortress-on-wheels comes to the road from an intersection on the right. Then a war-truck bursts from the left and the crew of both vehicles notice me. I run to these concrete barriers laid next to the road and take cover behind them. I "save" the "game" multiple times, because I'm in such a tight spot. The fortress-looking vehicle leaves the area, but I'm not going to go against the truck so I sneak to a facility building nearby. I drop 2-5 more bandits there with my gun. I enter the building and the inside is gloomy, rusty and dimly lit. There are 5 to 10 bandits on the other side behind the middle section and I see one walking towards my location. I save the game again somehow, just to be sure. I shoot. I miss the crucial first shots and the bandit notices me.

    We're on a large and empty parking lot with random people. I'm about to enter a bus and I ask a 50-year old bald driver if I could put my luggage into this small opening on the side of the bus. I try to fit it in, but it won't fit, so the driver tells me I can take it with me to the bus. There are mane youngsters my age inside. I sit down and we keeping switching seats a few times with the others for some reason, before I sit down for good. A fluffy haired, tanned girl behind me starts chatting with me and I turn around on my seat to look at her direction. She asks questions about my sexuality and about my sexual experiences, but I won't tell her. She is obviously attracted to me and my personality. She looks directly into my eyes and asks : " How much would it costs for you to give me a warm kiss?" I tell her : " I wouldn't sell it." The dream is absolutely life like and we look at each others eyes for few seconds. We then leave the bus and we're in a semi-Asian themed store-market- vendor street. There's now a rope on our waist and we walk in a line while being guided by someone around the place. Now I lead the line, but the theme of the dream changes.

    I get surrounded by eight hooded and caped people with swords. I also have a sword in both of my hands. They charge me all at the same time and a quick sword fight begins. I redirect all of the incoming swings, two swords against eight. I'm a sword master. I then drop the swords and use only my fists and I somehow win the battle. I become lucid. I look at my right wrist and there's a bracelet on it. I raise my hand to take a closer look at it. It's made out of gold and it has hundreds of small, red and green crystals on it that are glimmering in the light. I think it's from ancient Egypt. I take a good look at the bracelet before moving on and creating a door. I enter it and I appear into a sandy landscape. There's an enormous, 20-meter tall green scorpion-spider creature walking towards me over a large object. Someone or something is riding on top of it.

    The dream hops me close to highway at the lower side of our city. I take flight and glide over the traffic onto the other side of the road and I then land down again. I look up and there's power lines on the right. Without hesitation and doubt I go and extend my right arm towards them and it stretches and stretches to about twenty meters high. I go and grab the power line. I feel nothing, but I see blue and white electricity moving down on my arm and it hits my body. The energy makes me levitate and it is making my body buzz gently. I then let go and take flight again to a nearby small hill. My arm has instantly returned to it's usual length. As I land I think of something else to extend my arms towards. I look up to the sky and I separate the clouds by aiming my hands towards them and then stretching them apart. There's still a thin layer of clouds behind the bigger puffy clouds so I repeat the telekinesis. I can see the Moon and wait... there's another planet there as well it's ... it's Earth. And just like that I'm in space. I'm surprised but I don't think more of what the dream decided to do with it's self, and I start flying towards the Moon. I get there in ten seconds, and as I fly above the surface I see that the scenery feels a bit fake. Like a landscape out of a game with good graphics. I also can't take " a grip" of anything I see, as if the scenery was trying to evade my gaze.

    I appear on top of an autumn forest near a small town and I see a river flowing through the forest. I get dropped from the air and I land on a pile of brown and soft leaves. I look behind me and there's the girl from the bus, smiling at me, on another pile of leaves. I ignore her and as she tries to follow me I vaporize her into the air with a swing of my arm. I appear into the middle of four apartment buildings. I remember. Battles! Suddenly a 3-meter long,black, worm-looking snake creature slithers in front of me. No, I'm not going to be fighting against something like that. As I'm getting more aware of my purpose why I'm there in the first place ( battles ), the sky begins to turn red and black. I then remember my idea of creating an empty room made out of titanium or steel where I could prepare for dream battles. I look behind me and there's an yellow wooden door. No, it needs to be red and have steel edges. I turn around again there's a light-red colored steel door. I enter and I almost succeed, I see the dream constructing the room in front of my eyes, but it turns into some empty office space on the edge of a city block.

    I then begin to try and change the room into that which I wanted. I use telekinesis to bring the walls closer and I vaporize almost all of the items laying around. I say : " Concrete ( meant to say steel ), endless concrete." I feel the walls extending behind the walls and gaining weight. It's working a little. A black man comes to me and begins to complain about the changes I'm making so I vaporize him in to the air as well. I lose lucidity. A celebrity is driving away two other celebrities out of his home, the same place where I lost lucidity. The other two have been living there for some time and have no other place to go so he decides to give them farewell gifts. James McAVoy, one of the two other celebrities says sarcastically : " I bet it's a million for both." The man hands them two checks for both. They're all worth 3.5 million. Both of the become teary eyed and happy, but I have a feeling that they're faking it with their acting skills.


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