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    [ZADMOS] Jumping on the edge

    by , 09-16-2016 at 03:38 PM (858 Views)
    I want to see what it would feel like to update my online dream journal more frequently, and if doing so would add to my practice. So here is a short lucid entry from some time ago. - I find I am a woman at a party which is held in a tall apartment building. The party is for a prince of somesort. I decide to steal two objects, I can't recall what the objects are, but they hold a high value. I grab the objects, but the prince notices me doing so. A pursuit begins. I quickly run through an open window and step to the edge. I make my way to the right facing the wall as I move. The prince steps outside and he still keeps following me. I reach a dead end and there's now an empty space on the edge between me and my pursuer. He offers his hand for me to reach for and he tries to negotiate about the object that has a smaller value to it. I tell him I would jump! I can see he likes about everything that is taking place. The action, my personality and that how I won't offer my self to him freely. I'm not like the other women at the party. The feelings are one-sided and I'm not interested in him. A gap in recall as he convinces me to come back inside. The situation cools down, or atleast the others think so, as they don't know that I still hold the more valuable object with me. Right as no one pays attention to me anymore, I take off running as fast as I can again. I'm suddenly outside on a different setting and as I'm running I can see weird, impossible "portal" opening in the middle of the scenery in front of me. I go through it and end up in a red- themed oriental corridor with many rooms. The place is like an illusion or a paradox. The portal was barely 10 centimeters wide. I run forward and the object I stole has transformed into a dagger. The dream changes and I'm observing some Lord of the Rings - World of Warcraft themed giants doing something. Then I add twelve to twenty small squarish black pieces on a rifle intending to make it stronger I guess. It begins to fire to my direction and I quickly re-aim the weapon somewhere else.

    I'm with some guys and we enter a giant emptyish warehouse of a large department store. We enter the building through a dark alley between two apartment buildings. Once there, I go see what's on the left hand side of the area. I sit on to a chair in the middle of some sofas and shelfs. Suddenly the chair begins to rise higher and higher with me on top of it. I feel really odd as I'm going and going, soon passing what I estimate 30 meters. I'm not scared however. Something happens before the dream jumps into a new scenery that is a school gymnasium. There are about ten people sitting on the rows of the stand. They are bored, this is supposed to be a superhero testing area of somekind, but nothing spectacular is happening. I begin to realize what is happening as I clash with a character who looks like Thrax from Osmosis Jones. I'm being tested as well. We punch and kick each other as fast as anime characters do, even too fast I think. Like as fast as if this was a final battle of somekind. Doesn't really fit to the situation, this is just the first test. We're then gliding towards each other in the air and I become lucid by screaming : " This is a dream, I'm here!!" The quality increases quickly and I can see my opponent's face clearly for a split second, but I'm then finding my self having trouble with bringing my self to the moment. We're on the ground level again on the gymnasium floor and the guy runs towards me again. I throw one faint punch - basically me just moving my hand forward with a closed fist - and the figure get's blasted all the way to the other side of the gymnasium, hitting the wall at the end like a ragdoll. There are suddenly more like a hundred people on the stand, everyone with their mouths open. I get a large wooden object thrown at me, like a very big shelf, that shatters to pieces when it hits me. Another similar object is thrown at me, and it simply stops to recline on my body once hitting me. I move the piece away with my hand. I have a feeling someone on the audiance is not able to handle my powers mentally, and who might break down in a way like - that is unnatural, someone do something before something happens. A man stands up with a pistol and he shoots. The bullet hits my right shoulder and bounces off to the wall. The man stares at me with his mouth open. I wish the bullet would bounce back to his direction, but it won't. No wait it does. As the bullet is right in front of the man I quickly blow air out of my mouth forward, and the bullet speeds to the man's chest. I begin to walk to the doors that lead outside, saying only ( comes out bad - should have left it unsaid) : " Saizaphod " as I leave.

    I open the door to a bright light and I notice to my excitement that I'm standing near a giant waterfall and a jungle. I however don't realize what my subconsciousness is trying to tell me : my number one lucid goal to visit a jungle is right in front of me. All I think is "okay whatever why not", because I kinda wanted to continue the Dream Heroish - plot and I was already planning on summoning a door for teleporting away. I start to jump on some rocks near the edge, and sure enough there is a two meter gap between my current position and the jungle side. I jump across the gap easily, there is a small stream underneath. The landscape is so misty due to the waterfalls, that I can't see anything what is down at the bottom of the valley. Everywhere I look all I can see is vertical cliff. I can't find a way down and I don't dare to jump either. I look down to my body and my shirt has disappeared. My body is nicely fit and I like it. I think of a plan while holding onto a jungle plant of somekind. The lucid lasted aprox. five minutes.


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    1. Patience108's Avatar
      I really enjoyed your dream Made me laugh a lot when I imagined what your name might have sounded like ' Saiiiizaaaphood" or something like! Laughed again when you missed your Kew with the Jungle scene and then again when you looked at your fit body' looking good "

      Nice one
      Saizaphod likes this.
    2. Saizaphod's Avatar
      I really enjoyed your dream Made me laugh a lot when I imagined what your name might have sounded like ' Saiiiizaaaphood" or something like!
      Thanks Yeah like, I said it like if I had just beaten some super powerful enemy, which didn't feel right...eugh.
      Patience108 likes this.
    3. Patience108's Avatar
      Hey! Your a hero in the dream world remember if you wanna call out your name in whatever way you want that's just fine!
      Saizaphod and Elaineylane like this.
    4. Patience108's Avatar
      I watched Iron man again last night after years - I love the way Robert Downey plays the part
      Elaineylane likes this.
    5. Saizaphod's Avatar
      I watched Iron man again last night after years - I love the way Robert Downey plays the part
      Yea, he is kinda made for the role gotta say! I don't personally like Marvel movies, but they are great inspiration for LDs for sure ( and especially for Dream Hero LDs ). The Dark Knight is my kinda superhero movie.
      Patience108 and Elaineylane like this.
      Updated 09-17-2016 at 10:24 AM by Saizaphod
    6. Patience108's Avatar
      Yes did have some LD's this morning too will check out the Dark Knight ,thanks
      Elaineylane likes this.
    7. Nebulus's Avatar
      hilariously overpowered xD
    8. DawnEye11's Avatar
      I really like how it changed to a jungle setting. Those are fun for lucid exploring.

      I begin to walk to the doors that lead outside, saying only ( comes out bad - should have left it unsaid) : " Saizaphod " as I leave.
      XD hahaha Epic way to end the fight.
    9. Elaineylane's Avatar
      Nice...You really should post more often. Obviously other people would like that too.
      Saizaphod and Patience108 like this.