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    Dream control practice

    by , 03-11-2023 at 01:06 AM (207 Views)
    I'm in darkness when I begin to sense myself becoming aware. I'm beginning to enter a dream. I start feeling a slight dropping sensation in my stomach, which my subconsciousness instantly connects to what else than - falling. Oh man... here we go. The falling sensation grows greater and I begin to see faint clouds and an ocean floor through the black mist thats covering everything. Oh fffuuuu- I begin to prepare myself with heavy breaths, the lucid would begin from the sky. I pull my hands forward into a flying position, but then everything becomes near psychedelic, wobbly and extremely unstable. I can feel myself flying but I can barely see anything and my other hand is stretching 30 meters forward. Snap. I'm suddenly in a small orange-greenish hostel-looking room. The dream has almost completely finished forming, now I just need to form myself into the room. I pinch my nose and breath. "Okay I'm here! I'm here now, focus! Stabilize" I say out loud trying to command myself to not slip from the moment. I begin rubbing my hands together fiercely while repeating "Here now!" I switch to rubbing the walls. I'm beginning to become grounded in the room with a proper physical body. Finally, this time it should be better. I finish the stabilization and open the door leading out of the room.

    I enter a corridor with a red carpet. There are rows of doors on each side. Time to do stuff. I re-try my failed attempt from the previous competition and command: "Sensei!" to appear. One of the doors opens from the left side of the corridor. A man peeks out, but quickly goes back inside after taking a look at me. Knowing what Sensei looks like from his Discord avatar I realize it wasn't him. Alright, into the next task. I push my hand forward like a fire-bender, and without any effort a stream of fire launches from my open palm going atleast 8 meters. Hah! Easy as ever! I take foot and walk the corridor until I get to a small reception lounge. There's a stool in the middle of the lounge, perfectly out of place for more dream control practice and catching up in points. I point my right hand towards the stool like a mystic and it begins to levitate. I see a fire extinguisher on the wall. I let go of the stool and pick the red syringe of the wall with telekinesis, throwing it to the other side of the corridor where I came from. The extinguisher explodes and begins whirling wildly all around the place. I realize I could try one more thing. I stand still and let the metal tube hit me square in the face and it bounces off. Hah, that's what I thought. I then head to a small staircase leading outside.

    I get outside and realize I'm at the front-yard of a hostel where I used to work as a trainee for five months back in college. Can't believe I missed it from all the fun I was having, must have been absolutely too focused on the tasks. The ground is all green and plants are spurting out of it and there seems to be what looks like a small, mold-ridden and abandoned greenhouse on the corner of the main building. I re-focus on the tasks, and this time into my main task; my last Three Step Task. I turn around to face the other way towards the street and say: "Door." I turn back, and there's a white-greyish door sticking out of the ground in the middle of the yard. Yes! But, as most of the time doing this, the door begins to fall backwards (as doors are not meant to be standing without a wall around it. Maybe I should come up with a new way to teleport in the future.) I grab the door and shove it back into the ground with force. The door remains slightly tilted backwards, but I ignore it and begin forming a "story" in my head to help creating another scenery behind the door. I think that...Sensei must be behind the door... as a medieval man... in a... MEDIEVAL CASTLE! A sense of continuity fills the moment and I open the door into a brick-laden hallway of a castle. I enter, but as soon as I do everything begins to unfocus.

    The normal front yard of the hostel, with the tele-door
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