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    1. Visitors and dream jumping

      by , 06-14-2023 at 10:28 PM (Mika's Dreams)
      I'm scaling up a building's side and peek inside a small singular window that's extended outwards from the rest of the wall. A guy looking like myself looks back at me from a cozy looking green oriented bedroom. As I move higher and reach an inclinated tile roof I become lucid. I turn around and see two guys in their late 20s dressed in cycling outfits climbing right after me. The guy on the left who's blonde instantly blurts out: "Sensei", while the guy on the right, who appears more offbeat crawling up like a feral animal, rumbles quietly: "hoookiiiiff..." I instantly say out loud to myself that: "Yeah thats not quite Sensei" while still ignoring the other guy not realizing what his rumbling meant. We then stand on the edge of the roof together. The weirder of the two, who I then realize is meant to represent Hukif, jolts his hand towards the ground 4 stories below us and points with a finger. A beam shoots down, and another next to it. Two portals appear, and just as quickly Hukif jumps down in to one them and bolts right back up to the roof from the other one. "Holy shit hahah! That was sick", I say, and Tbox, who has now also appeared next to us agrees excitedly. I go and try copying what Hukif just did, but right as I'm about to hit the portal it shrinks into a quarter of it's original size and half of my body hits the pavement. Ah. I return back to the roof. Then Tbox decides to try something similar of his own from the other corner of the roof and drops himself from the eaves. I know it won't work, and with him no longer in sight I shoot my hand towards his approximate location in the air. He comes levitating back on top of a small portal thingie of my own smiling.

      I suddenly "wake up", and now my brother and Hukif, who has turned into a muscular shirtless guy, quickly help me get up on my hands and say in unison the sort of: "We were in the same lucid dream! Did you dream about being on a roof with us? Yeah we did too!" I'm completely blown away, we did it! We shared a lucid drea...! - Wait... I check my left hand, five fingers. I check my right hand. Three fingers. Hah! Alright, back on my feet. We're inside some small yellowish wooden room. "Hukif" and "Sensei" are now outside, apparently wrestling each other. I open the door and sure they are, and now Sensei actually looks like himself from his Discord picture. Hukif then bolts at me and tries grabbing me as well, while shooting fire from his mouth right to my face with no effect.

      I actually wake up, but stay focused on the sensation of the dream while ignoring my physical body. I'm back inside the dream. The scene changes completely while gaining extra vividness. We're now standing on a sluggish strand of forest right on the bank of a lake with moss, twigs and all sorts of gnarly stuff covering the place. The people I'm now with are strangers. A lady goes and begins poking around a heap of the nasty stuff near the water and something begins moving where she touched. And further to the left as well, atleast five meters away, as if something big was waking up under the mossy blanket. I see shapes of a giant vulture.
    2. Dream control practice

      by , 03-11-2023 at 01:06 AM (Mika's Dreams)
      I'm in darkness when I begin to sense myself becoming aware. I'm beginning to enter a dream. I start feeling a slight dropping sensation in my stomach, which my subconsciousness instantly connects to what else than - falling. Oh man... here we go. The falling sensation grows greater and I begin to see faint clouds and an ocean floor through the black mist thats covering everything. Oh fffuuuu- I begin to prepare myself with heavy breaths, the lucid would begin from the sky. I pull my hands forward into a flying position, but then everything becomes near psychedelic, wobbly and extremely unstable. I can feel myself flying but I can barely see anything and my other hand is stretching 30 meters forward. Snap. I'm suddenly in a small orange-greenish hostel-looking room. The dream has almost completely finished forming, now I just need to form myself into the room. I pinch my nose and breath. "Okay I'm here! I'm here now, focus! Stabilize" I say out loud trying to command myself to not slip from the moment. I begin rubbing my hands together fiercely while repeating "Here now!" I switch to rubbing the walls. I'm beginning to become grounded in the room with a proper physical body. Finally, this time it should be better. I finish the stabilization and open the door leading out of the room.

      I enter a corridor with a red carpet. There are rows of doors on each side. Time to do stuff. I re-try my failed attempt from the previous competition and command: "Sensei!" to appear. One of the doors opens from the left side of the corridor. A man peeks out, but quickly goes back inside after taking a look at me. Knowing what Sensei looks like from his Discord avatar I realize it wasn't him. Alright, into the next task. I push my hand forward like a fire-bender, and without any effort a stream of fire launches from my open palm going atleast 8 meters. Hah! Easy as ever! I take foot and walk the corridor until I get to a small reception lounge. There's a stool in the middle of the lounge, perfectly out of place for more dream control practice and catching up in points. I point my right hand towards the stool like a mystic and it begins to levitate. I see a fire extinguisher on the wall. I let go of the stool and pick the red syringe of the wall with telekinesis, throwing it to the other side of the corridor where I came from. The extinguisher explodes and begins whirling wildly all around the place. I realize I could try one more thing. I stand still and let the metal tube hit me square in the face and it bounces off. Hah, that's what I thought. I then head to a small staircase leading outside.

      I get outside and realize I'm at the front-yard of a hostel where I used to work as a trainee for five months back in college. Can't believe I missed it from all the fun I was having, must have been absolutely too focused on the tasks. The ground is all green and plants are spurting out of it and there seems to be what looks like a small, mold-ridden and abandoned greenhouse on the corner of the main building. I re-focus on the tasks, and this time into my main task; my last Three Step Task. I turn around to face the other way towards the street and say: "Door." I turn back, and there's a white-greyish door sticking out of the ground in the middle of the yard. Yes! But, as most of the time doing this, the door begins to fall backwards (as doors are not meant to be standing without a wall around it. Maybe I should come up with a new way to teleport in the future.) I grab the door and shove it back into the ground with force. The door remains slightly tilted backwards, but I ignore it and begin forming a "story" in my head to help creating another scenery behind the door. I think that...Sensei must be behind the door... as a medieval man... in a... MEDIEVAL CASTLE! A sense of continuity fills the moment and I open the door into a brick-laden hallway of a castle. I enter, but as soon as I do everything begins to unfocus.

      The normal front yard of the hostel, with the tele-door
    3. [ZADMOS] Last one this time

      by , 04-30-2017 at 09:13 AM (Mika's Dreams)
      I'm in a canyon with some hillbilly hunters next to a small shack. On the porch of the shack one of the hillbillies is cutting carrots to make a bait for rabbits. I have a dejavu and "remember" that they're doing the same thing that ended up in a catastrophe the last time. They don't care. More hillbillies appear and they go on with their plan. The plan goes ill again like I knew it would when a 50-meter giant appears to kill us. I take of flying but the giant creature follows me and jumps great distances to catch me. Yikes. For my relief the dream hops me to above my neighborhood and the giant now is gone. It gradually dawns up on me, thank god gradually. I'm flying! I'm flying above my home streets! I gain altitude and the feeling of height booms into me essence. I haven't flown in a long time. But I'm no novice either, so I gracefully shift my course and take flying to southeast. I lose some altitude and fly just above a grassy field. I look to my left and remember to score some points for the record. I lift a spruce off the ground by pointing my hand at it. I could have gone to check what's underneath it as well for the TotM, but I didn't remember. I see a girl and a guy in their mid-twenties and land next to them. I think about interaction, so I ask the girl for a kiss. She comes and kisses me on my right cheek. I do the same to her and we laugh a bit. Lots of youngsters start flooding to the area. I think I should also finish the Three-Step Task, so I point my hand behind me and ask a girl in front of me:" There's a door behind me right?" She nods and says :" Yeah." There's the regular yellow door and a much bigger and larger steel door as well. ( thanks dolphin! your technique works! ) I go to the yellow door, but there's no real door at all in fact. It's all some weird plastic that I have to rip open from the corner. I still try to teleport, but I soon realize it won't work like this. I repeat. "There's a door behind me right?" Same response from the girl. This time it's a proper one.

      I go to the door, not really knowing where I want to end up so I just think abut a hotel room or something. I open the door and enter a dark narrow corridor that leads to just that; a hotel room. I step in leaving the field behind. I find my brother, father and a beautiful blonde there. They're a bit caught off guard, how did I get there? I ask the blonde to come to me. I make my father and brother disappear by waving my hand in front of them. Just one "swipe" and they have vanished. The blonde lays over me. I ask if I could get a little show. The blonde stands up and begins dancing. No no, that's not how it's done I think to myself. I have to give an example so I stand up as well. I show the blonde the real moves, my dancing is way better! I can feel myself waking up a little bit, seeing the blackness behind my eye-lids almost. I manage to return to the same spot from where I almost left. I think it's too dark at the moment, so I reach for the curtains to let some light in so I could see the blonde in the coming moments. I can see the elegant and bare figure of the blonde just for a brief moment, before the curtains are drawn back to place by some dark force. There's something in the room with us. That feeling quickly subsides as we lay down to have a brief moment of... you know.

    4. [ZADMOS] 1v2 Dream fight

      by , 04-15-2017 at 08:03 AM (Mika's Dreams)
      I become lucid in my living room as I'm trying to write my signature on a post-it note. All that comes up is symbols of notes. My brother comes up to me. I know the dream is ending and all I have left to do is show the thing I just made to him.

      I'm walking through a liquor store and I'm looking at the drinks on display. I'm interested only in the small portion of light drinks, like ciders. My friend Tony arrives to the store suddenly. I have decided to buy a readily-filled glass of liquid that tastes like mineral water. Tony takes a sip from another similar glass and decides to buy one of them as well. The dream hops us into his car. Tony still clearly has a hangover from last night and has trouble steering the car. I advice him to go slower and go through a quieter area so the cops wouldn't catch us. After a while the car disappears and we're walking towards a low metal-bridge on a snowy scenery. The air is warm though. I see our destination further away, some random apartment building. Out of the blue it hits me; "Tony I'm lucid... this is a dre-... I'm lucid! We're in a lucid dream!"

      Tony gets really happy as well as I. "First thing, we're not going to continue towards that place" I say. I turn around and right then my brother and a friend of his have spawned there. My vision gets more sharp an detailed for a while. We decide to have a fight, one against two, as Tony has now disappeared. This is going to be easy. Actually this is something Iv wanted to do, to show off my dream powers to my friends. They start throwing large rocks at me with telekinesis. The rocks are flying towards me and as I spread my arms and take battle stance, a huge force field shoots active around me with a low electric noise. The rocks break as they hit the force field. My brother and his friend are clearly amazed. They try again doing the same move, throwing large rocks at me once more. I wave my hand from behind my back and a huge wind slash strikes the boulders destroying them. I continue my move and wave my hands in front of me turning their spot into a fiercely hurricaning cloud of wind fists. They're fine. They decide to try something else. They see the snow and they try to use it to their advantage, but I won't let that happen. I lower my hands and point the area around us, making all the snow melt down immediately. The ground is now visible. Like Toph from AtLA I make a strong lifting gesture upwards and a large column of ground lifts up; with me on top of it. They shoot more rocks at me. I blast another pillar sideways from the larger pillar launching myself sideways into the air. I shoot a fire blast and a wind blast to the two rocks destroying them again. Suddenly I see Sensei in front of me.

      He immediately tests me. Calmly he lifts three small black rocks and shoots them at me. I throw my fist forwards and a force shock meets the three rocks. He tries something again, but I can't remember what it was. After that hes fine and sure; he would take me on. His whole figure turns blackish and power-emitting. I think something along the lines "Oh f-" before taking off. My brother and his friend stay put, they clearly have no idea who they're dealing with now. I start losing lucidity now
      as I enter a narrow room. "If you're able to beat me now you'll likely win all of our duels" Sensei says. I dodge some of his attacks but then I get distracted as Tony is now making noises outside. The whole scenario becomes a mess because of that. Suddenly we're not even fighting anymore, actually, we didn't get to fight at all. "Soo... you won I guess?" Sensei asks. "No dude you won, I think" I reply. Someone from the competition comes to me. He has Zapdos's head for a head. I try giving him a code, so later when we'd be awake we could see if we were shared dreaming. " Banana smoothie" I tell him. " Banana smoothiiiiiie" ... definitely lost lucidity towards the end lol.
    5. [ADEL] 500th Lucid Dream

      by , 12-26-2016 at 12:39 PM (Mika's Dreams)
      Finally after a month-long dry spell I had my 500th lucid. Woo! Feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. The lucid was a short one, but I'm happy and excited again.

      I'm sitting on a chair and as I look down I notice my legs are that of a woman. I have a short false awakening right after noticing my legs and in the false awakening I'm writing down the incident to my notebook. Another dream begins in which I'm with a friend of mine, Tony. We're standing on an open balcony just right above the surface of a lake. Tony tells me that he could throw his cellphone into the water to make it bounce like some rocks do. I try to shake the idea out of his head, but being the guy who does all kinds of weird and funny things, he tosses it anyway. The phone swings back like a boomerang, hits the roof and then suddenly starts bouncing above the water like a flat rock. Tony is so exhilarated by the weird thing that just happened that he straight up jumps into the water as well after his phone. I can't believe this is happening. I can't wait to tell others what I just witnessed. As he gets back I notice a dim light shining under the surface. I wonder what it could be. The light moves near to where I'm standing and I can see a dangler-fish. Tony must have awakened it and now it's searching for a possible prey. Suddenly the dangler fish jumps against the window - I'm suddenly behind a window - from which I'm looking at it. It falls to the balcony and stops moving. Holy! Now I see another similar creature moving near the balcony under the water. It seems more than three meters long so I quickly "nope" away from the window. I say : "Man eater" to my grandparents who are sitting on a living room, referring to the scary fish outside. I leave the house.

      I find myself on a parking lot on a completely different scenery. This is where my other grandparents live. But wait, it's summer. It's as summer as it gets. I turn around, I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming. I try to see if the creature would follow me to the current dream scenery from behind the apartment building, but I find it unlikely. It wouldn't fit to the plot of this dream. 500. 5.0.0 I look down to my hands and they both have the right amount of fingers. Only a slight difference to my real ones. I feel a strong urge to take off to the sky for some reason. As if the sky wanted me there as I look up. I resist the urge and I think that the dream itself might make fly even if I didn't put conscious effort into it. I look up to a nearby tall tree. I want to climb it. No. I look down to my hands again and remind myself with the three-step technique. One - Stop. I don't even consider doing the second or third part, it feels like the stop part is enough for now. I walk to a nearby road and chant quietly to myself :" A door... door.. door." I would use it to teleport. 500. I want to reach Varion. Suddenly I remember Sensei's dare. Oh right, I could destroy the moon quickly before leaving. I try to spot it in the sky, but it's nowhere to be found. I know I could see it, even though it's midday. There's not even a single cloud on the sky though, so I bet there's no moon either. Then I simply start feeling hot. Wow, how can dream heat feel this real. It's summer inside my own mind, how? I stop to feel the sensation. I start taking off my socks because my feet are sweating.


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    6. [ZADMOS] Jumping on the edge

      by , 09-16-2016 at 03:38 PM (Mika's Dreams)
      I want to see what it would feel like to update my online dream journal more frequently, and if doing so would add to my practice. So here is a short lucid entry from some time ago. - I find I am a woman at a party which is held in a tall apartment building. The party is for a prince of somesort. I decide to steal two objects, I can't recall what the objects are, but they hold a high value. I grab the objects, but the prince notices me doing so. A pursuit begins. I quickly run through an open window and step to the edge. I make my way to the right facing the wall as I move. The prince steps outside and he still keeps following me. I reach a dead end and there's now an empty space on the edge between me and my pursuer. He offers his hand for me to reach for and he tries to negotiate about the object that has a smaller value to it. I tell him I would jump! I can see he likes about everything that is taking place. The action, my personality and that how I won't offer my self to him freely. I'm not like the other women at the party. The feelings are one-sided and I'm not interested in him. A gap in recall as he convinces me to come back inside. The situation cools down, or atleast the others think so, as they don't know that I still hold the more valuable object with me. Right as no one pays attention to me anymore, I take off running as fast as I can again. I'm suddenly outside on a different setting and as I'm running I can see weird, impossible "portal" opening in the middle of the scenery in front of me. I go through it and end up in a red- themed oriental corridor with many rooms. The place is like an illusion or a paradox. The portal was barely 10 centimeters wide. I run forward and the object I stole has transformed into a dagger. The dream changes and I'm observing some Lord of the Rings - World of Warcraft themed giants doing something. Then I add twelve to twenty small squarish black pieces on a rifle intending to make it stronger I guess. It begins to fire to my direction and I quickly re-aim the weapon somewhere else.

      I'm with some guys and we enter a giant emptyish warehouse of a large department store. We enter the building through a dark alley between two apartment buildings. Once there, I go see what's on the left hand side of the area. I sit on to a chair in the middle of some sofas and shelfs. Suddenly the chair begins to rise higher and higher with me on top of it. I feel really odd as I'm going and going, soon passing what I estimate 30 meters. I'm not scared however. Something happens before the dream jumps into a new scenery that is a school gymnasium. There are about ten people sitting on the rows of the stand. They are bored, this is supposed to be a superhero testing area of somekind, but nothing spectacular is happening. I begin to realize what is happening as I clash with a character who looks like Thrax from Osmosis Jones. I'm being tested as well. We punch and kick each other as fast as anime characters do, even too fast I think. Like as fast as if this was a final battle of somekind. Doesn't really fit to the situation, this is just the first test. We're then gliding towards each other in the air and I become lucid by screaming : " This is a dream, I'm here!!" The quality increases quickly and I can see my opponent's face clearly for a split second, but I'm then finding my self having trouble with bringing my self to the moment. We're on the ground level again on the gymnasium floor and the guy runs towards me again. I throw one faint punch - basically me just moving my hand forward with a closed fist - and the figure get's blasted all the way to the other side of the gymnasium, hitting the wall at the end like a ragdoll. There are suddenly more like a hundred people on the stand, everyone with their mouths open. I get a large wooden object thrown at me, like a very big shelf, that shatters to pieces when it hits me. Another similar object is thrown at me, and it simply stops to recline on my body once hitting me. I move the piece away with my hand. I have a feeling someone on the audiance is not able to handle my powers mentally, and who might break down in a way like - that is unnatural, someone do something before something happens. A man stands up with a pistol and he shoots. The bullet hits my right shoulder and bounces off to the wall. The man stares at me with his mouth open. I wish the bullet would bounce back to his direction, but it won't. No wait it does. As the bullet is right in front of the man I quickly blow air out of my mouth forward, and the bullet speeds to the man's chest. I begin to walk to the doors that lead outside, saying only ( comes out bad - should have left it unsaid) : " Saizaphod " as I leave.

      I open the door to a bright light and I notice to my excitement that I'm standing near a giant waterfall and a jungle. I however don't realize what my subconsciousness is trying to tell me : my number one lucid goal to visit a jungle is right in front of me. All I think is "okay whatever why not", because I kinda wanted to continue the Dream Heroish - plot and I was already planning on summoning a door for teleporting away. I start to jump on some rocks near the edge, and sure enough there is a two meter gap between my current position and the jungle side. I jump across the gap easily, there is a small stream underneath. The landscape is so misty due to the waterfalls, that I can't see anything what is down at the bottom of the valley. Everywhere I look all I can see is vertical cliff. I can't find a way down and I don't dare to jump either. I look down to my body and my shirt has disappeared. My body is nicely fit and I like it. I think of a plan while holding onto a jungle plant of somekind. The lucid lasted aprox. five minutes.


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    7. [ZADMOS] DHL- Venomous Snake

      by , 07-15-2016 at 11:40 AM (Mika's Dreams)
      I'm in what seems to be a dimly lit guest room with two beds. I'm on one of the beds trying to get some sleep while my brother keeps complaining about something. He also speaks directly to me wanting me to answer his questions. I tell him : " Seriously, if you won't stop in a minute I'll make you stop." I think about telling him " 1. You tell me what's bothering you, 2. You keep quit and go to sleep or 3. You continue and I won't speak a single word for you tomorrow." I then tell him exactly that, except when I get to the third option I suddenly start to stutter and feel extremely tired. I just lay down and let everything pass through me. I'm beginning to have an odd feeling about the situation and suddenly I'm starting to become paralyzed as I'm now laying on my back. I can faintly see a half moon shaped black object on the wall. I become lucid and I know what is going to happen. There's an intimate moment between me and a DC that lasts about a minute before I start trying to get out of the current dream plot. I get up, but suddenly something weird happens. I lose lucidity and I observe a girl laying on the bed from where I just got up, and a friend of hers is messing around with her sleeping body while she is trying to lucid dream. I think to myself " How can someone do something like that?" I get my answer quickly as I see her speaking really loud on her sleep. Shes mumbling : "One, two, three, four, five, six ...." and her friend imitates her while holding her head between her hands while squeezing her cheeks together giving her puffy lips.

      I can see the black object again and I regain my awareness. I then get out of the bed and I'm now alone in the room that has gotten darker after the first two minutes. I rub my hands together continuously as I make my way to the corridor of the hotel. At least that's what I presume what the building I'm in is, a hotel. The dream is stabilizing and my vision is getting more in-tune with the dream world. The corridor is really dark and the only light visible is from another room right next to the one where I left from. There's a stairway on the left. I go towards the other room. I suddenly feel my body rubbing against the odd clothing I'm wearing. I'm naked, and the only thing I'm wearing is a bathrobe. That's kinda weird, but I don't let it bother my mind and I carry on. I go into the room and I find that it's an office space of somekind and the light is coming from behind closed roller curtains. I can see a clear and bright day from between the curtains and I get really happy. I roll one of the curtains up and suddenly all of them are up. I decide to make another reality check by looking at my hands. My left hand is missing the three middle fingers and I have no fingers nor palm at all on my right hand. Uhm actually nevermind I don't want to look at them anymore heh. Then I go see in what kind of a dream world I'm in. I look down from one of the many windows and there's a big lake and a sunny beach some 30-meters below. I think to myself " How on earth am I going to get down there?" I take a few steps back thinking my options, but I just shrug it off and I decide to go with the usual method. I run towards the window and I phase through it and I immediately glide to the roof. Easy. The roof is plated like it always is when I use this method. There's some people hanging around on the other end of the roof, sitting and talking. My friend appears and he tells me :" There's a giant wave of fat coming from behind you." I expect it to be true and I look behind me. There's more than a hundred meters tall wave of blobby fat coming towards us from behind some mountains. I look back to my friend with the " I got this " kinda look and he asks :" You think?" I can see the shadow of the wave on the roof. I make a door appear.

      For a second I'm again on the bed seeing the black object on the wall. Then I'm back on the roof with the people and my friend gone. I decide to get down. I see a ladder and without hesitation I take a hold of it's right side bar and I jump down. I slide down and make it to the sand and feeling it under my bare feet stabilizes the dream really well. I have clothes now I presume. I think about what to do with the dream now and I make my way to the edge of a nearby forest. On a trail there's a man with two or three children walking and I remember the DHL's Snake-task. I go up to them and right then a red snake slithers from behind a tree towards the kids. They scream and jump and I try to cut the thing's head off with my hand by hitting the ground. I miss, but the snake gets scared and tries to flee, it is really fast. I remember my super speed ability and with a few steps I catch it. It tries to dodge my punch, but I'm way faster than it is. There's a small blast sound as I hit the snake and the snake turns into a worm. Victory! I count out loud : " Two Points, double that plus one. Five points!" I get so happy and I smile. I go to the man and his children again. I can't remember the other tasks so I ask them : " Hey guys, do you happen to remember what the other (green) task was?" They ponder and the man says: " Hmm, I guess the task was about a turtle." ...No. I falsely remember it to be a raccoon or some other animal similar. I decide to ask the dream itself directly. I look up to the sky behind the tree line and ask : " Dream, what was the other task of this month?" There's a voice of a middle aged man that answers .... : " Read the book of "Horo Poro" " and the voice starts to laugh. I can't help but laugh ( with myself basically ), because the answer is so ridiculous. I say :" That was a pretty good one, tell me another one." The voice that has taken the shape of blue and white ball shaped clouds dancing in the sky answers, but I can't remember what it tells.

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    8. [ZADMOS] Egyptian bracelet

      by , 05-13-2016 at 04:46 PM (Mika's Dreams)
      I'm on a highway on a world that is about to be turned into that of Mad Max- series', because of some global disaster. Everything still seems normal, but it wouldn't last. I have a machine rifle on my hands and I'm shooting some bandits that are running across the street some 30 meters away. I manage to kill all three of them. I see a few cars that have been turned into the cars from Mad Max- series. Suddenly like a fortress-on-wheels comes to the road from an intersection on the right. Then a war-truck bursts from the left and the crew of both vehicles notice me. I run to these concrete barriers laid next to the road and take cover behind them. I "save" the "game" multiple times, because I'm in such a tight spot. The fortress-looking vehicle leaves the area, but I'm not going to go against the truck so I sneak to a facility building nearby. I drop 2-5 more bandits there with my gun. I enter the building and the inside is gloomy, rusty and dimly lit. There are 5 to 10 bandits on the other side behind the middle section and I see one walking towards my location. I save the game again somehow, just to be sure. I shoot. I miss the crucial first shots and the bandit notices me.

      We're on a large and empty parking lot with random people. I'm about to enter a bus and I ask a 50-year old bald driver if I could put my luggage into this small opening on the side of the bus. I try to fit it in, but it won't fit, so the driver tells me I can take it with me to the bus. There are mane youngsters my age inside. I sit down and we keeping switching seats a few times with the others for some reason, before I sit down for good. A fluffy haired, tanned girl behind me starts chatting with me and I turn around on my seat to look at her direction. She asks questions about my sexuality and about my sexual experiences, but I won't tell her. She is obviously attracted to me and my personality. She looks directly into my eyes and asks : " How much would it costs for you to give me a warm kiss?" I tell her : " I wouldn't sell it." The dream is absolutely life like and we look at each others eyes for few seconds. We then leave the bus and we're in a semi-Asian themed store-market- vendor street. There's now a rope on our waist and we walk in a line while being guided by someone around the place. Now I lead the line, but the theme of the dream changes.

      I get surrounded by eight hooded and caped people with swords. I also have a sword in both of my hands. They charge me all at the same time and a quick sword fight begins. I redirect all of the incoming swings, two swords against eight. I'm a sword master. I then drop the swords and use only my fists and I somehow win the battle. I become lucid. I look at my right wrist and there's a bracelet on it. I raise my hand to take a closer look at it. It's made out of gold and it has hundreds of small, red and green crystals on it that are glimmering in the light. I think it's from ancient Egypt. I take a good look at the bracelet before moving on and creating a door. I enter it and I appear into a sandy landscape. There's an enormous, 20-meter tall green scorpion-spider creature walking towards me over a large object. Someone or something is riding on top of it.

      The dream hops me close to highway at the lower side of our city. I take flight and glide over the traffic onto the other side of the road and I then land down again. I look up and there's power lines on the right. Without hesitation and doubt I go and extend my right arm towards them and it stretches and stretches to about twenty meters high. I go and grab the power line. I feel nothing, but I see blue and white electricity moving down on my arm and it hits my body. The energy makes me levitate and it is making my body buzz gently. I then let go and take flight again to a nearby small hill. My arm has instantly returned to it's usual length. As I land I think of something else to extend my arms towards. I look up to the sky and I separate the clouds by aiming my hands towards them and then stretching them apart. There's still a thin layer of clouds behind the bigger puffy clouds so I repeat the telekinesis. I can see the Moon and wait... there's another planet there as well it's ... it's Earth. And just like that I'm in space. I'm surprised but I don't think more of what the dream decided to do with it's self, and I start flying towards the Moon. I get there in ten seconds, and as I fly above the surface I see that the scenery feels a bit fake. Like a landscape out of a game with good graphics. I also can't take " a grip" of anything I see, as if the scenery was trying to evade my gaze.

      I appear on top of an autumn forest near a small town and I see a river flowing through the forest. I get dropped from the air and I land on a pile of brown and soft leaves. I look behind me and there's the girl from the bus, smiling at me, on another pile of leaves. I ignore her and as she tries to follow me I vaporize her into the air with a swing of my arm. I appear into the middle of four apartment buildings. I remember. Battles! Suddenly a 3-meter long,black, worm-looking snake creature slithers in front of me. No, I'm not going to be fighting against something like that. As I'm getting more aware of my purpose why I'm there in the first place ( battles ), the sky begins to turn red and black. I then remember my idea of creating an empty room made out of titanium or steel where I could prepare for dream battles. I look behind me and there's an yellow wooden door. No, it needs to be red and have steel edges. I turn around again there's a light-red colored steel door. I enter and I almost succeed, I see the dream constructing the room in front of my eyes, but it turns into some empty office space on the edge of a city block.

      I then begin to try and change the room into that which I wanted. I use telekinesis to bring the walls closer and I vaporize almost all of the items laying around. I say : " Concrete ( meant to say steel ), endless concrete." I feel the walls extending behind the walls and gaining weight. It's working a little. A black man comes to me and begins to complain about the changes I'm making so I vaporize him in to the air as well. I lose lucidity. A celebrity is driving away two other celebrities out of his home, the same place where I lost lucidity. The other two have been living there for some time and have no other place to go so he decides to give them farewell gifts. James McAVoy, one of the two other celebrities says sarcastically : " I bet it's a million for both." The man hands them two checks for both. They're all worth 3.5 million. Both of the become teary eyed and happy, but I have a feeling that they're faking it with their acting skills.


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      lucid , task of the month
    9. [INCENEOR] Early LD's - Hill field

      by , 02-12-2016 at 09:57 PM (Mika's Dreams)
      I'm watching TV with my dad and Fellowship of the Ring is playing. The scene with the battle of Dagorlad is happening and the scale of the battle is almost doubled. I'm mesmerized, but my father isn't even paying attention to the movie and hes about to start talking to he's phone. I hesitate and try to stop him, so he could enjoy the experience as well. I shush him to be quiet. Suddenly the elf army transforms and the troops look like stick figures out of some early 2000's video game. The orc army loses over 90% of it's mass as well. I'm left with an extremely poor movie experience. The dream moves on and my father looks at my computer screen. There's an mmorpg game that I used to play on the screen. He says something weird as he watches someone farm npcs on this island place. Then out of nowhere Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants pops up onto the screen. I tell my father : " This game has been around for twelve, no, eleven years already." He replies with : " Oh." I then tell him four times that Iv quit the game long ago.

      Kanji's 'Universal Mind' Theory-miemmes.jpg

      I get lucid when I'm sitting on my stairway's steps with some 8-year old boy. He is is sweet and he has blonde hair. I ask him for an atonement ( if that is the right word for "making peace between to people"), because I think he could be a nightmare in a disguise. He smiles at me, I guess he accepted and I smile back. I then say : " Don't move." I look at his black t-shirt that has some cool pattern on it, and I try to remember it so if I'd want I could draw it later to my dream journal. Can't remember it anymore, but it was white and complex. The dream hops me into our house's "basement" that doesn't really exist. It's about two and a half meters under the surface I'd say. I'm accompanied by two to three other guys that seem to be in their early 20's, and then there's the little boy too. I get an idea what to do with the lucid, and I start to prepare for a full blown Eldar war. There's a red door on the wall of the basement. I tell everyone to think about a battle field and war behind it. They do as I tell them and I open the door. A black sky and dark field opens in front of me, there's battalions of Eldar warriors marching everywhere. We then decide not to enter this scenery, huh. I'm confused. I remember "bringing my vision from the back of my head into my eyes like in real life." Every time I do this the dream's quality enhances. We're back in the basement I guess and I open another door, now from the top of some stairway. I enter into a sunny world with a blue sky and fresh air. The warmness of the sun hits my skin and I can see an yellow field down the hill. I have left a cabin I see, down the stairs there's still the basement and the other guys. I look to the distance and there's no ending to an evergreen forest. I tell the other not to look, because the sight is too beautiful. We could forget our battle plans. They come up anyways, and we just stand there staring at the landscape.

      With the war and fighting still in my mind I notice the earth trembling beneath my feet.
      I look behind the small cabin and there's an 80 meter tall evil robot running towards our hill through the woods. It looks like a garbage truck mega transformer of some kind. I'm the dreamer and I instantly accept the challenge. I can feel my body gaining height and in under a few seconds I'm 80 meters tall as well. I try to make myself Striker Eureka from the Pacific Rim movie. I somehow succeed, but I can't see my robot body. I run towards the other robot and we clash above the trees' tops. I jump to the robot's side and take a grab of a giant rusty tire on it's back. I rip it off with force. At least I feel like an 80 meter battle mecha if I'm not one. The battle is over almost as fast as it began and I'm back to my normal size. I decide to take flight. I point my hands forward in the air and I fly over the trees. As I make my hands into fists I gain extreme speed, like from 70km an hour to 700km an hour, and over. I see some ancient giant pillars in the distance and there's a desert as well. Because I'm so fast I'm there in ten seconds. I then want some to fly with me, but I fail to make anyone appear beside me.

      I'm at a city's center somewhere. I take off and fly to one of the nearby roofs. I land and I see that it's a luxury house's large terrace, I can somehow sense that it has been used by celebrities. A couple of dream characters have appeared next to me and I try to have some k-18 with them. They're not the type of people I want to do it with so I try to make more appealing ones appear. I turn to look away and then look back and there's different kinds of dream characters every time I do so. None of them pleases my eye, maybe I'm too picky. I give up after a while and drop myself to the lower terrace. I decide to give it one more shot... and hello beautiful. But the dream character then drops to the floor suddenly as I try to approach it. Only a puddle remains.


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    10. [INCENEOR][4 WILDS] Early LD's - Demons

      by , 02-11-2016 at 08:37 PM (Mika's Dreams)
      A short dream cluster. There are buildings that supposedly have consciousness and they don't want to get renovated. After this I'm at my local super market and one of the scientists from the movie Pacific Rim falls through the roof. As he hits the floor hes legs' bones tear through his skin. He says : " Oh boy", and a couple of seconds later he continues with a loud " Aaaaaaaaahhhh!!"

      My body is starting to get stiff as I'm lying on my bed. With every breath I take I get more and more paralyzed and "heavier" in some sense. I'm calm. It feels like there's millions of electrified small particles shooting around my brain, I find this funny. I'm in the darkness and I open my eyes, I'm in my room and it's pitch black. A force lifts me from my bed and it moves my paralyzed body towards the wall and then through it. It takes me to a room under our house and there's some random switchboard that operates the piping system. The dream gets life like, but I lose my lucidity. I'm walking on the street of some middle-class houses. My sister's children come to me and there's dogs chasing them. They get to me and the dogs as well, they're desperate for attention and I'm willing to give it to them. The dogs practically jump on me and they force me to pet them, ok ok! I'm under a mountain of fur. Then an orange kitten jumps right in front of my face and looks me into my eyes. Huh? I pet it as well. The dream changes and I'm standing on this mound with the boys in the middle of a small swamp. The older one of the two decides to jump on another mound, but I pull him back right away and he's nose starts to bleed. He just laughs. The ground is all green, blue and wet.

      I'm in my bed again and I stop all movement. After a short while I once again start to drift into the darkness, this time without the particle bombardment. I'm taken directly into the dream scene and I find myself running with a friend of mine on a sunny beach. We run along the side of the waves that wash ashore. Two other friends of mine come towards us and as we get to them, we all decide to continue the running together. We stop after a while and what I thought was an ocean has now turned into a lake. All three of my friends go in to the water and I join them after a few seconds of pondering around. The water reaches our hips and we're bare foot. Some other teenagers with motorcycles come to us and the dream gets hazy. Can't recall the end.

      In bed again. Another transition similar to the previous ones, now I'm almost immediately taken to the dream. I'm in my room once again and it's dark. I stand up and instead of trying to switch the lights on from the switch I rub my hand to the wall. I do it as an stabilization, usually when I'm grounding myself to the dream world the dream also becomes more bright. I then open my door and enter our dimly lit kitchen. Know you must be told that I'm at a phase where I'm literally hating my brother's and father's dream characters. They're trying to follow me around continuously when I get lucid and they always make me really frustrated. I see my brother in the kitchen, but he seems a bit different than he really is. I guess hes just another dream character that wants attention or something. I tell him with pointing my finger on the floor : " And you stay here." There's now a white line on the floor. As I'm walking to our hallway so I could teleport through our main door, my brother comes to tickle me. I turn around and say :" Seriously, I will obliterate you." I point my hand at him and spell some weird ancient words so I could make a beam of laser to come out of my hand and melt him down. He's shirt disappears. *sigh* I start to concentrate and remember what Hyu from here Dreamviews did. I completely ignore him and proceed to the door.*Tickle attack!* RRrraaarrgghhhh!! I wake up...

      i have been tryen to lucid dream for foreverrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!-dwdwdwdw.jpg

      I can't remember how the transition happened but I'm in a dream scene where I'm driving bikes with a friend of mine. We're going up a hill towards my home and my old elementary school. I tell him : " I gotta go." I'm now at the front square of my elementary school and as I look towards our local police department I notice the dream is a little bit blurry. I go lying on the ground and I rub my hands together while concentrating on the details of the ground. I get back up again and the dream is absolutely life like. I say to myself : " I don't even have a body..." I'm pure consciousness. From a sudden impulse I point my hand at the clear blue sky and a beam of light tears the sky open. The world becomes orange colored and the sky gets a red tone to it. From the beam of light emerges winged demons that are descending to our realm. I have called them, I imagine them as my nightmares ( but they're not really). I'm going to make them my allies. But before I'm able to do that I'm taken into darkness. I can't see anything, but then out of the void comes the Devil himself and everything becomes flames. The three meter tall infinite being with it's red horns walks in front of me. The being is red skinned and wearing black leather. I'm a little suspicious if "hes" the real deal. I again realize that I'm pure consciousness and another impulse happens. I swiftly take a hold of the being's throat with a single hand and start to choke it. My hand is not mine anymore. It's red and demon-like. I'm wearing an armor made of material that is not from this earth. I'm a prince of the underworld, now equal and greater against the greatest evil in existence. Total dominance. I lose lucidity. I hit the being with my fists and soon two other beings rush towards me. I hit them as well.


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    11. [INCENEOR] Early LD's - Loss

      by , 02-09-2016 at 06:10 PM (Mika's Dreams)
      The dream starts with me reading a novel. Suddenly I'm inside the novel and I'm "playing" the story line as if it was a console game. I'm flying a wing-machine besides a big airplane that has an air conditioning hatch on it's side. I jump out and go stand on top of the airplane near the hatch. I press the "B" - on my invisible xbox controller that is "behind the screen of the dream in another dream where I'm "playing" the novel." I get inside the plane through the hatch. The cargo-bin and cockpit are in the same space and the main villain is there, but he is already beaten by other good guys of the novel. We give the novel to him so he could read the last pages and learn the plot twist about himself. As he has read the part one us shoots him instantly. The dream ends with us arriving to an airport.

      Very long and vivid dream. I'm with my brother and some random forty-year old man. We're buying weapons in a house that looks like it was taken directly from the Godfather movie. There's a counter and a man behind it, he's the one selling the weapons. There's a boss of a mafia buying weapons at the same time as we are. He is far more richer than us. I try to irritate him while the weapons dealer stacks huge amounts of guns to him. We want those guns from him, and just then the dealer goes through the back door to check something. The mafia boss takes one of the guns and loads it, I say : " I bet that you want to kill me." He looks at me like I'm an idiot. All of a sudden the forty-year old man shoots the mafia boss. What the. Now we have to act quick! We are desperate. We're trying to quickly carry the mafia bosses body away from the room and I'm starting to dress into he's clothes. So I could pretend to be him. Agh! I drop the idea and go and try to stall the dealer from entering the room. The dream hops and I'm at my cousin's apartment. I ask her : " Which is more effective, a landmine or a grenade?" I then go into the kitchen and open the dishwasher. I pick up a coffee mug and I'm about to eat it when my cousin looks at me confused. I tell her : " I have eaten these before." I didn't get to eat it, I'm returning to the dealer's room but I end up in a medical center - looking area.

      As I arrive there I leave the nearby ruins so the characters from the last dream won't come and shoot me. Some random gangster also threatened me briefly. I go to a well and take soap from a soap bottle into my hands. I'm starting to apply it to my hair and my hands when the scenery changes. I'm at the corner of some camping area and I see my brother, sister and mother briefly, but they soon disappear. There are others and they're spread around the camp. I see some brown haired boy and he seems nice. He looks at me and I smile. I'm now suddenly waxing a blue motorcycle. The boy I saw earlier is coming to me and I think that I could try to take make friends with him. Actually I think he want's to make friends with me as well. I'm not sure what I should say when he'd get to me. Then some older friends of mine suddenly pop in front of me and the boy goes to hide behind a wall. They ask : "How's it going?" I reply : " I'm fine." Other teenagers join us and we begin to sit down in a circle. The boy also comes to join from behind the wall. I have vibes that he's kinda like me, we could be good friends if we had the chance to get to know each other. I take of my fleece jacket and I sit near the boy. Others presume I'm the "leader" of the group and I hesitate, I don't know what to say. So I ask : " What kinda grades do you guys get at school?" Numbers are told, I brush my hair with my hand. I then leave the circle and I appear at my old junior high-school. My sister's dog is there too and I'm playing with it. It gets loose, oh no. The dog runs through the doors of the hallways and then outside, I try to call it back by hissing and calling it's name. My sister sees what I have done and says : " This better be the last time." I go back to the hallway and start to apply gel into my hair. I see my brother, hes... hes stalking me! He suspects something. I shoo him away and I notice that he has set up an camera recorder on to the floor. It's pointed at me.

      But then I'm already hopped into another scene by the dream. I'm now in the canteen of the same school. The classrooms' places have switched and the canteen is a bit bigger than it really is. There are students discussing their grades. Some have gotten A+:ses and some LNAD:s, that means an F. At least that is what the dream says. A young long haired kid enters the canteen from the back aisle, he's holding a gun. He's about to shoot but he doesn't know how to use the weapon so I quickly run up to him and take a hold of his arms. I try to point the gun away from everyone and myself. He shoots. He hits someone's thumb. He shoots more. I don't know where the bullets go. I disarm him and run away from the front aisle towards the front doors. I freeze. I see a teenager lying on the lobby's floor. I break to tears. He's the boy from the camping site and he's been shot. He's dead. There's a girl lying next to him, she's dead too. They turn into glowing stick figure-looking beings as I pick them up into my arms. I start to carry them outside and as I get through the front doors I'm no longer carrying the girl, only the boy I wanted to be friends with.

      Fainting...what does it mean?-silverhandpin_1_large.jpg

      I realize it's a dream, but I don't care, I'm still devastated. I say to myself : " ... this is a dream."It's a bright day outside and the dream is life like. I turn to look to the basket ball court and there's a gladiator made out of pure silver looking at me. He's wearing green warrior robes and he looks very powerful. He asks me about my promise, that I'd challenge him into a duel for fun. ( I never really had any promise like this). The silver being I'm looking at seems very wise, so I ask him for help. He walks to me. There has appeared a giant silver hand statue in to the middle of the front square. The hand is opened towards the sky. The gladiator being takes the boy from my arms and places him onto the palm of the hand. He stands up on the palm in front of the boy and raises his hands into the air. I ask if he could sing a memorial song in the boy's honor. I say : " Music..."and a soothing melody starts to play. I can't remember how the lyrics go but the song is very touching. The gladiator sings about heaven as he is looking up the skies. A beam of light hits the statue where the boy is lying on and where the gladiator is standing on. An angel of pure light appears from the light and takes the boy into her arms and rises up into the heavens... I lose focus, but another dream starts.

      I fly a black small airplane thing and I fly past the hand statue. I think it symbolizes knowledge and the pursing of it. Everyone has disappeared. I have machine guns in both of my hands and I'm shooting everything I see. I get to a stadium and land in to the field. There are small shops and children with their parents. I take off and fly back to my junior high-school. Now the statue has disappeared too. I then suddenly get transformed into an anime character and some weird Japanese k-18 action starts to happen, but it's too weird to be posted here. And FINALLY the dream ends and I wake up.

      Another dream begins as I fall asleep, and it's a lucid one. I'm in our stairway. I start to run towards the stairway's windows and I jump. I glide through them effortlessly into a dark and snowy dream world. I fly calmly and it's quite warm. Everyone is asleep. I put my fists in front of me like Superman and I gain a little bit of speed, but I want to go slowly for now. I think to myself that this might be what O.B.E is like. I fly above my neighborhood with no hurry. I go to this science center place near my city's train-station. There a river running close by so I go and glide above the frozen surface of it. The stars reflect from it. I glide and glide for good two kilometers at least, but the time it takes is quite short, near thirty seconds. I rise up to the roof of this tall hotel besides the main highway. I realize I'm in a good spot and say : " I could go to the Everest now." I begin to recognize giant mountains in the distance and I take off. Snap of fingers, it's day time now. Some tubes appear into the air in front of me and as I go through them I gain huge amounts of speed. Okay this is enough, some semi lucidity from now on I'm getting tired of writing this journal entry. There might be some typos, sorry about those.


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    12. [ZADMOS][WILD] Early LD's - Yellow doors

      by , 02-06-2016 at 06:58 PM (Mika's Dreams)
      A slow transition in the darkness. I find myself in a dark apartment and I'm moving in the air towards a bathroom door against my will. The Grudge appears ( Shes been present quite often when I'm either paralyzed or in the phase of entering a dream.) For a second I'm startled but I calm down immediately, because seeing her is a good sign and she has even helped me to become lucid a few times. I see that she is still the embodiment of my fear of the situation. So I do what it takes to calm my subconsciousness down, and I kiss her. She turn 20ish. We kiss for a few seconds and then she says :" I will always be in the shower." She probably means that I will always be scared for a brief moment when becoming aware of the transition phase, which is only natural I guess. I reply : " I know." The dream becomes bright and it's day time. My father enters our apartment and I leave to the stairway. My father insists that he'd come with me to my adventure, no way. I try to push the door close with physical strength as he tries to join me, and finally succeed. I always fear that either my father or brother keep following in my lucids, I want to have my adventures alone. So I'm now in my stairway thinking of what to do next now that I got rid of my follower. I first start with stabilizing the dream by touching the surfaces and doing the nose reality check. Everything is life like now, good. I begin thinking a door that would appear behind my back, and as I turn around there's a yellow wooden door standing still in the middle of the corridor. I prepare to fulfill one of my main goals, to get to my own dream house to a beautiful tropical island with a beach and all things that make up a paradise. I say clearly and loud :" Cubiculum." That's what I named it, it means "a room" but what ever I like how it sounds. "This is what Iv been waiting for."I say to myself. I'm perfectly anchored into lucidity and the dream is stabilized. I think of a beach and enter, without intention...

      I appear into a gloomy and stale beach. There are coniferous trees further into the island and a boring field, and then there's what is supposed to be my perfect Cubiculum house. But it's just off, it's like a recently abandoned cabin. I try to make it bigger at least by turning my face down and then looking back up again. I do this twice, and both times the cabin just grows smaller. I laugh. Suddenly there are tourists arriving into the area. I look up to the forested hill next to the cabin and briefly think of some forest creature war I could have to compensate my failure. I drop the idea and create another yellow door to behind my back. I decide I'll go sit to the Lincoln Statue that Iv seen frequently in movies. I again forget to exploit intention. But I make it this time, I open the door and I'm here, at the Statue. The hall is quite big and somewhat beautiful. There are three openings, front, left and right. There is no roof however. I let Lincoln sit in peace and so I sit down as well to the highest step by the front opening. I'm not in Washington ( if that is where the statue is supposed to be located I dont know.) but at the end of some sand road. The view is simple but extremely sharp, I guess it's more realistic than reality. The statue was normal in the beginning, but now that I go look at it again it's head is halfway merged into the rest of the statue. I go sit to the steps again. I say to the dream : " You have five seconds to introduce me an interesting character."Nothing happens, there are only bats flying on the orange colored sky. I'm starting to go back to the statue when I see a figure nearby on the street. I run up to it. It's a woman, but she's a bit... disturbing. She's overweight and dressed in a black robe. She has her teeth tightly pressed against her lower lip and she doesn't speak. She looks straight into my eyes, as if she had no soul. I see that she also has eyelashes on her elbows and on the tips of her fingers. I feel disturbed enough so I swing my hand at her and she disappears.

      The dream turns into a setting of what seems to be like Half-life 2. The street's of City 17 I'd think. It's night time now. I see a dementor from the Harry Potter universe approaching me and I shout : " Expecto, patronum!" at it with my hand pointed forward. A great mist of light consumes the dementor. I lose a little bit of lucidity. I then proceed to fly around, killing more dementors with the same spell around the street. I see Harry and his friends and I tell them to go do something nice instead of being out here on the street. I once again create a door and it's yellow. (My lucidity goes up and down from now on.) I go through it and I'm in a hallway made out of metal-looking material. It's pretty future like. I decide to "go with the flow" and see what the dream does. There are people and semi humanoid-looking people walking around. The doors of the hallway open by themselves when people walk towards them. I'm accompanied by some people and they begin to lead me somewhere. I can hear some Eurovision music playing nearby. After walking for ten seconds we're suddenly at the back stage of a big warehouse and there's some 10,000 people cheering for a band that is playing on the stage.
      A sudden impulse leads me to go to the stage and sing along with the band in front of the huge audience. I know the lyrics by heart but I don't really know what I'm saying. I suddenly sounds like a real singer. I go and fly over the audience but they soon disappear and I fly to the wall and into the darkness.

      I'm eating at my high-school with my friends when some boy comes and sits besides me. I suddenly have a WILD "within the dream" and first I reluctantly rise in tothe air and towards the light, but then completely surrender myself. I try to reach for the light, it's so amazing. I can see some red text and I try to read it without success.


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    13. [ZADMOS] Early LD's - Jannis's banana

      by , 02-04-2016 at 05:57 PM (Mika's Dreams)
      I go into a player's room in Habbo Hotel, I'm seeing the pixel world as you would normally. There are many roundish pets strolling around the room and I "scratch" three of them once. The owner is present at least, I don't know if there's any other players here besides him. I came to ask for free stuff and as I ask if there is any I add many " xD":s into the question. I feel so stupid because of doing that. The owner replies something and he also adds many "xD":s into his answer. The dream ends and another begins where I'm spectating a Finnish Tv-star Riku Rantala ( Madventures ) on Russia. He plans to prank two Russian police men, and explains what he is going to do. He will pretend to be taking his p***s out of his pants to urinate. He says to the "camera" : " I'm going to run away from them... by standing still." Riku then walks towards them on the street. He starts to open his pants and the police men start to walk quickly towards him. They say to their radios :" P***s out, p***s out." I laugh in the dream. As they get to him Riku then tries to shake their hands and says confidently : "It's okay, I'm from Finland." The police men tackle him to the ground onto the snowy pavement. I laugh even harder. Riku acted like one of the Dudesons. I suddenly appear back in the Habbo room I was in before and now everyone is gone and all the stuff has disappeared. I scroll the chat upwards to see what has happened. Some twenty year-old habbo with a wild hairstyle has said that heterosexuals are boring and then has added all the people in the room to his friends list including me. He has invited everyone to his place then I think.

      In the dream I'm laying on our living room's sofa under a lamp's light that is on a bed-side table near me. My father and brother are nearby. I tell them to be quiet, I'm about to fall asleep and I don't want to to be disturbed. My eyes begin to close and my body start to go numb , but then my brother gives a laugh. Now I'm smiling too, argh. I then fall a sleep as from a snap of fingers and I'm levitating towards our toilet while paralyzed. I turn my head and see a grey figure at my room's door, my pulse raises to the sky. It sprints to me, but I'm not scared. The figure's face starts to change and it get's two-dimensional. It bubbles : " Mun mun mun mun mun."

      I think I dive straight back into a dream. I find myself aboard a luxury yacht on what seems a beautiful Caribbean sea. It's a sunny day and the sky is blue and clear. I look at the shore and there's a fancy vacation paradise-hotel setting. I feel the sun's warmth on my skin. The dream world feels a bit... roundish I suppose. The yacht has a parquet floor. I walk to the far back of the boat and I then have a quick idea of some k-18 action when a figure starts to come towards me. The figure can't do what I had in mind so I leave that scenario behind and move on. I have appeared at the paradise's beach and I want to go into the ocean. As I'm going towards the waves that are slowly floating ashore my friends and brother shout to me not to go, I might drown because I can't swim. The water is also dirty suddenly. I raise my hand and create a hardened sand pathway into the water, like Toph at Lake Laogai in the AtLA-series. I also kinda want to walk on water like Jesus. I go and walk on my pathway and I see my brother is following me. He then falls and is engulfed in a membrane in the water. I use telekinesis to lift him out, even though my brother is kinda annoying because he keeps following me, I still don't want him to get harmed. I go to a Tiki bar fully lucid. I say out loud to the dream : " Now subconsciousness, show me something funny." A second passes and a madman with a spray-can and a lighter comes in. He tries to burn people including me, but I use my also fiery hand to take a grab of his weapon and destroy it. I don't see how that was funny, huh.

      I remember an "inside task" ( the inside joke started at fourth grade ) and I say :" Okay, now the Jannis thing." A door opens behind me and I see Jannis, the kinda weird kid from our elementary class opening the door. He peaks out and I ask : " Do you want Jannis's banana?"( My brother and his friend had really gone to Jannis's door and asked him this question while offering him a banana. Elementary school jokes are weird I know ) "Or do you have Jannis's banana?" I ask him. He squashes a banana into my hand and goes back to his computer to play video games. It's his room, but different than it really was. I also enter and there's a lot of video game toys and game covers. I look into the space between the shelves and I think at that moment he threw me out. I'm back at the Tiki bar. I say :" A door to a train station." A door emerges and I go through it. I get to my home city's train station and everything is life like.
      Too bad I'm starting to lose lucidity at this point. A cool big silvery train comes and stops. There are flat rollers inside on the floor and double seats on top. I look if I could go sit next to the operator's seat, but I then go sit to all the way back. Then something mildly lucid about my brother being a blue monkey humanoid but I'm not going to delve into that.


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    14. [ZADMOS] Early LD's - Asking DC a question

      by , 02-03-2016 at 06:21 PM (Mika's Dreams)
      I feel exhausted in the dream and I go to the shower to sleep since my bed and dream journal is there. The space is larger than usual and there's a window in the roof. It's another day already, I won't be able to sleep. My brother didn't like my decision to sleep in the shower room because then he had to sleep in my room for some reason. He has left three notes with threats, I'm not that intimidated. He has a bad handwriting and I feel sympathetic towards him. I'm able to read the threat from start to finish which is odd, usually all texts are kinda blurry. He tries to ask money from me then but I won't agree to give it to him. He looks to the first pages of my dream journal without my permission. The dream changes and I'm now in a grocery store with my family. I think we're candy shopping, for candy. My dad starts to talk to some man and then the dream hops us back into our apartment. My dad tells us hes sick with a bad disease. I ask for the name of the disease, but he won't tell me. I think he is lying that hes sick. I then try to sleep at my bed.

      A force is lifting me from my bed in to the air and I realize the situation right away. My room is dark and I can see that The Grudge is standing where my trash bin usually is. I'm surprised to see her trying to help me instead of being just a regular nightmare. She uses some kind of a telekinesis ability to make me spin in the air, loosening the dark force's grab of me. She also says something weird along the lines : " You're my boyfriend and you will get a girlfriend."I don't like what she just said. She then show a quote from here, Dreamviews, that states :" You can get lucid, believe." I put my hands in the air to my sides and I stop the spinning with my intention. I'm not afraid of the Grudge even for a second. She helped me. I begin spinning again but I'm dropped to a warehouse floor by the dream. With telekinesis I push everything around me away from me and into the walls. I go into a nearby staircase where I see the Grudge for the last time in the dream. I give her a high-five and we both smile, we made it. I made it! I go outside and see an intersection of four roads. It's a brightly lit small city center. The dream seems a bit disoriented, at least the scenery seems. I rise to the air and fly for a minute or so, the next thing is that I'm in a grocery store. I go and walk past the counter and the cashier lady. We laugh at something with a fat man. I'm in a mall. A lively 30-year old woman walks towards me and I ask her to sit down with me. We sit on one of the benches.

      I remember my task, maybe one from DV or my own. I whisper to her : " What are you grateful for?" and I put as much emotion into the question as possible. She starts to cry a little and she answers ( the answer doesn't quite match the question ): " Never love anyone as much as you love yourself, because when you do, love for yourself grows lesser." For some reason I feel I'm in a movie similar to Good Will Hunting because of what she said. When she answers there is Ludovico Einaudi's music playing on the background for a while. Her message seems important. I stand up and once again take off to the air. I'm suddenly at a door with my brother. I mentally prepare myself for a great battle, one that is to be set in the ancient Middle-Earth. I tell my brother : " It can be quite scary then." I know it might just be the craziest lucid experience I'll ever have if I get it right. I open the door into dark grass plains. There are some elvish soldiers here and there, a small army. My brother says: " This isn't even good." I agree, a total failure! The quality of the scenario is really bad. The forces run down into a lit enemy cave. There are a few horsemen too here and there. It feels like I'm in a B-tier video game. The last thing I remember is being behind yet another grocery store.


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    15. [ZADMOS] Early LD's - Battle suit

      by , 02-03-2016 at 03:47 PM (Mika's Dreams)
      I'm on a corridor at a grocery store and I'm walking faster than usually. I run faster because there are aggressive insects of all sorts coming from every direction. As I walk I think of some empty aquariums I saw earlier. After a minute or so zombies also start to appear from all around. I look at my shirt and something is growing on it, like spots that are duplicating. The dream changes and now it's 1am and we're at our city's main street. I'm accompanied by my brother, my old friends from elementary school and by a few new faces. It's really late compared to my usual sleep rhythm and I should go home and sleep, but I don't want to. I suggest we go get some pizza. Everyone agrees. I'm having the idea in mind that we will slice the pizzas, no way I'm eating a whole one. I also think it would be cool to go and see a movie at out local cinema that is almost always empty. We have some collectible items with us. I feel great, it's a late summer night, I'm with friends and there's not a single soul on sight besides us.

      I start suspecting there's something going on as I'm in the dark in my room. I try and push my hand through the wall behind my bed without looking at it's direction and nothing stops the movement. " Ok I'm definitely dreaming."I open my window and carefully glide in the air towards the night sky. It's a bit cold. The dream changes and I'm sitting at our living room's sofa with my sister's children. They're eight and six years old, both boys. My sister is somewhere at the house and others are too. Suddenly, I notice something odd going on with the 8-year old. He has tummy on both sides of his body. I look at him perplexed and say : " Well this is weird." He replies: "Yes it is." He goes to show it his mother. Suddenly a random man wearing only a t-shirt comes from the other side of the apartment to me. He bends over and says : " Will you stick it in?" "What!? I will most definitely not!"

      I'm realizing it's a dream but I don't quite "get it" yet. I float to the air and I'm gliding eight meters above the ground. The landscape is much different than usually, all the building I know have changed. I wonder where my high-school is, there's only a blue walled square building where it used to be. I see a few other people floating around, I guess they're other lucid dreamers ( I'm definitely semi-lucid). They start to follow me. Suddenly they change into anime-looking characters and they drag me down and pinch me to the ground. They stick a wide and black spear into my chest. I see a glimpse of a blue man's face who's just standing there and accepting what's happening. I appear to the other side of train tracks that go past the area where my high-school is. Some machines start appearing and I realize that they are bombs. I start beating their metal surfaces with my fists to break them so I won't get blown up. They keep appearing more and more so I take off to the sky and suddenly I'm more aware. ( This has happened a couple of times, flying straight upwards has lead me to gain more awareness.) I go back down and slide in the air near some building's rooftops and then I take off to the clouds above. As I'm near the clouds I decide to roll over so that the clouds are actually beneath me and the ground above me. Then I boost straight upwards and go all the way to the outer atmosphere. There's darkness ahead so I turn back and look down to Earth. The quality foggy so I dive back down, and try to head to New York City. I get closer and closer and houses start to appear the way they do in Google Earth. They get 3D.

      I'm suddenly teleported to the surface and everything is life like, which is really nice. I feel like I'm a good spot now. I'm on a street of a quiet middle-class neighborhood. I begin stabilizing by rubbing my hands fiercely together while looking at the details of a nearby store. The quality of the dream gets a bit better, though it was really good already. I think about transforming. So I rise my hands and stand like Jesus on the cross at the middle of the street with my eyes looking up. I'm not thinking of anything particular what to transform into. I actually just want an armor, like that of Iron man's. I feel movement on my other hand and I look at it. A green titanium battle suit is completely covering it. It's made for combat. It has an "army" vibe into it, like it was made by humans in the far future. I manage to create a gun that matches the essence that of the battle suit's. The suit covers now all of my body, not only just my hand. I begin to walk the street searching for a mirror so I could look at myself. I find one at the front of one of the houses. I look at it and I look bad ass. I miss a helmet. I close my eyes and try to focus on it appearing to my head. I feel a tingling sensation on the back of my neck and titanium begins to engulf my head. It's nearly complete, but I wake up.


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