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    Opened My Chakras For The First Time In My Life [5-8-2012]

    by , 04-29-2012 at 02:05 PM (994 Views)
    Red = Not a dream.

    So, I opened all seven of my Chakras today. After opening the Root and Sacral Chakras, I began working on the Naval Chakra. During this meditation, I actually saw an image of a child who looked to be about 4-6 years of age. He was sitting in a meditative position and he had an aura around him that looked like flames.

    A Black Hand Woke Me Up [5-8-2012]

    So, I had a really hard time sleeping last night. I don't think I actually dozed off til' almost 6 A.M. But a little before that, I began hearing a low beep that sounded like Morse Code. When I fell asleep, I dreamt I was riding on a highway with somebody I guess. And there was this really long 18-wheeler parked on the side of the road. And the top and sides of the trailer on the back of it were wide open--like they folded outward and down. And I don't remember what I saw or what it was doing. It had some kind of strange contraption inside that trailer. Then the trailer closed back up and the 18-wheeler began to pull off. It was pulling an unusually long trailer. We lost it after it stopped at a red light along with other traffic. A guy who was with me was saying something like "I wonder how that thing makes turns."

    Then something happened. As we're riding along this highway, some guys in cars and a helicopter started to tail us. There was a woman hanging from the helicopter and she was some kind of Ninja or something. I was standing up on top of the vehicle and me and her were going at it because the helicopter was right on top of us. There's a lot more to this dream but I just can't remember. When the fighting began to get good, something strange woke me up. Before I opened my eyes, it felt like somebody was knocking on my forehead with the knuckles of their closed fist but there was no pain whatsoever, I just felt the impact which wasn't really an impact at all. It was more like I was flinching from a psychological impact.

    I flinched three or four times before opening my eyes to catch a darker than black hand attached to a darker than black arm pull itself from my forehead and into the wall which was right up against my head. It had woken me up at 6:47 A.M. What was that?....

    I think whatever it was got me back for staying awake all night, lol. To tell you the truth, I was having a hard time sleeping because I was afraid of seeing that semi-transparent E.T. again. Wonder if that's got anything to do with it. Once again, I didn't feel anything aggressive or evil about it. I think it woke me up in that manner as if to say "Hey, wake up. We're done. You're fine."

    I Know I Saw A Being In My Room! [5-7-2012]

    My experiences just keep getting weirder and weirder!

    I had several dreams this morning, then I saw a semi-transparent E.T. in my room.

    I had a dream where my sister wanted to borrow my PS2 memory card because it had her data on it. She was going to take it to our cousin's place. I told her she could take the card.

    Back to sleep. I dreamt that my sister and one of my brothers were outside of some unknown place. I looked up at the sky and saw a strange cloud formation that seemed to be moving of its own free will. The more I stared at this cloud the more it began to look like a UFO in the shape of a manta ray but it still looked like clouds. I began yelling at my sis and bro! "Hey! Take pictures of that cloud!" Then it flew right above us and a bright orb shot out of it and flew off in another direction. Then the craft started going in circles around us as I began to reach for my cell phone while keeping my eyes on it. It must have been about four stories up in the air. It really did look like a giant manta ray made of clouds but it was a large UFO. I woke up.

    Back to sleep. I had a fragmented dream where I think I was much younger than I am now. Like maybe 5 or 6. I think a really tall being was hugging me because I had my head up against its leg area but it was covered by a cloak or something. I don't think it had its arms around me. I don't know why but I playfully punched this guy or girl in the leg area and then I heard some guys behind me getting all excited and stuff. They were saying something like "he's got fire in him" or something like that. But they sounded happy. My God! Could this have been the same being I saw in my room this morning!?

    As I laid in bed groggy after just waking up, the strangest thing happened. It felt like somebody gave me something to drink even though I had my mouth shut. I heard myself swallow something as I was laying there but I didn't actually swallow anything. Then I darted up and looked around the room and could have sworn I saw a black apparition dart back into the wall right next to my bed.

    Back to sleep. This dream continued off where the first one ended. How unusual. Now my sis is shoving a laptop in my face and she wants to know if I can put free games on it. I told her that it would probably be best to put SNES games on it and play them via use of a SNES Emulator. Then I woke up.

    I woke up still feeling kind of groggy. It was 8:55 A.M. and my apartment room was totally lit up. I was turning my body around and around in bed trying to get comfortable again and stopped when I flipped back and laid facing the thrash can witch is to the right of the doorway. My eyes became heavy rather quickly and I began blinking as I felt the need to doze off and then I felt something coming directly at me from where the thrash can is located, which is about 3.5-4 yards away from my bedside. I saw this REALLY, REALLY tall E.T. just slowly gliding so smoothly over the floor heading towards my bed. It was semi-transparent but I could see everything! I saw the color of its skin, all its facial features, and what it was wearing as well as the color of its clothing but I didn't get to look at the feet. I blinked! Haha!!!!! But it was still there slowly coming at me! I blinked and blinked and blinked and shot up! It was gone! Wow! After seeing this thing, I immediately jumped out of bed and ran to get my sketch pad and some coloring pencils. I ABSOLUTELY had to draw this thing before the details faded. The only thing I cannot remember is the color of its eyes. These E.T.'s... It would seem they prefer to take you while you're asleep, half asleep, or about to pass out.

    The skin of its face was a fair light green. It didn't look scaly or rugged at all. I didn't see a nose or ears. It's mouth was a slit and I don't remember what color the eyes were but I know that they weren't yellow. I remembered thinking that this guy looked like a Ninja Turtle. And it was wearing a light blue robe, cloak or whatever you call it. It's in the pic. Not sure what was underneath. Also, this guy was easily around 7-and-a-half feet tall. I did not get the impression that this guy was a Reptilian nor did I feel any aggression. It startled me when I saw it coming but I didn't feel afraid at all. I just really hate it when somebody tries to sneak up on me. I think these things are happening in the mornings because I said that "if these experiences are real, then please don't come at night." If they came at night, then a heart attack is most certainly guaranteed...

    Did I Assassinate An Alien In Human Costume? [4-29-2012]

    Back to sleep. I don't remember exactly how this dream started but I know that there were several of us. These guys wouldn't tell me the name of our group because it's supposed to be a secret. Apparently, it was our job to take out 'secret aliens' here on Earth. I don't know what kind nor for what purpose.

    Edit: I just thought about it. I wonder if this was that event the military lady told me about.

    This dream felt quite real and it made even me cringe after it was over. I wasn't me but something else. I don't ever recall actually touching the floor. It was as if I was floating just above the floor and I was holding a large, curved, hook-like blade in my right hand. I was fighting this guy who looked like a monk. He had the bald head and wore the clothing of a monk. We were in a regular sized, fully lit room with a shiny stone floor and stone walls. There were also some ornaments about the place. I am pretty sure we had a heated conversation before the fight broke out.

    He was fighting me with a long wooden pole that didn't have a sharp end to it. It was a blunt weapon. Being a monk, I guess they don't keep real weapons about the place. He was scared shitless and he was fighting for his life. I was only able to observe the fight from the assassin's perspective and I couldn't do anything at all. I was moving around so swiftly and easily, and I knew that this guy wasn't going to let the monk go no matter what he said. After dodging a bit, the assassin raised his right arm which was cloaked in black. I think his hand was paper white but I don't remember the features of it. Maybe he was wearing a white glove.

    He had turned to look at the hook blade in his right hand for a split second, then he immediately dove at the floor head first; hovering just inches above it; heading straight for the monk's feet. Then he swung the hook blade and it went right through both legs as if they weren't there. He had cut the monk's feet off about six inches above the heels. The monk fell down and his feet remained standing but detached from his body. He kept trying to get up only to fall back down again. I cringed at the sight of this because my perspective was the same as the assassin's but this assassin just stood there watching the monk writhing in pain and begging for his life. Then I woke up feeling kinda sick to my stomach.

    The Military Lady [5-5-2012]

    Had another dream this morning about that Military Lady again. This is the third time I believe. I am beginning to think she my Commanding Officer. She was handing me a manual of some kind. I think it was a manual to a UFO. She said "If I can recite what's in this book without reading it, I might impress her." I am not sure if she wanted me to study it and then tell her what's in it or read it via telepathy while she's holding it. I woke up.

    All of theses dreams [5-6-2012] are listed in no particular order.

    A Guy on a Horse / UFO [5-6-2012]

    Me and this guy are out in the middle of nowhere. He's the only one who has a horse. He gets on it and says to me "When they come back (the guys piloting a UFO), tell them I went east." But then as his horse is walking off into the distance, this classic disc shaped UFO suddenly appears up in the sky. And I'm like "Oh! There's the UFO!" And I reached into my left pants pocket to grab my cell phone but I'm starting to feel really funny. Like my body was slowly becoming paralyzed. I took out my cell, held it up, and I think I took a snap shot but I am not really sure. That was when I woke up.

    100x Light Speed Travel / Black Lightning [5-6-2012]

    I'm on a UFO and I'm talking to one of the pilots. I have no idea what the pilot looked like. I think we were discussing how many times faster than speed of light this UFO can travel. I know it was a straight number like 100x. Then my perspective switched to outer space and I saw the UFO zip off. It was as if it ran into an electric filed of black energy because it vanished as a storm of Black Lightning enveloped it.

    Old Rundown House [5-6-2012]

    I came out of a rundown house, walked across the porch, down the steps, turned to my left and left again, and continued walking along side the house. There was a fence that ran along side this house as well. I was on the inside of it and there was an old man sitting in a chair just on the other side of the fence. As I walked by him I said "hi" and he said "hi. good day." When I reached the gate, I began walking somewhere. There was a cemetery not too far from where I was walking and I could hear the cries of the spirits of children. That freaked me out.

    Children [5-6-2012]

    Dreamt I was sitting down in a small room and there were a lot of kids coming into it. They must have been anywhere from maybe 3 to 6. A lot of them sat down on the couch I was sitting on right beside me and others sat on other couches. I am almost certain there was a woman in there with us. Seeing that there wasn't enough seats for the kiddies, I respectfully gave up my seat so that they'd have more sitting space and walked out of the room. I'm still trying to remember what we were talking about.

    Large White Rooms with Laptops [5-6-2012]

    Me and about three other people are in this building or something and it has four large white rooms for us to stay in. Somebody else and I were in a girl's room and she was sitting down at a counter doing stuff on her laptop. I am pretty sure I was going around making sure everyone had internet connections because I was carrying ethernet cables and asking them questions regarding their connections. I remember that I did walk out of this room into the hallway which was also all white and very clean. There I saw a lady (the fourth person) and we had a conversation that I'm still trying to remember. Grr....

    Transformation? [5-6-2012]

    I remember nothing about this dream except for the fact that I know I transformed into some creature.
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