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    1. Opened My Chakras For The First Time In My Life [5-8-2012]

      by , 04-29-2012 at 02:05 PM (Chronicles of the Cosmos)
      Red = Not a dream.

      So, I opened all seven of my Chakras today. After opening the Root and Sacral Chakras, I began working on the Naval Chakra. During this meditation, I actually saw an image of a child who looked to be about 4-6 years of age. He was sitting in a meditative position and he had an aura around him that looked like flames.

      A Black Hand Woke Me Up [5-8-2012]

      So, I had a really hard time sleeping last night. I don't think I actually dozed off til' almost 6 A.M. But a little before that, I began hearing a low beep that sounded like Morse Code. When I fell asleep, I dreamt I was riding on a highway with somebody I guess. And there was this really long 18-wheeler parked on the side of the road. And the top and sides of the trailer on the back of it were wide open--like they folded outward and down. And I don't remember what I saw or what it was doing. It had some kind of strange contraption inside that trailer. Then the trailer closed back up and the 18-wheeler began to pull off. It was pulling an unusually long trailer. We lost it after it stopped at a red light along with other traffic. A guy who was with me was saying something like "I wonder how that thing makes turns."

      Then something happened. As we're riding along this highway, some guys in cars and a helicopter started to tail us. There was a woman hanging from the helicopter and she was some kind of Ninja or something. I was standing up on top of the vehicle and me and her were going at it because the helicopter was right on top of us. There's a lot more to this dream but I just can't remember. When the fighting began to get good, something strange woke me up. Before I opened my eyes, it felt like somebody was knocking on my forehead with the knuckles of their closed fist but there was no pain whatsoever, I just felt the impact which wasn't really an impact at all. It was more like I was flinching from a psychological impact.

      I flinched three or four times before opening my eyes to catch a darker than black hand attached to a darker than black arm pull itself from my forehead and into the wall which was right up against my head. It had woken me up at 6:47 A.M. What was that?....

      I think whatever it was got me back for staying awake all night, lol. To tell you the truth, I was having a hard time sleeping because I was afraid of seeing that semi-transparent E.T. again. Wonder if that's got anything to do with it. Once again, I didn't feel anything aggressive or evil about it. I think it woke me up in that manner as if to say "Hey, wake up. We're done. You're fine."

      I Know I Saw A Being In My Room! [5-7-2012]

      My experiences just keep getting weirder and weirder!

      I had several dreams this morning, then I saw a semi-transparent E.T. in my room.

      I had a dream where my sister wanted to borrow my PS2 memory card because it had her data on it. She was going to take it to our cousin's place. I told her she could take the card.

      Back to sleep. I dreamt that my sister and one of my brothers were outside of some unknown place. I looked up at the sky and saw a strange cloud formation that seemed to be moving of its own free will. The more I stared at this cloud the more it began to look like a UFO in the shape of a manta ray but it still looked like clouds. I began yelling at my sis and bro! "Hey! Take pictures of that cloud!" Then it flew right above us and a bright orb shot out of it and flew off in another direction. Then the craft started going in circles around us as I began to reach for my cell phone while keeping my eyes on it. It must have been about four stories up in the air. It really did look like a giant manta ray made of clouds but it was a large UFO. I woke up.

      Back to sleep. I had a fragmented dream where I think I was much younger than I am now. Like maybe 5 or 6. I think a really tall being was hugging me because I had my head up against its leg area but it was covered by a cloak or something. I don't think it had its arms around me. I don't know why but I playfully punched this guy or girl in the leg area and then I heard some guys behind me getting all excited and stuff. They were saying something like "he's got fire in him" or something like that. But they sounded happy. My God! Could this have been the same being I saw in my room this morning!?

      As I laid in bed groggy after just waking up, the strangest thing happened. It felt like somebody gave me something to drink even though I had my mouth shut. I heard myself swallow something as I was laying there but I didn't actually swallow anything. Then I darted up and looked around the room and could have sworn I saw a black apparition dart back into the wall right next to my bed.

      Back to sleep. This dream continued off where the first one ended. How unusual. Now my sis is shoving a laptop in my face and she wants to know if I can put free games on it. I told her that it would probably be best to put SNES games on it and play them via use of a SNES Emulator. Then I woke up.

      I woke up still feeling kind of groggy. It was 8:55 A.M. and my apartment room was totally lit up. I was turning my body around and around in bed trying to get comfortable again and stopped when I flipped back and laid facing the thrash can witch is to the right of the doorway. My eyes became heavy rather quickly and I began blinking as I felt the need to doze off and then I felt something coming directly at me from where the thrash can is located, which is about 3.5-4 yards away from my bedside. I saw this REALLY, REALLY tall E.T. just slowly gliding so smoothly over the floor heading towards my bed. It was semi-transparent but I could see everything! I saw the color of its skin, all its facial features, and what it was wearing as well as the color of its clothing but I didn't get to look at the feet. I blinked! Haha!!!!! But it was still there slowly coming at me! I blinked and blinked and blinked and shot up! It was gone! Wow! After seeing this thing, I immediately jumped out of bed and ran to get my sketch pad and some coloring pencils. I ABSOLUTELY had to draw this thing before the details faded. The only thing I cannot remember is the color of its eyes. These E.T.'s... It would seem they prefer to take you while you're asleep, half asleep, or about to pass out.

      The skin of its face was a fair light green. It didn't look scaly or rugged at all. I didn't see a nose or ears. It's mouth was a slit and I don't remember what color the eyes were but I know that they weren't yellow. I remembered thinking that this guy looked like a Ninja Turtle. And it was wearing a light blue robe, cloak or whatever you call it. It's in the pic. Not sure what was underneath. Also, this guy was easily around 7-and-a-half feet tall. I did not get the impression that this guy was a Reptilian nor did I feel any aggression. It startled me when I saw it coming but I didn't feel afraid at all. I just really hate it when somebody tries to sneak up on me. I think these things are happening in the mornings because I said that "if these experiences are real, then please don't come at night." If they came at night, then a heart attack is most certainly guaranteed...

      Did I Assassinate An Alien In Human Costume? [4-29-2012]

      Back to sleep. I don't remember exactly how this dream started but I know that there were several of us. These guys wouldn't tell me the name of our group because it's supposed to be a secret. Apparently, it was our job to take out 'secret aliens' here on Earth. I don't know what kind nor for what purpose.

      Edit: I just thought about it. I wonder if this was that event the military lady told me about.

      This dream felt quite real and it made even me cringe after it was over. I wasn't me but something else. I don't ever recall actually touching the floor. It was as if I was floating just above the floor and I was holding a large, curved, hook-like blade in my right hand. I was fighting this guy who looked like a monk. He had the bald head and wore the clothing of a monk. We were in a regular sized, fully lit room with a shiny stone floor and stone walls. There were also some ornaments about the place. I am pretty sure we had a heated conversation before the fight broke out.

      He was fighting me with a long wooden pole that didn't have a sharp end to it. It was a blunt weapon. Being a monk, I guess they don't keep real weapons about the place. He was scared shitless and he was fighting for his life. I was only able to observe the fight from the assassin's perspective and I couldn't do anything at all. I was moving around so swiftly and easily, and I knew that this guy wasn't going to let the monk go no matter what he said. After dodging a bit, the assassin raised his right arm which was cloaked in black. I think his hand was paper white but I don't remember the features of it. Maybe he was wearing a white glove.

      He had turned to look at the hook blade in his right hand for a split second, then he immediately dove at the floor head first; hovering just inches above it; heading straight for the monk's feet. Then he swung the hook blade and it went right through both legs as if they weren't there. He had cut the monk's feet off about six inches above the heels. The monk fell down and his feet remained standing but detached from his body. He kept trying to get up only to fall back down again. I cringed at the sight of this because my perspective was the same as the assassin's but this assassin just stood there watching the monk writhing in pain and begging for his life. Then I woke up feeling kinda sick to my stomach.

      The Military Lady [5-5-2012]

      Had another dream this morning about that Military Lady again. This is the third time I believe. I am beginning to think she my Commanding Officer. She was handing me a manual of some kind. I think it was a manual to a UFO. She said "If I can recite what's in this book without reading it, I might impress her." I am not sure if she wanted me to study it and then tell her what's in it or read it via telepathy while she's holding it. I woke up.

      All of theses dreams [5-6-2012] are listed in no particular order.

      A Guy on a Horse / UFO [5-6-2012]

      Me and this guy are out in the middle of nowhere. He's the only one who has a horse. He gets on it and says to me "When they come back (the guys piloting a UFO), tell them I went east." But then as his horse is walking off into the distance, this classic disc shaped UFO suddenly appears up in the sky. And I'm like "Oh! There's the UFO!" And I reached into my left pants pocket to grab my cell phone but I'm starting to feel really funny. Like my body was slowly becoming paralyzed. I took out my cell, held it up, and I think I took a snap shot but I am not really sure. That was when I woke up.

      100x Light Speed Travel / Black Lightning [5-6-2012]

      I'm on a UFO and I'm talking to one of the pilots. I have no idea what the pilot looked like. I think we were discussing how many times faster than speed of light this UFO can travel. I know it was a straight number like 100x. Then my perspective switched to outer space and I saw the UFO zip off. It was as if it ran into an electric filed of black energy because it vanished as a storm of Black Lightning enveloped it.

      Old Rundown House [5-6-2012]

      I came out of a rundown house, walked across the porch, down the steps, turned to my left and left again, and continued walking along side the house. There was a fence that ran along side this house as well. I was on the inside of it and there was an old man sitting in a chair just on the other side of the fence. As I walked by him I said "hi" and he said "hi. good day." When I reached the gate, I began walking somewhere. There was a cemetery not too far from where I was walking and I could hear the cries of the spirits of children. That freaked me out.

      Children [5-6-2012]

      Dreamt I was sitting down in a small room and there were a lot of kids coming into it. They must have been anywhere from maybe 3 to 6. A lot of them sat down on the couch I was sitting on right beside me and others sat on other couches. I am almost certain there was a woman in there with us. Seeing that there wasn't enough seats for the kiddies, I respectfully gave up my seat so that they'd have more sitting space and walked out of the room. I'm still trying to remember what we were talking about.

      Large White Rooms with Laptops [5-6-2012]

      Me and about three other people are in this building or something and it has four large white rooms for us to stay in. Somebody else and I were in a girl's room and she was sitting down at a counter doing stuff on her laptop. I am pretty sure I was going around making sure everyone had internet connections because I was carrying ethernet cables and asking them questions regarding their connections. I remember that I did walk out of this room into the hallway which was also all white and very clean. There I saw a lady (the fourth person) and we had a conversation that I'm still trying to remember. Grr....

      Transformation? [5-6-2012]

      I remember nothing about this dream except for the fact that I know I transformed into some creature.

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    2. Pirate Ship - Symbolic Dream

      by , 04-29-2012 at 01:24 PM (Chronicles of the Cosmos)
      I'm a pirate I think, and I'm on a pirate ship. At the edge of the deck of the ship are three sets of pirate clothing lying on the floor. Every now and then three human sized snakes or salamanders would pop up in them. They appeared to come from below deck or something and when they came up, they'd be wearing these clothes that were on the floor. They were saying something very important that I don't remember.

      I remember opening one of the barrels, taking a scooper, and scooping up a cup of rum. One of the guys said "don't you know how old those barrels of rum are?" It tasted ok to me, lol. Our job was to find and collect these small white spheres that could fit in your hand. They can be used to make stuff via alchemy. Now I'm on land walking through some forests and I come across a turtle bigger than a car. This turtle told me something very important. It was a lesson on how to find these spheres. It also told me that "four dangerous animals are nearby." I recall finding some of these spheres near this turtle and somebody else was in the area as well. But they weren't one of the four dangerous animals the turtle was referring to.

      As I woke up. There was something about me being a shinigami. Too much Bleach?

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    3. Sinking A Ship / Fragments

      by , 04-28-2012 at 03:35 PM (Chronicles of the Cosmos)
      I was standing on a cliff by a river watching as a ship was about to pass by. I did something that caused part of the cliff to crumble and fall on the ship, causing it to sink.

      Back to sleep. Racking my brain trying to remember this one. Something about technology.

      Back to sleep. I'm at home talking to my mom but I know that none of it is real. My "sister" had told mums where the people I had saved escaped to. What people, I dunno. Then my mom was like "give me some money so I can go meet _____." One of the escapees. This dream was a mess, lol. I was mad because my sister couldn't keep her trap shut and now my mom was nagging me for money...

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    4. Dream Recall #3

      by , 04-28-2012 at 03:21 PM (Chronicles of the Cosmos)
      Red = Not A Dream

      The Black Kitty Cat

      Dreamt that a black cat clawed at me.

      Raining Energy [5-3-2012 @10:10 A.M.]

      As I was struggling, trying to remember a word for a question on the final music exam on Thursday, I felt what felt like a waterfall of positive energy that poured down on my left side. It went through the left side of my head and into the left side of my body. I had never experienced anything like that before.

      Readjustment [Either 4-29-2012 or 4-30-2012]

      Had a dream where E.T.'s where readjusting or redistributing the energy in my body. I guess.

      Fake Levitation [5-2-2012]

      A guy was demonstrating his levitation abilities in front of a crowd of people. He was sitting cross legged on the floor. Then he began to levitate high into the air. I looked up at the balcony and saw a guy up there pulling a string or rope.... Then I asked a guy next to me if he wanted to see real levitation. I sat down, crossed my legs, and began to levitate off the floor for real, lol.

      Huge Wall

      I'm hovering in front of a really massive flat wall that appears to me made of dirt and stone. It looks like I'm in some kind of valley. No trees or vegetation--just orange sand. Really short dream.

      Complete Freedom! Flying Over Clouds!

      I had a waking dream as I was sitting at my desk with my eyes closed in class decades ago. I was flying over clouds and i had totally forgotten about my life back on Earth. I felt the cool wind blowing on my face as I was flying. The clouds were white, the sky was blue, and the sun was beautiful.

      My Brother's Impersonator

      In a lot of my dreams, I'd usually see someone who looks like my brother but I know it's just a disguise. I dreamt that this guy was standing beside me as I was about to post a dream on DreamViews.

      Fighting a Creature

      I'm a short being and this large blurry creature is trying to attack me but it can't touch me even though I'm not trying to avoid it. I think I said "that's not going to work."

      The Tall Being

      I just recently remembered this one. I am not sure if this was a dream, walking dream, or pure fantasy. I know I had this "dream" a very, very long time ago. I'm a kid and I think I'm on a spaceship. This grey-like being who is about my height and I are playing some kind of psychic game and I think I beat him. I'm all happy and stuff and I'm playfully taunting him when this really, really tall and slender being walks over to us. I looked up at him in complete awe because I sensed his incredible psychic power.

      Scared to Death

      I think I was a girl. Something had scared me to death and i recall having my back up against a wall and slowly sliding down it to the floor. I was dead.

      Bobbing Head [2-10-2012]

      Weird dream last night. I remember looking at something and it was moving up and down and I was moving my head up and down following it... I felt as though I was actually moving my physical head even though I was asleep. And I also recall hearing the laughter of what I thought was an imp. I say imp because the way it laughed was fast and it sounded like it came from the small body of a creature. Can't remember what I was looking at though.

      A Change in Earth's Energy

      On Wednesday, February 22, 2012, I noticed a significant change in the Earth's energy.

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    5. An Unfamiliar Place [4-30-2012] & Other Dreams

      by , 04-28-2012 at 03:20 PM (Chronicles of the Cosmos)
      An Unfamiliar Place [4-30-2012]

      I woke up lying in a bed in a rather large well lit place with several rooms. There's a giant man with a white beard walking through the rooms checking on those who are sleeping in their beds. As he exited a room and came walking towards my direction, I remember thinking "why is it always this guy." I waited for him to walk into another room before I got up and hid behind what looked like a large dresser. Then he came back and started talking to himself. He was saying something like "Wait... Wasn't there a guy... Where is...." At this point, I am feeling kinda shaken up but not really scared. If he had walked past the dresser, he would've found me bending over behind it. But I woke up or rather, I thought I did.

      When I awoke, I was lying on my side facing the doorway. The room was fully lit and I had the blanket pulled up to my nose. It felt like there was something hovering over my bed but really close to me. I tried looking around with moving my head but I couldn't really see over the blanket. I thought to myself "there's something hovering over me..." Then I closed my eyes and woke up. The room was dark.

      Learn Fear, Use Fear, Control Fear... [4-30-2012]

      Not sure when I had this one. It was either Sunday or Monday morning. I'm standing in a room and there are about three doors. Each door is opening and there are signs sticking out of the floor in each room. All of the signs in each room said the same thing but just one thing. Such as the signs in the first room. They all said "Learn Fear." The signs in the second room said "Use Fear." And the signs in the third room said "Control Fear."

      Poked in the Eyes [5-1-2012]

      Before I had the Waking E.T. Encounter dream, I had another one where I was riding around on a toy truck, lol. Even though it was about a foot high, a foot wide, and about three feet long, it had a lot of power! I am not sure how I was able to stay on it without falling off but I recall being in a hunched over position like a dog. It was the only way to ride it. I must've been controlling it with levers and buttons because I remember revving it up quite a bit and taking off down a highway at top speeds. I was also trying to burn tire marks into the pavement. This thing had a lot of power, lol. As I woke up, it felt like someone poked me in the eyes but there was no pain...

      A Waking Dream - E.T. Encounter [5-1-2012]

      Hmm.. Well, I have to admit that something like this has never happened before. Besides the two dreams of being on a table and the other one where I woke up in a dark room. But this one was far stranger.

      I had woken up around 5 A.M. this morning and then I went back to sleep. I had a dream that I saw some guys that I used to know then I had another dream where I'm standing in my mom's yard. I began walking up invisible stairs and then a guy who was standing on the ground grabbed my arm and he was saying something. I kept trying to get him to let me go. Then I looked up into the sky and saw that someone was drawing an outline of the face of a typical grey alien with the eyes.

      Then I could have sworn I woke up. I was lying in the exact same position facing the wall and I felt the undeniable presence of several small beings behind me. I think they were talking to each other because I heard them making noises. They all sounded the same and they sounded happy and excited--like children and I remember what they sounded like. I am going to see if I can replicate that sound later today. I was awake but I didn't try to move or turn around but I had my eyes open. I could feel them just barely lightly touching my back, buttock, and probably my legs. They were doing this for a good long while.

      I guess after about well over a minute of this, it all stopped. Then I turned around and looked around the room which was well lit ever since 5 A.M. It was now 5:54 A.M. I was looking at the floor around my bed and then I looked up at the ceiling and I saw what looked like a large, faded, translucent rectangle or triangle. It had faded completely after about a second. Was that some kind of portal they come out of or was I seeing things? I've seen that thing before in much better detail a few months back after waking up from a dream. Well, that's my story. As I said before, this is the first time this has ever happened to me. It was probably a dream. If it was, then that's the realist dream I've ever had in my life.

      Let me also add that I've been extremely stressed out over the past three days or so. When I woke up, my head felt light (it still does) and I don't feel stressed out anymore even though my situation hasn't changed.

      Pleiadian Invitation? [5/3/2012]

      I'm standing on a beach and there's a large blonde guy standing in front of me. There are also about two or three other large blonde guys spread out over the beach. I guess they are bodyguards or something. This guy asks me if I'd be interested in meeting the Pleiadians. I agreed and woke up.

      I Saw It! Oh! I Saw It! [5-3-2012] [UPDATED 5-4-2012]

      Back to Sleep. So, I woke up several times this morning because I had a hard time sleeping. The last time I woke up, I got up to go to the restroom. I was extremely tired and I nearly keeled over several times on my to and from the restroom. I remember! When I got back into bed, I was facing the wall. I recall blinking a few times as I was dozing back off and the last thing I remember was seeing the face of a white alien protruding from the wall the bed was up against. It was about 6 A.M. There was absolutely no lapse in time! Or rather, that's how it felt to me. I recall doing stuff but I don't remember what and then somehow ending up in bed in an unfamiliar room.

      When I woke up, I felt dizzy, funny, and really tired. Like I was in a trance. I was laying in a bed underneath some cover in a clean white room but this wasn't my room. The room was fully lit and there was the face of a white being (absolutely not a grey) with the large black oval shaped eyes (but not large eyes like the grey's) barely sticking out from the ceiling. Now, let me make this very clear. I was in a trance and I kept closing my eyes and waking back up in this bed. I kept glancing around this room and at the ceiling. I guess I was trying to find the light source but I don't remember ever seeing one. I must've looked at this face four or five times. I am not sure. But for some reason, I always overlooked it even though it was right there.

      Then I snapped out of it and I looked up at the protruding face and black eyes again FINALLY realizing that it was the face of a white alien. But I'm still soooo tired. So I closed my eyes and pulled the blanket up over my head and guess what happened, lol. I heard a lady say something. I am guessing she said something like "he's waking up." I know she said SOMETHING like that. Perhaps it was the being who said it. I really don't know! Then I felt the undeniable presence of a being standing right beside my bed. Then, all of a sudden, this slender pure white skinned being with medium sized black eyes (THE SAME BEING) grabbed and threw back the cover and just stood there for a few seconds. I'm laying there trying to keep my eyes open but they kept closing. Then I decided that I absolutely must see what this being looked like. So I opened my eyes all the way and got a good look at him or her and that was when it grabbed me about two inches above my left wrist. I'm still really tired so my eyes are closed again and I'm thinking "Fine. Just don't hurt me." And this big grin went across my face. I know I got up and followed it but that was when I found myself back in my bed fully awake and alert. It was 7:50 something.

      The being's basic features were kinda similar to the grey's but it felt like an upgraded, more futuristic model. Like it has emotions and stuff. It's eyes were large but no where near as large as they grey's, pure black, and oval shaped. I guess the nose and mouth were similar to the grey's. It had no hair nor clothing, a flat chest, and skinny arms. I couldn't see anything below the abdomen.

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    6. Fragment, Pyramids, A Newborn Baby, and Robot Battle

      by , 04-27-2012 at 02:54 PM (Chronicles of the Cosmos)
      I had a full dream but forgot everything upon waking up.

      The Construction of the Pyramids of Giza

      Back to sleep. I'm in the body of this Ancient Egyptian-like guy named Ahmond. I'm looking down at his feet and at a desert that is miles below him--yeah, he's levitating way up in the air (don't they all). This guy is huge! The date is several tens of thousands of years before the Egyptians came about. I don't recall seeing this guy do anything but I know that he single handedly constructed the Pyramids of Giza--all at the exact same time via some insane psychokinetic ability. None of the megaton blocks that were used to build them came from Earth--they came from outer space. I don't think it took no more than four days to finish them all. Today, they're something like 47,000-48,000 years old. Before I woke up, I saw images of the completed pyramids. Some people claim that there were crystals on top of them but I didn't see any at the time. Perhaps they were added later, along with everything else on the inside.

      Something about a birthday. I heard the ringing sound again in my left ear. I am beginning to suspect that it is some kind of frequency and influences people's dreams. I think it is also a transporter of sorts that allows one to leave his body and ride it to its origin. Just a thought.

      New Born Baby - Strange White Clay Rooms

      Back to sleep. I'm in a strange place with several rooms. Everything is white and looks to be made of some kind of clay. The doorways are oval shaped. I remember being approached by a blonde girl and I think she handed me a newborn baby. It was laying on a white cloth. It was so small, I could hold it with just four fingers. It was crying and squirming and I felt it moving around. It was such a strange sensation and I knew that I was this baby's daddy.

      This child did not look human. It kinda did and it kinda didn't. I remember walking through one of the rooms and past another child that was sitting on a flat, protruding clay-like white surface that came out of the wall. It looked to be at least a year old and it was sitting upright with its legs crossed. The child's skin was clearly paper white as I was approaching him. Then I saw his skin change to a normal color like that of a caucasian like a chameleon. There was a black guy standing near this child but I didn't speak to him.

      Now I'm with another child who looks to be about a year old and the black guy is with his own and we're playing with them, I guess. The overall layout of the place never really changed.

      Not So Real Steel!

      Back to sleep. I'm in the reception area of an arena which is located in an old building. This is where competitors pit their robots against one another--just like in the movie Real Steel. I am the current champion and my robot's name is Bonapart (that's what the announcer said). The name is apparently from the anime Tank Police, a personal favorite. A guy challenged me to a duel and I agreed.

      We entered the large, dark arena filled with I don't know how many thousands of people. It was very dark except for the ring. The fight is a total blur but I ended up winning in the end. The announcer says "Annnd your winner and still champion, BONAAAAAPARRRRRRRTEEEEE!" The crowd cheered and I saw an image of my Title Belt then I began making a hasty retreat as they were playing my theme which sounded really corny, lol. As I exited the dark arena and stepped into the reception area, a short old guy behind me said "Hey, Shawn. The guys want to know if you think you can handle the big money." Or something like that. I said "yeah!" He said something and I woke up.

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    7. Random Fragments

      by , 04-26-2012 at 01:40 PM (Chronicles of the Cosmos)
      I was working on a webpage at some kind of school that was located at the very top of a castle like structure. It was so high, I could look down on the clouds.

      When I woke up and looked at the clock, it was exactly 3:00 A.M. I felt like my body was charging up. It wasn't tingly like it used to be. It was charging and it felt like electrical currents were running through me from head to toe. All this energy was just pouring into me. I thought I was going to go berserk for a second there, lol.

      I had a dream about some kind of jail system. It wasn't pretty...

      And another dream I don't recall. I'm racking my brain trying to remember this one.

      Running Over An Ocean [5/2/2012]

      A blonde girl with long hair, some other guys, and I are running super fast over land and over oceans. The sky is cloudy and it looks like it's going to rain. We arrive at a mountain where we see two large images: one of a man who looks like a ruler and his wife.

      Hot Chick Gets Arrested [5/2/2012]

      Back to sleep. Some other guys and I are sitting in a classroom and the door is opened. Across the hall I can see into another class and there is a really hot girl sitting at her desk looking directly at me. I wave and smile and stuff and she waves back. Then something happened, somehow she and her friend got arrested and I found myself following the police officers who has her friend. i didn't see her. I was trying to tell them to let her go and one of them turned around and said something about me not having the authority to make demands like that.

      They took this girl into a room and there is a lady and two other guys standing outside of it. Somehow I got arrested as well and I'm trying to tell this lady that I am an undercover police officer. I was lying but she seemed to buy it. She asked me what my name was and it took me a while to come up with one, lol. And yet it worked. I think I said Wang or Chang, lol. She had an officer come over to unlock my handcuffs.

      The scene changes again and now I'm standing in front of a lunch counter in a cafeteria and there's girl standing off a few yards from me. She called my name. First she said Wang, then she said Chang, lol. I forgot what I told her. And then Boxxy (from YouTube) busted into the cafeteria by kicking in the doors, lol. First time dreaming about her. I forgot what she was staying though.

      The scenery changes and now I'm at a party hall of sorts. It's kinda dark, there's loud music, and we're watching some kind of video game up on a big screen. It's a game that every single person in the party hall could participate in. We had these little devices like remotes and what we'd do is press a certain button for something--I don't remember. Anyway, I was talking to Philip DeFranco (SxePhil), lol. I asked him who were his two favorite Mortal Kombat II characters and he said "Baraka and Liu Kang." And we talked about some other stuff. Then I got bored playing the game and headed for the exit. I forgot what happened after I opened the door.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. Fragments

      by , 04-25-2012 at 01:43 PM (Chronicles of the Cosmos)
      I recall following the same group of people several times. I remember that there was an old man with a pop belly and a beard (like Santa Claus) who'd either throw something to me to catch (such as an apple) or tell me to "come on." No idea where they were headed.

      I recall telling a 14-year-old girl to get lost when she tried to come on to me.

      There was something about me being the president of a company.

      I was in an ancient city that had its own pyramids. A "Super Atlantis" of sorts. A subconscious voice told me that that city was called Béruléyra (sounded like "bay-ru-lay-rah").

      Me and some other guys were being chased by dinosaurs and I had a small container which held the soul of a person.

      A marker pointed out the location of the Ark of the Covenant on a map and I finally remembered where it was placed. I didn't realize that it had circled the Red Sea. I wasn't even aware that they had anything in common.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. Reflection

      by , 04-24-2012 at 03:56 PM (Chronicles of the Cosmos)
      I had several dreams last night, most of which were blurry fragments. There was one that I remember clearly. I walked into a restroom and stood in front of a mirror. As I was looking at myself, I noticed that something was odd about my reflection. I blinked a few times and squinted my eyes a bit. My reflection had a large head and a slender face, like that of the grey's, but it was different.

      Its eyes, nose, mouth, lips, and ears were a bit smaller than mine. It had light brown skin like mine but no hair on its face or head. And its neck was slender. It was indeed my reflection because as I turned my head from side to side and blinked, it did the same. Then I woke up with a light headache.
    10. The Pissed Psychologist

      by , 04-23-2012 at 11:40 PM (Chronicles of the Cosmos)
      Back to sleep. I'm sitting in the second or third row in a packed theater. I am not sure if I am me or somebody else but I'm a guy. I am wearing a light blue business suit and my associate is sitting next to me, also wearing a business suit. There is a guy playing the piano on stage. I didn't recognize the music but it sounded like the type of music upper class people listened to. When he was done, he got up, bowed and the audience applauded.

      Then he started talking about how he was getting sick and tired of people coming to him and telling him why they do bad things. Apparently, this guy is a musician and a psychologist. He was saying that a lot of people blame their actions on childhood abuse, primarily by their mothers and fathers. He was basically talking crap about his patients and patients of other psychologists. After he was done venting, he promptly sat down and began playing a new selection. The other suited guy and I are standing up now and I say to my partner "I can't believe he just said all that." And some other stuff I don't remember.

      Then I walked up to the stage and calmly told this guy that he was fired from both of his jobs, lol. And I remember police officers being on the stage and then I woke up.

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    11. Boomerang UFO

      by , 04-23-2012 at 11:29 PM (Chronicles of the Cosmos)
      Well, I didn't go lucid but I did get to see a new UFO. So, I'm this girl again (I think this is my second body on another world or something, lol) and I'm standing outside. There's a blonde woman (been getting a lot of these lately) standing a few yards in front of me. I am trying to make out her face and what she's wearing but I just can't. It's funny, lol. I'm looking at this lady but I can't see her features. She was saying something about not enough people attending some event and asked me if I wanted to go next Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday--I forgot which day but it was one of them. I agreed. There were other people hanging around us but I couldn't make them out either. One guy was sitting up on something and there was a cake that looked like an oversized pink muffin. I eventually gave up trying to make these people out and looked up at the blue sky. I saw this all-white boomerang-shaped UFO suddenly appear out of thin air.

      Apparently, it was invisible. I was watching it as it just sat there way up in the air. It wasn't swaying side-to-side or nothing--it was totally motionless and friggin' huge. It looked like a hybrid of human and alien technology. I looked at the woman and said "Look! There's a UFO!" She turned around and briefly glanced at it, then she said "That's the biggest one I've seen yet." So, I'm still looking up at this thing when I see a fighter jet zip right by it with the smoke trails flowing behind it. Then I looked over to the right of the boomerang UFO and saw a disc-shaped UFO flying towards us. Then it made a full u-turn, zipped off in the direction it came from, then instantly changed directions and went another way. The fighter jet was the only craft that made any noise and left behind a smoke trail. And it didn't seem to care that there were UFO's up in the air with it. Perhaps I was at some Air Force base in this dream.

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    12. Serpent Battle!

      by , 04-22-2012 at 10:31 AM (Chronicles of the Cosmos)
      Just had this one.

      It started out with me trying to get some sleep in my room at my mom's house. One of my subordinates, a girl, was in the room with me along with about two of her friends. I don't know what they were doing but they were making a lot of noise. I thought about getting up and just flying up to the clouds to sleep on them instead. I decided to just get up. As I was about to exit the room, I remember trying to show this girl that I knew how to go through walls. I kept trying to put my arm through one of the walls but I couldn't get it to work, lol!

      I left the room and must have flown some place because I was now in some other place that kinda looked like a sewer but it wasn't at all. It was a tunnel made of stone blocks and I was hovering over very, very deep water checking my cell phone, lol. I saw a school buddy who I hadn't seen in ten years after graduating from High School. He was also hovering over the water talking to me. And there were other people there just conversing. One of the other guys who was there was my subordinate. He did something as I was about to levitate to solid ground that made me drop both my cell phone and digital camera into the deep water. I hadn't known he did it until later.

      I managed to rescue my phone via psychokinesis but I was unable to extract my digital camera. My cell phone was missing the battery and back casing when it came to me. A tall skinny guy with glasses who was there came over to me and told me he might have spare parts for my cell and he wasn't going to charge me. So, I gave it to him to fix. Now, I'm somewhere else and I'm surrounded by people. I went over to some guy who sells lost and found items and asked him if anyone bought a digital camera. He said _____ bought it for $9.00. That guy _____ was one of my subordinates (1 of 3 in this dream). I was pissed. Somehow I found out that _____ had done something to make me drop my cell and digital camera. He must've retrieved it somehow without me knowing which would explain why I was unable to extract it from the deep water.

      So, I went to go see _____ and I found him standing in somebody's yard. I didn't see the digital camera but I knew he had it on him, that bastard. We exchanged words but I don't remember the conversation. Then I flew away until I was a good distance away from him. Then, I turned around while flying away from him and motioned my finger as if to say "come here" and the digital camera slipped out of one of his pants pockets (I guess) and flew towards me at a very high rate of speed. It easily caught up to me even though I never stopped flying. He found out immediately and flew after me. I led this traitorous bastard to some kind of hanger-like building that didn't have any front doors.

      I landed and ran inside and that guy was right behind me. Somehow it got so I was standing in front of the doorway and he was at the back of the hanger. Then he charged at me and we locked hands and he was pushing me back. I knew exactly what he was going to do because I recalled being beaten by his transformation a very long time ago (dreamworld memories, lol), which was that of a giant Manticore with horns, very similar to the one found in Final Fantasy XI. I ran outside and he followed but stopped just outside the hanger.

      Then he transformed into a giant black serpent that was taller than the hanger even though all of it wasn't standing up. I said to this guy "I'm not the same as I was before. My master is Koloran Flash." I've no idea who or what that is. And I grew and grew! I was now looking down--I mean FAR down at the little hanger and this itty-bitty black serpent. I saw my large coiled body and tail and realized that I had turned into a skyscraper-sized cobra. The black serpent was looking up at me wide-eyed and teeth clinched. Then I said in a monstrously deep telepathic voice "Stop wasting my time!" And I cracked this black serpent on the back of its head with the tip of my tail which knocked him out of my sight. I guess that killed him. That's the first time I've ever transformed myself into a snake. Transformations have always been the hardest thing for me to do but it worked without a hitch during this dream.

      Now, I'm sitting up in a bed and my remaining two subordinates are sitting in chairs, one in each corner. The girl is complaining saying stuff like "why did you do that? he was a cool guy." And all kinds of crap I didn't care to hear. I said something like "he stole from me, so he got what he deserved." The guy was all cool and stuff and didn't say anything. I didn't get to look at his face but he had a long scarf that hung down. I think this guy kinda looked like Blade. Then I told the girl that she will simply have to work with Taboo (the male subordinate). I've no idea where these names are coming from, lol. I woke up to write this stuff down.

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    13. Weapon Smugglers

      by , 04-21-2012 at 05:13 PM (Chronicles of the Cosmos)
      Last night I dreamt that me and two other guys were driving separate cars down a highway and we were to rendezvous with an 18 wheeler. We were wearing black tuxedos and black du-rags.

      One of the guys and I were in the back of the 18 wheeler and there were loads and loads of crates full of firearms. I guess the third guy was sitting in the cab with the driver. The other guy was standing on the right side of the back door and I was on the left. Now, all of a sudden, we've got the backdoor opened and we're watching as several trucks and cars speed up behind the 18 wheeler. Why we didn't shoot at these guys, I don't know. This dream just kept skipping and skipping.

      Then there were two guys in here with us. My partner tried to gun one of them down but the guy knocked the gun out of his hand. Then my partner reached for an axe and swung it at that guy. I confronted the other guy and took him out with a single karate chop across his chest.

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    14. Partial O.B.E. & Subconscious Chatter

      by , 04-20-2012 at 10:34 PM (Chronicles of the Cosmos)
      When I woke up after having the dream about the Gant Bees, I was lying in bed under the covers on my stomach--the same position I fell asleep in. It was kinda dark but I could see enough to notice that I had two left arms!! I pulled my arm closer to me and looked at the other one which lay motionless. I was partly out of my body.

      I sat up, threw back the blanket, and quickly looked around the room, forgetting to check and see if I was actually out of my body. It was kinda dark but it looked exactly the same as the real thing. Then I woke up and did the exact same thing again. The only difference being it was morning and the sun had come up. I laid back down and pulled the blanket up over my head and closed my eyes but didn't go back to sleep because it was nearly time for me to get up and go to college.

      Subconscious Chatter

      I heard my subconscious chattering away as it usually does right after waking up in the mornings and laying in bed with my eyes open or closed. It said "God, that's not going to work on me." I'm like "huh?.." Usually I'll hear a voice speaking but am unable to tell if it's mine or somebody else. Other times I'll see words or sentences flash before my eyes if I have them shut or I'll see a word or sentence and hear a voice read it to me while I'm wide awake. The way it reads these sentences is not how I read them. So, I thought that was kinda strange.

      When I hear these voices, they usually answer a question I've been pondering about the previous day, or they'll answer a question I asked myself while lying in bed. And other times, it'll say something totally random but with a hidden meaning. This crap started near the end of 2011 but I actually think it's kinda cool. Either I'm going insane or the world is about to end.

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      false awakening
    15. Time Travel, Giant Bees and Strawberries!

      by , 04-20-2012 at 10:20 PM (Chronicles of the Cosmos)
      Back to sleep. I'm walking down a dirt road through a forest. I come to a small off-road clearing of sand. At this point, I am am fully lucid. I decide to try to summon my dream guide by calmly calling out to them. I didn't want to overexert myself and wake myself up. No one came.

      I continued walking until I came to a narrow path with walls made of wood on both sides of it. Before I entered the path, I looked around and saw two fat women sitting at a table with a laptop in front of each of them. They were also wearing headphones and they were tracking the movements of some drug cartels via satellite. I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a device that allowed me to time travel. I checked the date and it said the year was 2080 something. I forgot the month, day, and time. Then I warped.

      I arrived in the exact same area and checked it again. It now reads September 9, 1923. I looked around a bit. The women weren't there, of course, and the path looked plainer. But it had these logs sticking out of the dirt walls which were wooden in the future. I decided to go and see where this path led. As I exited the path on the other side, I saw a small, partly destroyed city, with these humongous bees flying over it and terrorizing the townspeople. Those bees were bigger than cars.

      The people were killing these bees by throwing giant red strawberries at them... These strawberries were about 4 ft. in height but very light. I know this because I remember throwing one at a bee. Whenever they threw a giant strawberry at one of these bees, the bee would grab it with its legs, stick a stinger into it, and use up their stinger, which in turn killed the bee. The townspeople were stacking bodies of giant bees in a pile in the center of town. I woke up.

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