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    Chronicles of the Cosmos

    Sinking A Ship / Fragments

    by , 04-28-2012 at 03:35 PM (469 Views)
    I was standing on a cliff by a river watching as a ship was about to pass by. I did something that caused part of the cliff to crumble and fall on the ship, causing it to sink.

    Back to sleep. Racking my brain trying to remember this one. Something about technology.

    Back to sleep. I'm at home talking to my mom but I know that none of it is real. My "sister" had told mums where the people I had saved escaped to. What people, I dunno. Then my mom was like "give me some money so I can go meet _____." One of the escapees. This dream was a mess, lol. I was mad because my sister couldn't keep her trap shut and now my mom was nagging me for money...

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