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    saleh salehi zadeh

    Infinite floor in subway

    by , 07-20-2013 at 12:46 AM (291 Views)
    It was lucid. I found out that I'm dreaming. I was in subway. I saw 2 fighter men in the train. They would hit me. I was fast. So they couldn't hit me. I went upstairs. Looks like metro had infinite floor. Staircase I was very interesting. Staircases were so crowded. All the people were looking at me. I stopped at one of the floors and felt down myself to be killed. (I decided to die in dream to wake up in another dream). After hit to the floor I felt pain and then went somewhere else. Looked like It was an OBE. Then I waked myself up and done a RC. I was awake in real (current) world...

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