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    saleh salehi zadeh

    OBE experince after lucid dreaming

    by , 07-26-2012 at 12:39 PM (274 Views)
    I was somewhere like a store and everywhere was slovenly. I was on a Big pipe. Big pipe was same as pipe in PC game IGI2 (Gamers probably know that!). from start I knew that this is a dream. Suddenly I felt that my dream is collapsing. So I solve a simple mathematical question (as simple as 2+2=4 ). I knew that i also can turn around myself!
    I do not special work in this part (On pipes!)
    after this I fine myself in my bed! In this situations We usually think that we are awake (So I suggest you to do a reality check after each awaking), But this time I knew that I'm not awake. It was probably an OBE experience. when I Brought my hands up. It was made from beautiful transparent material (aka ectoplasm). my hand crossed from my blanket!
    I stand on my bed and I decided to check the physical Object positions. In front of me everything was in correct position, but when I turn 180 degrees, I saw part of another house with different objects. (I think It was my previous house in another part of city)!

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