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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. First False Awakening

      by , 12-31-2014 at 12:13 AM
      12/30/14 non-lucid dreams:

      *throughout the night I have recurring thoughts of RCs, but don't remember conducting one*

      S asks if I've had any dreams. The room is dark. He keeps asking me and I finally snap that I was trying to reenter a dream to become lucid, but he's interrupted me. The dream I'm trying to reenter is me sitting at a table outside (maybe a cafe?) and I walk over to where W (a dog) pooped on the sidewalk and try to melt his poop with invisible energy from my hand. Before accomplishing this I "wake" up to S asking me if I've had any dreams.

      Earlier...S and I are driving around looking for Publix. I have a hard time remembering/finding where it is. For some reason I pass up a lot of good parking spaces for one that isn't as good as the others. We are going to pay for things with a giant bag of fertilizer. I get the impression this is vaguely illegal and dangerous. When we get out of the car two men ask if they can have some of the fertilizer and we tell them no. We walk up to a building with our bag and enter. It looks like a shabby mom and pop bookstore, but it's actually a library/museum. There is an audio recording playing of someone talking about history. I tell S we should go. Someone (or is it a something - automaton?) implores me to stay and visit. I end up saying I don't like to listen (meaning I'm bad at absorbing info aurally). We leave and I think we then get groceries at Publix. It's for a Boxing Day party at work (totally don't celebrate this lol!). I see the director as I come out and tell hello and that I'll see her at the work party. She corrects me and says she'll see me ___ (sometime after the party since she won't be here).

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