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    Armor and the destruction of lies

    by , 07-09-2011 at 05:13 AM (446 Views)
    I stand in a field surrounded by pine trees
    I create armor around myself
    My arms are wrapped in snakes
    The snakes come out my hands
    Snakes come out my feet
    My armor
    The front has a blue energy shield
    the rest is mostly made of metal
    I have a cape
    It changes colors as it ripples in the wind
    My helmet has a visor that allows me to see things in energy form
    I create a portal above
    I fly into the wormhole
    I obliterate demons with my sword
    I suck their bits of energy into portals
    I destroy more demons ahead of me
    With an arrow from my bow which explodes
    I through bombs which ejct from the side of my armor
    I fly through their bits of ripped up energy
    It sticks to my armor
    My armor pulses blue energy
    The bits detach
    I exit the wormhole
    I am floating above the dark side of the mushroom planet
    the continents glow blue and purple
    I fly to a giant mushroom which I can seee from space
    I create a huge drill that come from my armor
    I drill through the stem
    Blue glowing sap oozes from out which I suck into my suite
    I shoot it out creating a web which turns into a perfect circle portal
    Its a mirror
    I look at myself in it
    I stick my hand through
    Wind rips my hand
    I go through
    The intense heat of hell does not burn me through my armor
    I walk through flames and eventually reach the city of hell
    I fly to the temple of satan
    Its more like a church
    Inside their are rows of benchs
    Corpses hang from ropes at both sides
    The floor is covered in puddles of blood
    I walk to the upside down cross at the front
    This is everything which wants me to have demons
    I focus my intent on making it explode
    it resists
    there is a whitsh orange red light with black specks but its still in the shape of an upside down cross
    I take my sword and cut through the middle
    It explodes
    I am thrown back against the door of the temple
    A vortex of white oragish red is ripping apart everyhting in the temple
    The intensity wake me up

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