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    by , 09-05-2011 at 07:38 PM (1455 Views)
    I looked out an saw every life I had lived. It seemed to span eternity.
    I saw all my lives as a sphere.
    I was on the edge of the sphere existing in one time. I moved to the right into the future. the past was to the left on the edge. Somehow if I kept going I would eventually come back around to the same place.
    I entered the center of this sphere.
    I could feel and know every life I had lived and will live. Yet they all already existed and nothing could be changed.
    They seemed infinite.
    Then I was spiralling upwards around this golden cord.
    Then there was a tree.
    Its roots were growing into the ground.
    I was a leaf at the top a tree. A part of a leaf.
    This tree was a group of souls.
    Then I saw the planet. It was covered in trees. a planet of trees. All groups of souls. But each one was its own organism.
    I saw from the perspective of the planet.
    I was every tree as one being. and it felt no different from what I perceived as my own soul earlier.
    There were many planets. There was a galaxy of planets.
    It was disk shaped, spiralling. golden in color.
    It was stacked on top of other disks just like it. These extended out creating a living organism.
    There is an ocean. The organism lives in the ocean.
    The entire planet is liquid.
    Its a drop of rain falling.
    But it never hits the ground.
    There are what seems to be an infinite number of rain drops falling along side it.
    It is a storm.
    But nothing truly moves as there is no up or down. Yet they are falling.
    There is no storm.
    Nothing exists.

    This is a dream I had a couple days ago. I was hesitant to post it.

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    1. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      Why hesitant? Post away, so what if people think you're weird... you are We all are really... come on, a site of lucid dreamers............. we're all technically weirdos.

      Do what feels right for you.
    2. saltyseedog's Avatar
      there was more I didn't say

      What lead to this.... what happened after...... the many lives I saw and remembered. Its quiet personal. But its not at the same time.

      Basically, it changed my entire perception of life.
      Time is an illusion. This life is only a ride. everything happens for a reason, in relationship to the greater organism. All my lives have already happened. There is nothing to fear and nothing to doubt. There is no reason too.
    3. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      Agreed. Time is an illusion because it can be manipulated. The rest... with no fear and doubt... it's awesome you came to this realization... I sometimes can sit happily in that no fear space but there are times I'm like, 'awww snap ... what if it doesn't work out as planned... that'd be a bummer.' Training the brain to stay in a nice 'no worries' space 24/7 takes some effort for me.

      And yeah, I imagine most past lives dreams would be on the personal side. Cool dream.
    4. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      Oh, I've been meaning to ask ... during the viewing of your past lives, do you recall a younger sister? LMAO. I'm sure you had siblings but now I'm wondering who that girl was I kept seeing. She looked to be between 9 - 13.

      I suppose that would be an unimportant detail over the accumulation of several lifetimes huh. Damn.
    5. saltyseedog's Avatar
      She is not from the past silly kaomea. she is from the future.
      Kaomea likes this.
    6. dreamerJon23's Avatar
      "The entire planet is liquid.
      Its a drop of rain falling.
      But it never hits the ground."

      Unbelievable. That's great imagery, something to ponder.