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    history of the earth

    by , 08-27-2011 at 09:01 PM (1315 Views)
    Me and erii are flying through a world
    The world is not seen but felt
    It is intense
    I am becoming exhausted from continuing to push through
    We reach what we came for
    It feels right
    as we approach it, it is overly intense
    The intensity makes me feel almost sick
    I keep pushing and make it through some kind of barrier
    I am overwhelmed with information all at once
    I am above earth
    It looks extremely different
    I see something flaming hurtle towards earth
    it is so large there is a massive shockwave that covers most of the side of earth I'm viewing
    It looks brown
    Now all that was green and blue I saw from air is nothing
    things begin to change and energy shifts
    now I am not seeing anything but feelings are all over the place
    The earth is red completely
    It glows red
    energy is intense and very hyper
    I am on the surface
    I see nothing but smoke
    I feel alot of heat
    Now I am slipping into darkness and losing my awareness of this scene
    I see a huge twisting ball of energy that is white and blue
    It is very chaotic
    it seems to be pulsing
    it feels sick
    like a dying heart
    like an old person with a dying body
    hurting all over
    its very strange and I am confused what this is exactly
    I cannot leave
    I feel stuck
    and it grows more and more chaotic
    then at once it is nothing
    and now it is everywhere
    the energy which was once a ball is spread across in every direction incredibly far in particles
    Now I feel like monster compared to these sand like particles
    I feel all of them
    everyone filled with life
    its own sentience
    they are like stars
    I see lines interconnecting them
    In three dimensional patterns
    the patterns are infinite as far as I can see
    They appear chaotic just as the ball
    Now I am small
    I am flying through space
    Still incredibly large
    I come to a whitish blue star
    It feels aggressive
    With nothing to be mad at
    It is so isolated
    it is individuated
    and nothing can effect it
    yet it seems angry
    and resentful
    at what?
    It feels like it angry at the universe
    It makes no sense
    I feel hatred
    I feel pain
    Why does it feel these things?
    It is nothing more than a piece of the larger ball of energy
    yet it is alone and cannot be harmed
    But it hates?
    I am confused so deeply it hurts
    I feel sick
    I feel like I'm melding into a painting which is this star
    Then all at once I realize that the star is me
    And the world of stars I called space was all humans
    all dis unified
    All lonely
    It hurts so bad
    The loneliness is killing me
    I can't stand it
    I am going insane
    I am incredibly confused and scared
    I felt fear I didn't know existed
    every human seems so distant
    Every star is so far away
    I am floating alone
    Yet I enjoy it
    I am not sure why
    But I enjoy it
    I feel like I could float here forever in acceptance
    But then something happens
    I don't feel like a star in this strange universe or whatever anymore
    Now I am in my dream body
    Floating in a monster of energy beside erii
    The energy is ripping like a storm
    Yet we are safe
    I see her body glowing
    I cannot even make out physical features just the glowing shape of a body that is red
    I am exhausted
    eventually I push through and we are flying as hard and fast as we can to get out
    We return to the place which we left before we came here
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      thats pretty intense, I love this dream
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      super intense! i love it! takes dreaming to the next level
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