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    I love you!!!!

    by , 07-24-2011 at 04:38 AM (756 Views)
    I telepathically tell everyone on dreamviews I love them as I wake up impulsively. Its weird. I do one person at a time telling them all these crazy things as I'm half asleep in bed. I don't even remember exactly what I was telling everyone. But its mostly about me loving them.

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    1. Dark_Merlin's Avatar
      I love you too SSD
      saltyseedog likes this.
    2. ty4TheAdventure's Avatar
      hahaha love it! Plus I'm finding more and more that DV is full of great ppl so this dream makes sense to me
    3. Atras's Avatar
      Hmph, I think you left me out, I don't remember getting this message >.<
    4. TheForgotten 's Avatar

      Oooh noooeeessss, you've turned to love XD

      I hear the grass is greener on that side