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    Lonely stranded group

    by , 05-10-2014 at 06:40 PM (601 Views)
    I am stranded with a group of people in some wastes of a small town type place. Everything is grayish. Everyone is lonely and insane disagreements arise between people. Over time one girl decides to cut her breasts off after she is tired of all the horny men around her always commenting at her and treating her like trash. Eventually there is some helicopter with marines on it, but the helicopter has some clear sphere around and through it that spins that makes it fly. The pilot is an expert and flys between trees and stuff, they don't rescue us though? There are large grass fields and and hills past this side of town very colorful. There are some school kids playing at what looks like PE or recess on a sort of basket ball court black top type area and that same girl goes there to be with them rather than our group.

    The early parts of this dream were very long but I can't remember all it very clearly so I kept it simple.

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