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    Possession and zombies

    by , 07-15-2011 at 02:06 PM (819 Views)
    I am half awake. I suddenly am viewing the memory of a dream I earlier had without focusing or anything. It just unfolds like a movie and I watch it.

    I am in a sort of dungeon or basement like place
    Many people are here some tied down to tables
    The people here are all people I came in contact with during my possession
    All of them have been having off and on possessions
    They are going to send us to different places throughout the country
    I think they are sending us to something like insane asylums
    They are calling everyone off where they are going to go
    This girl that looks like one of my close friends from my sophomore year is giving me this intense stare from across the room
    I hear that she is going to Pennsylvania
    I consider asking to be sent there so I can be with her
    They believe that we may have some sort of virus that is causing all us to have these violent possessions
    I am told by a voice in my head that the only way we are to overcome our possessions is to work together and that we are not freed until everyone in our group in freed.
    In the next scene some man says something about walking in god
    I get angry somehow and end up pinning him to the floor
    I say "walking with god you know what that means??"
    He smiles and says "Oh yes I know what that means. I have had some crazy dreams and been crazy places, I've seen the future."
    Suddenly I viewing a scene flying above a place near my house
    Zombies run incredibly fast down the road attacking and killing people
    He tells me something like "You can view the past and the future. They already exist. Their energy is just dormant" he says something like that and I am a little confused as to what that means.
    I see these sort of circular shapes of energy unfold somehow explaining what he's saying.
    There has been sort of a zombie outbreak. People becoming zombified and killing other people beyond their control
    We are told to grab our guns and as much ammo as we can carry and meet a a place on the outskirts of town in the boonies where there is less likely to be any zombies
    I see many scenes of people driving and fighting zombies
    The zombies are incredibly fast and super strong.
    They all only are ruthlessly running and killing people.
    As I awake fully from viewing this memory, this song is echoing continually through my head.

    The thought comes to my mind of me being possessed and this zombie outbreak being connnected. Like demons possess mass amounts of people and kill other people.
    I get gnarly chills.
    This dream feels incredibly important so I come on here to right it down.

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    1. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      Interesting. It makes me wonder if it was a biological virus or maybe a psychological one, since you mentioned possessions.

      Thought patterns... hmm... thanks, I'll be thinking of zombies for the remainder of the day, lol