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    stolen bongs and swamp police chase

    by , 05-09-2014 at 08:34 PM (705 Views)
    I can't remember clearly but in the beginning I think me and a friend were smoking weed somewhere other than the house and it was peaceful there. The earliest part of the dream I can remember I was at our old house and my mom had apparently taken and tried to hide or throw away some very large bongs. But there were still two in the garage and I kept thinking how her efforts to take the bongs away from me were pointless and it frustrated me. My friends dad came to get me in a truck except he was mexican or maybe an indian (looking back it may have been a recurring person in my dreams and not his dad but I assumed it was).

    We drove through the city and eventually down a dirt road and there was a large swamp to our right side. Police boats came up along our truck but I kept yelling at them they had no right to search us and to go away. somehow we ended up in a chase with them and had stolen (or just appeared) on a jet ski. I had a double barrel 12 gauge and was blasting guys around me who were on logs and jet skis and stuff around us on the river being very quick reloading. The odds were very much against us. We managed to escape and we were hiding out in an area on the side of the river closer to the ocean in the water. By this time we were aware that someone had been murdered and they thought it was us who did it. We were talking and messing around but hid underwater as police came by in boats searching for us.

    Now I see in a perspective outside myself and there is some women who knows we are there and send s a small boy. Some how there is a room on the river now and this boy acts innocent and clueless but he is really trying to rat us out to the police without us knowing for fear of being hurt. Around this point I begin to fully realize its probably a dream and do a nose pinch rc but I can feel my body laying in bed and I wake up.

    I haven't recorded dreams on here in awhile but I might now because it will help me focus on my recall more. Maybe not all my dreams though depending on what they are about....

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