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    Things to Run Away From Really Fast

    #195. Keeping Up Appearances

    by , 08-13-2015 at 04:10 PM (472 Views)
    Mulcair kicks Harper out of his office, and the group of politicians and staffers watch a jug on the desk to see whether their party actually won the election. If the jug fills up with mostly orange liquid, the NDP definitely win.

    They do, and the newspapers are printing stories that are all about the doom of Canada.

    I'm apparently one of the staffers. Mulcair seems nice, even though (in the dream) he has a reputation of being quite cold and ruthless.


    There's a family similar to the Queens in the first season of Arrow. The younger sister is angry and hurt because she's being deliberately shunned by another member of the family. They're in public, but she runs away from the group anyway, despite the paparazzi that are around. Some of them follow her, and she ducks into a seller's tent that is inside the mall to hide from them.

    Later, a group of us are in an elevator. I'm examining the multiple security cameras, which apparently aren't operational because the family demands a lot of privacy.

    There's a problem with the elevator. On the main floor, about half of us pile out quickly before the doors slam shut behind us and the elevator quickly starts going back up. The technician is working on the elevator so that it will come back down and let the other people out.

    I briefly see the person that I reported to directly in a job that didn't work out very well earlier this year.

    Beyonce is performing inside the mall.


    I'm a teenager having a sleepover. We're all girls. There are three of us. One of the girls might not have asked her parents if she actually was allowed to sleep over.

    We talk about how one of the girls really didn't like the imagination game that we were playing. I said that maybe we should play Gargoyles or something. She asks if that's a computer game? I say no, we could just pretend we were gargoyles, that would be more exciting than pretending we were in school (or that we were having a sleepover?)

    That girl goes home in the morning. I ask her to tell her brother to call me (while making the "call me" hand gesture.)


    There's narration, and a set. I'm both in the story itself and the story is being filmed. It's all about a whole bunch of "darker" characters interacting with one another. One of the characters who exists in the light is fascinated by the idea of talking to a couple of the characters who stay in the shadows.

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