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    Things to Run Away From Really Fast

    #198. Waterpark in the Sky

    by , 08-17-2015 at 07:23 PM (812 Views)
    Long dream that started out when Fitz wanted to go base jumping with Simmons, but he hadn't suited up by the time the group was jumping.

    Later, Fitz has to rescue Simmons. Everything has turned into a weird waterpark in the sky. Simmons is briefly some sort of bivalve (like a clam or an oyster) and is glowing, and Fitz has to sneak her in without anyone realizing. Everyone is now looking for the glowing bivalve, because it's some sort of MacGuffin.

    Simmons is turned back into her regular self, and now she has to rescue Fitz. I swim through the waterpark as Simmons, breathing easily underwater.

    There's a gunfight now.


    We're on the ground, now. Autumn colours, and there's some kind of graduation happening. I'm a teenaged girl in a blue dress, only a little bit more practical than Cinderella-style. We're marching against a rival town.

    The two groups of rival townspeople meet on a grassy field. I summon a whirlwind of fire. Or try to—it turns out that I have an ice staff, so I freeze everyone within a five-metre radius. Most of the enemy group is frozen, but so are a few allies, including my mage.

    I switch to a character on the outskirts. Katniss. Ranged. I nock an arrow.

    We shift

    so that I'm watching my brother play a strategy game in the same setting. Rival towns, grassy fields. The game involves playing rival towns' structures against one another, so my brother is using playground equipment against his enemy's farm equipment. Jungle gyms versus tractors and combines.

    The enemy structures approach and my brother bashes his playground equipment against them. The enemy's mass and your mass cancel each other out, so if you can find enough structures to throw against the invaders, you win. Otherwise, they keep coming.

    There's also something about a fairy godmother.

    Adventure: 5/10
    Control: 4/10
    Fear: 2/10

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    1. Mzzkc's Avatar
      You could almost justify throwing that first bit with Fitz-Simmons in spoiler tags.
    2. Samael's Avatar
      Ah, I didn't make the connection. I guess someone might notice it in hindsight, but I don't think it has enough to do with the actual plot to justify spoiler tags...