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    Things to Run Away From Really Fast

    #206. The Oracle

    by , 08-28-2015 at 12:15 AM (848 Views)
    To get to the oracle, who is in some kind of park or zoo, we need to walk through dozens and dozens of tents that belong to homeless people. (The homeless people are elsewhere at the moment.)

    We face the oracle and explain our quest. The oracle's gender shifts at least once.

    We get our answers. The number 100 is important. The oracle mentions that the previous dreamer wanted to go after a spirit or a murderer, and we should be keeping an eye out for that spirit.

    Husband asks if, when our health accounts are charged for this, if it could not show up on his as something to do with the occult?

    I might or might not be lucid. We're climbing up a rock face towards a valley that has a ship in it. We're beyond the ship and someone shouts to me which side I want the explosion on. I shout back an answer.

    A maze. Changing my thoughts to make images appear in between the rows.

    My three companions are unconscious, and I need to drag them through the sand of the labyrinth without waking the women in the centre. I'm almost to the exit, but one of the women sends a boa constrictor after the sleepers.

    I'm running up the stairs, racing the snake, and then I'm one of the women fighting her sisters, running up paper blinds in the room beyond.

    I'm moving through rooms that remind me of the Jedi Knight video games, all steel and sliding doors. I'm having trouble remembering which direction I need to go in, and I walk into a room and am unsurprised by the room spawning a Sentry Bot from Fallout. I've played this level before (it's a fun one, and I hold the high score.)
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    1. Mzzkc's Avatar
      The oracle's gender shifts at least once.
      I've noticed this happens reasonably often with your DCs. Don't quite know why I find it so interesting, but it does make me ponder things a bit.
    2. Samael's Avatar
      Yep. I don't realize it while I'm talking to the DC, only when I wake up and I'm trying to assign a pronoun. I guess my brain doesn't figure that keeping track of their gender is very important, so it shifts throughout the course of the dream.