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    Things to Run Away From Really Fast

    #224. Broken Gameplay

    by , 09-22-2015 at 05:30 AM (1113 Views)
    There's one area in the video games vs. lucid dreaming argument where video games come out ahead: dreams are terrible at providing a consistent gameplay experience.

    I'm firing some kind of energy weapon down a rocky ravine at some well-armed and armoured aliens trying to board my ship. I'm getting frustrated because the leader's damned health bar isn't going down as fast as I think it should. I pull out a heavier energy weapon, dodge a blaster shot and look down the scope of my gun—FWOOM—and feel a moment's satisfaction when I see that the leader is down below half health.

    It doesn't last long.

    "Boarders!" one of the two crew members at my side shouts at me, "Revan, they're coming in the back!"

    Three of the armoured aliens pour in through another door and I duck so that the enemies below can't get a shot at me.

    "Where's the rest of the crew?" I shout back.

    My brother's running the game. He doesn't say anything, but I realize that the gameplay mechanics only allow for two of my crew members to join the fight: the ones that I had in my KOTOR-sized party.

    Sithspit. Three people won't be enough to hold off the invaders.

    I dive into third-person mode which automatically pauses the fight, and float quickly through the ship. I'm looking for the rest of my crew, and I come across Mystique in her natural formsprawled out on the floor of a storage room. Keeping an eye out for the other boarders, I move towards her and think about what the gameplay mechanic for reviving a crewmate should be. I'm not actually here, so...

    "Found you," says my brother from behind me.

    I spin around. "Revan's on the other side of the ship," I argue.

    "You're here."

    I scoff at his character, a tall man in black, and then run out of the storage room before he has time to reply. A fireball hits the wall as I run past, and I run through a set of double doors, another door, and into a hallway that leads to a series of bathrooms.

    Second door on the left. I throw myself into the room and click the door shut softly behind me, before plugging the sink and move my hand in front of the sensor so the water runs until it's full.

    Silence. My body is tense as I hold myself in position, ready to fling the water at the door.


    The door opens, and I relax when I realize it's Mystique.

    "Any backup?" I ask her.


    "Everyone else is down where the boarders entered the Ebon Hawk. We'll have to retreat for now."

    We move towards the back of the ship, but we're inside a facility now, all industrial chrome and steel. Bastila Shan holds her yellow lightsaber at the ready, and Mystique and I hold complementary hues of blue and orange. I wave my hand and call up my Darth Revan outfit, looking up the steel grating as I do.

    I jump up to the next level. Just as I expected, an enemy stands at the ready with another an lightsaber. They smile, and I give them a bloodthirsty grin in return. It's three against one, after all.


    Other dreams: a hiking trip with a couple of guides and a group of people, trying to find a bathroom before we leave on the trip. Looking for a judge in Ixburg who can sign a cheque that I need to write to pay a fine.

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    1. Milly's Avatar
      That's an awesome dream! You're making me nostalgic of KOTOR and all this time I spent doing everything but the main quest, because saving the galaxy is for losers or something.
      Samael likes this.
    2. Samael's Avatar
      KOTOR is still one of my favourite games of all time. I need to replay it sometime... I actually have the restored/modified KOTOR 2 now that I want to play, but I keep going back to Inquisition!