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    Things to Run Away From Really Fast

    #225. Dark Side Leia

    by , 02-14-2016 at 07:49 PM (723 Views)
    Hidden in a tiny nook inside the metal walls of the space station, I feel Darth Vader sweep by my hiding place. His footsteps rattle the walls, and I can vaguely hear him giving orders to subordinates.

    I am the space station, I chant, blending further into the background. The stark walls are etched by suffering. The station belongs to the Empire—although it masquerades as a lawless refuelling station—and if the Empire's agents make demands, the station management will fall all over itself to capitulate.

    "Find her."

    I smile.

    Then I'm walking through corridors until I reach the outside of the station. The rooms that I walk through are open to vacuum, but I don't bother with a spacesuit. Opening an airlock would be logged on the station's computer, as would removing a spacesuit from storage, and that would tip my hand. Unnecessary, when I can just walk through space under my own power.

    It's fucking cold, though. My skin is literally freezing in chunks, but that will go away once I re-enter the living areas of the station.

    I can see the stars stretched out in front of me through the transparisteel window, and I step through the glass—

    And fall.

    I catch myself with a thought. I glide towards the station, where I can see in through the windows and spy upon my quarry. (I wrap myself up in thick blankets as I do so.)


    The Exile—and administrator of the station—looks enraged.

    "These are our people!" he shouts at the officer. "I will NOT allow them to be put in harms way because of political machinations."


    We're on the surface of a rocky planet, under an orange sky. The other darksider has his lightsaber out, taunting me.

    You can't kill me, he says, not bothered by the lightsaber wound jutting through his abdomen. I've upgraded my body: these machines make me invincible.

    I charge at him and plunge my red lightsaber into his stomach, psychically forcing lines of corrupted code into his body through the blade. He falls.

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