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    1. #226. Andraste

      by , 01-09-2016 at 08:02 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      "So then Andraste was standing there looking like a normal human being, and Divine Victoria had to figure out how to explain to everyone who she was. And that was important, because Andraste was assembling a team to save the world."

      "Of course, why else would God come back as a snarky, gorgeous redhead?"

      (Explaining my dreams to someone IWL.)

      Divine Victoria
    2. #224. Broken Gameplay

      by , 09-22-2015 at 05:30 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      There's one area in the video games vs. lucid dreaming argument where video games come out ahead: dreams are terrible at providing a consistent gameplay experience.

      I'm firing some kind of energy weapon down a rocky ravine at some well-armed and armoured aliens trying to board my ship. I'm getting frustrated because the leader's damned health bar isn't going down as fast as I think it should. I pull out a heavier energy weapon, dodge a blaster shot and look down the scope of my gun—FWOOM—and feel a moment's satisfaction when I see that the leader is down below half health.

      It doesn't last long.

      "Boarders!" one of the two crew members at my side shouts at me, "Revan, they're coming in the back!"

      Three of the armoured aliens pour in through another door and I duck so that the enemies below can't get a shot at me.

      "Where's the rest of the crew?" I shout back.

      My brother's running the game. He doesn't say anything, but I realize that the gameplay mechanics only allow for two of my crew members to join the fight: the ones that I had in my KOTOR-sized party.

      Sithspit. Three people won't be enough to hold off the invaders.

      I dive into third-person mode which automatically pauses the fight, and float quickly through the ship. I'm looking for the rest of my crew, and I come across Mystique in her natural formsprawled out on the floor of a storage room. Keeping an eye out for the other boarders, I move towards her and think about what the gameplay mechanic for reviving a crewmate should be. I'm not actually here, so...

      "Found you," says my brother from behind me.

      I spin around. "Revan's on the other side of the ship," I argue.

      "You're here."

      I scoff at his character, a tall man in black, and then run out of the storage room before he has time to reply. A fireball hits the wall as I run past, and I run through a set of double doors, another door, and into a hallway that leads to a series of bathrooms.

      Second door on the left. I throw myself into the room and click the door shut softly behind me, before plugging the sink and move my hand in front of the sensor so the water runs until it's full.

      Silence. My body is tense as I hold myself in position, ready to fling the water at the door.


      The door opens, and I relax when I realize it's Mystique.

      "Any backup?" I ask her.


      "Everyone else is down where the boarders entered the Ebon Hawk. We'll have to retreat for now."

      We move towards the back of the ship, but we're inside a facility now, all industrial chrome and steel. Bastila Shan holds her yellow lightsaber at the ready, and Mystique and I hold complementary hues of blue and orange. I wave my hand and call up my Darth Revan outfit, looking up the steel grating as I do.

      I jump up to the next level. Just as I expected, an enemy stands at the ready with another an lightsaber. They smile, and I give them a bloodthirsty grin in return. It's three against one, after all.


      Other dreams: a hiking trip with a couple of guides and a group of people, trying to find a bathroom before we leave on the trip. Looking for a judge in Ixburg who can sign a cheque that I need to write to pay a fine.
    3. #221. Soldier

      by , 09-18-2015 at 08:17 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I'm re-enacting the movie Soldier, where a ragtag bunch of crash survivors need to defend themselves from genetically engineered soldiers who've been ordered to eliminate them... with the help of a discarded genetically engineered soldier.

      A friend (who was in the military at one point) wanders in and asks why we're watching this movie, when it's a stupid movie.


      Last year for Halloween, I had black-painted branches decorating my walls. I had to throw them out when I moved, and I was kind of sad about that.

      In the dream, I find these discarded decorations in a pile when I'm out doing errands, but I know that they'll be a little bit unwieldy to carry on public transit. I pick them up, but they've turned into a combination of a floor joist and some kind of beam at least ten feet long.

      I'm in an alley, and I'm going through my wallet looking for my bus pass. A young man makes a quick grab for the wallet—and I stare him and his shifty-looking friend down. He hesitates for a moment, and says "I was going to ask if you needed help with that."

      I smile brightly and say, "Absolutely. You can pick up this beam and help me get it on the bus!"
    4. #219. Smoke

      by , 09-15-2015 at 06:31 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      It's about five in the morning. The early morning sun shines onto the gravel of the parking lot, casting long shadows.

      My brother and I sitting in a car. I'm in the driver's seat, but the car is parked, and the two of us are just looking at the houses on the street over.

      There's some kind of argument, and idly, I imagine a spark near one of the houses.

      Suddenly, there's smoke billowing from the windows of the house closest to the spark. Good job, me, bringing innocent bystanders into our argument.

      I jump out of the car, shouting "Come on!"

      My brother follows me to the house. I ring the doorbell twice -- come on, come on -- and a sleepy-looking woman answers the door.

      I point out the billowing smoke, and she thanks me for my concern but tells me that's it's normal.


      Later, I'm with my mom and brother visiting someone.

      "We should get back home," I tell my mom, looking at the approaching storm.

      The thunderstorm approaches at the speed of a semi truck, the first pellets of heavy rain hitting the ground in a continuous wave.

      "Too late," says my mom, and we duck to the floor of the room (which is on the top of the house) and I'm holding up a floor mat to try to shield us both from the mud splattering into the room.
    5. #217. The King of the Forest

      by , 09-14-2015 at 01:23 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Waking up after a dream that your husband was kidnapped? Quite a relief.

      Having to tell him that we might have been inducted as part-time members of the Wild Hunt? Maybe not so awesome.


      Cernunnos (KER noo nohss): the Celtic Horned God.

      Ravana (rah-vuh-nuh): antagonist in the Hindu epic Ramayana, follower of Shiva, king of Lanka, and depicted as having ten heads.


      I'm standing at a window, looking out into the forest. It's midday, and sunlight streams down onto the meadow that leads from the trees to the house.

      Movement. A deer appears, walking confidently from the forest. He has ten heads, all of them focused down the road beyond the house.

      I'm kneeling at the window as the deer goes by, close enough to touch. He's almost gone past. I hesitate, then tap on the glass.

      All ten heads swivel towards me, ten pairs of eyes focused on me, just beyond a thin pane of glass. I flinch at the idea that I'm getting the attention of this king of the forest the same way that disrespectful children get the attention of animals at the zoo.

      I'm sorry to bother you, I tell him. I saw you, and I know I'm not supposed to. I thought you should know.

      He stares for a moment. Then, a few of his heads dipping to look back down the road, he tells me:

      Come with me.


      We're at a bar. In the interim, I've learned more about our world's masquerade, been inducted into a secret society, and given my husband the necessary introductions.

      "At one point," my husband tells me, "Four of his heads swivelled around to look at me." His implication, it was creepy, remains unsaid. This is a supernatural bar, after all, and the king of the forest is never too far away.

      "He gave you half his attention," I say, tapping on my glass. "Imagine having one hundred per cent of it on you."

      I shiver at the memory of ten pairs of eyes looking into my soul.


      Not even 24 hours, I think to myself. Not even long enough for the police to get involved.

      And yet here I am, asking for a god's audience—to demand help to find my missing husband. Because I know that they've taken him.

      The king holds his court under the stars. He stands in the centre of the dais in anthropomorphic form, wearing dark maroon robes. I can feel the weight of his many eyes on me... but it feels like a weight has been lifted off of my chest. The decision has already been made. I can breathe.

      I need access to the network of cameras along the highway, I tell the god. They may be a long way from here by now, but even they would need to stop for gas.

      The heads that are looking my way nod in recognition, and the god raises a hand on his left side, a soft movement gesturing at the man behind him.

      I'm standing at the railing, the scrutiny of the court no longer resting with me (but watching, always watching). The man in the suit (the god's left hand) looks down his nose at me, a faint sneer on his face. New favourites of the god already asking for favours, I can practically hear him think.

      I'm calm, going through the motions with the mechanized precision of a person in mid-crisis. (Fight or flight or solve the goddamn problem.)

      "Thank you for seeing me," I tell him, even though we both know he had no choice in the matter. And then I change gears. "I'll need one of your techs to go through the footage with me. I can't do it myself this time—"

      this time, because that's the world we're now a part of

      "—but next time this happens to one of our people, I'll be able to help."

      A flash of emotion across his face, too quick to identify, and his eyes warm somewhat. "I'm {error

      "-Anderson," he says, catching my hand in a firm handshake. "Welcome to �����."
    6. #216. Feline Destruction

      by , 09-11-2015 at 09:10 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      We've bought a house, and we got a really good deal on a place overlooking the ocean.

      The cats (usually M) keep jumping up into the windows, and the bottoms of the window frames keep collapsing under their weight, just like the drawer fell out of that old coffee table when the supports collapsed.

      A woman is disapproving of the fact that we have cats in the condo. She doesn't live here, but she thinks we should follow the rules, and the rules state that we're not supposed to have cats. She asks what we're going to do about the windows, and I tell her, bemused, that it's actually pretty easy to repair them, and this is actually our house, that we own.

      Sometimes during this dream, the person that I'm married to isn't my husband, but a woman (different from the rules lawyer above).
    7. #214. Fire

      by , 09-09-2015 at 09:43 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      One of us will win the contest and escape, and the rest of us will be doused with gasoline and burned to death.

      Oh, it hurts. It hurts a lot.
    8. #211. Skywalk Restaurants

      by , 09-05-2015 at 03:53 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      We're at a multi-level restaurant, where you have to take a lift to get to your table. Each table has its own little balcony area, but there aren't any railings to keep guests and servers hemmed in. You just have to balance!

      I'm having trouble with the lift. Our table is on one of the middle levels, but the lift wants to go to the very top or the very bottom. Eventually, I wait until the lift gets close to our level, and then jump—

      My hands grasp at a chair that's bolted down on the level above (or below?) ours, and my feet kick out at the air until they find purchase on the scaffolding. I'm upside-down, and I climb steadily back to our table. I'm glad that my husband is sitting down at the table already, because he can keep the whole thing weighted down as I throw it off balance.
    9. #206. The Oracle

      by , 08-28-2015 at 12:15 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      To get to the oracle, who is in some kind of park or zoo, we need to walk through dozens and dozens of tents that belong to homeless people. (The homeless people are elsewhere at the moment.)

      We face the oracle and explain our quest. The oracle's gender shifts at least once.

      We get our answers. The number 100 is important. The oracle mentions that the previous dreamer wanted to go after a spirit or a murderer, and we should be keeping an eye out for that spirit.

      Husband asks if, when our health accounts are charged for this, if it could not show up on his as something to do with the occult?

      I might or might not be lucid. We're climbing up a rock face towards a valley that has a ship in it. We're beyond the ship and someone shouts to me which side I want the explosion on. I shout back an answer.

      A maze. Changing my thoughts to make images appear in between the rows.

      My three companions are unconscious, and I need to drag them through the sand of the labyrinth without waking the women in the centre. I'm almost to the exit, but one of the women sends a boa constrictor after the sleepers.

      I'm running up the stairs, racing the snake, and then I'm one of the women fighting her sisters, running up paper blinds in the room beyond.

      I'm moving through rooms that remind me of the Jedi Knight video games, all steel and sliding doors. I'm having trouble remembering which direction I need to go in, and I walk into a room and am unsurprised by the room spawning a Sentry Bot from Fallout. I've played this level before (it's a fun one, and I hold the high score.)
    10. #204. House at the End of the Lane

      by , 08-24-2015 at 04:09 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      It's Halloween, and I want to check out a house that I haven't been to—a local social media personality is having a party there.

      The dream turns into an Alex Veras-style adventure, except that I'm an exorcist, so maybe more Felix Castor. I'm casting an exorcism. I try a traditional Christian exorcism but almost break down laughing, and switch to one using "spirit" as the anchor.

      Now we're on a road trip.


      I'm at W Park (the one with the swans) with my family. Someone asks to have the water gun pointed at them while they're on the diving board because they forgot to shower before going in the pool. The pool and diving boards are within the park instead of across the way.


      Fragment: phone call
    11. #198. Waterpark in the Sky

      by , 08-17-2015 at 07:23 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Long dream that started out when Fitz wanted to go base jumping with Simmons, but he hadn't suited up by the time the group was jumping.

      Later, Fitz has to rescue Simmons. Everything has turned into a weird waterpark in the sky. Simmons is briefly some sort of bivalve (like a clam or an oyster) and is glowing, and Fitz has to sneak her in without anyone realizing. Everyone is now looking for the glowing bivalve, because it's some sort of MacGuffin.

      Simmons is turned back into her regular self, and now she has to rescue Fitz. I swim through the waterpark as Simmons, breathing easily underwater.

      There's a gunfight now.


      We're on the ground, now. Autumn colours, and there's some kind of graduation happening. I'm a teenaged girl in a blue dress, only a little bit more practical than Cinderella-style. We're marching against a rival town.

      The two groups of rival townspeople meet on a grassy field. I summon a whirlwind of fire. Or try to—it turns out that I have an ice staff, so I freeze everyone within a five-metre radius. Most of the enemy group is frozen, but so are a few allies, including my mage.

      I switch to a character on the outskirts. Katniss. Ranged. I nock an arrow.

      We shift

      so that I'm watching my brother play a strategy game in the same setting. Rival towns, grassy fields. The game involves playing rival towns' structures against one another, so my brother is using playground equipment against his enemy's farm equipment. Jungle gyms versus tractors and combines.

      The enemy structures approach and my brother bashes his playground equipment against them. The enemy's mass and your mass cancel each other out, so if you can find enough structures to throw against the invaders, you win. Otherwise, they keep coming.

      There's also something about a fairy godmother.

      Adventure: 5/10
      Control: 4/10
      Fear: 2/10
    12. #197. Family Values

      by , 08-15-2015 at 03:45 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Decorating the ceiling for Halloween, because the floor-to-ceiling decorations at the entrance aren't festive enough for this important holiday.

      Characters from the Addams Family. I'm a man who has apparently gotten engaged/married to Morticia, and my character's mother comes over to harass me occasionally over what a bad idea this is. (She bears no resemblance to my real mother and is more like Moira Queen in Arrow.) My character also has an (adult?) son, who resembles Pugsley. Wednesday is still Morticia's daughter. Grandmama likes me, though.

      I threaten to cut Pugsley and my mother out of the will if they don't leave me alone over this whole thing.

      My black cat is being bad in the dream (and was also being loud in real life) so in the dream, I temporarily put him in the entrance hall of the farmhouse we're now in and close the door with him in there. The other cat is not happy with this arrangement, as she's also in the entranceway, and she crawls into a passageway under the house so that I can't reach her.

      Adventure: 2/10
      Control: 2/10
      Fear: 1/10
    13. #196. Real Life Creepiness, but the Robots Were Cool

      by , 08-14-2015 at 05:54 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      It's night, and we're in a heavily wooded valley. Above us is a massive structure that resembles a dam, and there are offices in the building that's built into the structure.

      The four (or five?) of us are gathered in a circle, having made camp. There's no fire. We're on the run.

      And they've found us.

      It's day, now. The parents and one (or two?) of their kids have found a vehicle and are driving up one side of the dam (but there are deer in the way, so they can only go so quickly.)

      I'm the daughter, and insect-like attack robots surround me, their numbers penetrating deep into the forest. I feel the energy building up within me, and I lash out, striking at the robots with some kind of sword, taking out half a dozen of them in a straight line.

      There are too many of them. I retreat upwards into the office building, blasting through a wall to get inside. There are men and women in suits around a boardroom table, and they spin in their seats as I rush past them, sending up alarmed cries. I get to the interior door, something hot on my heels, and everything goes dark.


      The man in charge has short, spiked black hair. He is arrogant, cold, as he gives his orders. They're in the centre of a city now, and he has the girl.

      People are frantic. Something has gone wrong. They need to escape, to evacuate. They need to get a message to the Earl.

      I laugh. I am now a man, thin-faced and shorter than the man in charge. He is angry, he grabs me by the lapels of my jacket and demands, demands, demands.

      Amused, I tell him that I can get the information to the Earl. It's in X folder in his personal, secure system, right? I have the files now, I can send them.

      Demands, demands.

      Well, I'm a hacker, of course, I tell him. And I'm not really here. But I can help him, for a price.

      I'm with the girl I was before, and we're speeding through the city in a shuttle, trying to dodge as multiple giant space worms—like the one from Men in Black—destroy the city and try to eat us, as well.

      We're in an elevator. Have we made it?


      In the church my mom took me to when I was really, really little. It's still dark, because it's winter, and the service is in an hour. I unlock the door with my key and turn on the lights.

      No one is here yet. I go downstairs and turn on the lights (I'm a little bit afraid because I need to go through the dark sections to get to the lights), and I consider going home and sleeping for a bit.

      I turn off the lights and stand in the darkness for a moment, quiet and still. The trees and the moon above the church create a lovely picture in the sky.

      There's still one light on, though. It looks like someone is in the bathroom. I guess I should turn the lights back on and stay here until the service starts, since people have started arriving.


      Spoiler for Content note for attempted sexual assault:

      Edit: I also had a dream that Sensei started up his comp and had ALL of the intermediates against the one person who volunteered to be on the advanced team (which wasn't me).

      Adventure: 5/10
      Control: 3/10
      Fear: 7/10

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    14. #195. Keeping Up Appearances

      by , 08-13-2015 at 04:10 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Mulcair kicks Harper out of his office, and the group of politicians and staffers watch a jug on the desk to see whether their party actually won the election. If the jug fills up with mostly orange liquid, the NDP definitely win.

      They do, and the newspapers are printing stories that are all about the doom of Canada.

      I'm apparently one of the staffers. Mulcair seems nice, even though (in the dream) he has a reputation of being quite cold and ruthless.


      There's a family similar to the Queens in the first season of Arrow. The younger sister is angry and hurt because she's being deliberately shunned by another member of the family. They're in public, but she runs away from the group anyway, despite the paparazzi that are around. Some of them follow her, and she ducks into a seller's tent that is inside the mall to hide from them.

      Later, a group of us are in an elevator. I'm examining the multiple security cameras, which apparently aren't operational because the family demands a lot of privacy.

      There's a problem with the elevator. On the main floor, about half of us pile out quickly before the doors slam shut behind us and the elevator quickly starts going back up. The technician is working on the elevator so that it will come back down and let the other people out.

      I briefly see the person that I reported to directly in a job that didn't work out very well earlier this year.

      Beyonce is performing inside the mall.


      I'm a teenager having a sleepover. We're all girls. There are three of us. One of the girls might not have asked her parents if she actually was allowed to sleep over.

      We talk about how one of the girls really didn't like the imagination game that we were playing. I said that maybe we should play Gargoyles or something. She asks if that's a computer game? I say no, we could just pretend we were gargoyles, that would be more exciting than pretending we were in school (or that we were having a sleepover?)

      That girl goes home in the morning. I ask her to tell her brother to call me (while making the "call me" hand gesture.)


      There's narration, and a set. I'm both in the story itself and the story is being filmed. It's all about a whole bunch of "darker" characters interacting with one another. One of the characters who exists in the light is fascinated by the idea of talking to a couple of the characters who stay in the shadows.
    15. #193. Objects of Faith

      by , 08-12-2015 at 04:21 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I drive a motorcycle across my hometown, and realize I forgot my helmet. Oh well. I'm also carrying a baked potato in my jacket pocket, and it's falling apart.


      A nest of vampires in an otherwise benign-looking place, like a post office or a government building. S has warned me, but I come back anyway.

      Vampires are repelled by objects of faith (Dresden Files), but unlike the stereotype, they don't need to be Christian symbols. The eldest vampire stalks towards me, and I have my pendant in my hand (the question: does the onyx within it represent me or the people I believe in, because I don't necessarily have faith in myself...) and I strike, pressing the pendant into the vampire's skin. It sizzles and burns, the vampire trying to get away, shrieking.

      It's cries draw the other vampires, and I draw back to swing a fist, my Celtic ring coming into contact another vampire.

      Later, I'll be asked if we can do an empirical test to determine whether the gold of the ring or the silver of the pendant was more effective against vampires.


      "Who's your commanding officer?" demands a formidable looking black man with a military bearing.

      "I don't know yet."

      "Good answer," he tells me. He is my commanding officer.

      When a small group comes to tell me I'll be joining them, I look back to him.

      "Sir?" I ask, and he instructs me to join the group.

      We board a plane. There are more than a dozen seats left when I come in, but one of my squadmates is arguing with a blond, thinner man who's already seated.

      "These are for the paratroopers," says the seated man. "We don't have any seats for you."

      I approach and tell him that we're assigned to this plane, and will be taking some of the seats. He is angry, but we end up seated, anyway.

      I'm sitting next to a superior officer who's played by an actor I can't remember the name of. He's a heavier-set black man and he asks roundabout questions about my place in -- and loyalty to -- our shadowy organization. I tell him I will do what needs to be done.

      The plane is in the air. I stand up and walk down the aisle. "It's time," I say to one of my squadmates as I walk past. She's a darker-skinned woman with long, curly hair.

      We're in the air now. The six members of the squad are gliding towards our destination using wingsuits, flying through the chilled air.

      "We can make it the whole way," the woman I was talking to says over the comms.

      "Negative," I say. "We're losing altitude. Chutes on my mark; aim to land at the planned point."

      I see a red plume of light indicating where we should land.

      "And... NOW!"

      We deploy our parachutes and land on the ice next to an island. Before I know it, we have skates on and are making our way towards the shore.

      A red pickup truck meets us. We put skate guards on our skates and a few of us climb into the cab, the rest getting into the back of the truck. I'm making plans with the driver.

      Scare factor: 5/10. Lots of fun and adventure, felt in control of the narrative the entire time, despite not being lucid.

      EDIT for new rating system (and formatting colour):

      Adventure: 8/10
      Control: 8/10
      Fear: 2/10

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