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    1. Spellbe2's competition night 6

      by , 01-16-2016 at 09:59 PM
      Just two non-lucid fragments (I had more when I woke up but I had to get on with my day without time to make better notes, boo! :-(

      Fragment 1:
      I'm looking out of the window into the back garden, I can see the grass is all unkempt (just like reality!) and I'm flipping through a book that has seed packets as the pages, trying to decide what to plant in my garden.

      Fragment 2:
      (I'm pretty sure this follows on fairly shortly after the above fragment - I think it happens in a mutated version of the same back garden)
      I'm standing on the nearside of a pond, watching a man on the other side faffing about with his car. After a while, I hatch opens in the grass to my side and I realise he's sending his car through a tunnel under the pond. The car automatically navigates carefully through the obviously very tight tunnel and comes tothe hatch, stopping just a centimetre or so short of a post that's immediately outside the exit of the tunnel, then the man starts coming over a footbridge that spans the pond.
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    2. Spellbee Competition Night 5

      by , 01-15-2016 at 06:33 PM
      Before bed I took 200mg of 5-HTP (in a pill that also contains an inconsequential amount of B6)

      Dream 1:

      I'm swimming in a stream, the scenery is reminiscent of the lake district on a very bright sunny day (very bright sunshine or almost complete darkness is a dreamsign for me!) As I'm floating downstream I can see bright green grass on the hills and various rocky / soil patches. I look under the water and it's very clear and well lit. The possibility I'm dreaming crosses my mind and after a few moments of building up courage, I try to test it by breathing underwater! First I breathe out and note that there aren't any bubbles, which builds my confidence, so I take a deep breath in and suddenly, as my confidence in being lucid soars, the colouring of the scene changes dramatically. The lighting is still very bright, though not as extremely, and the colours around me get super-saturated (reds look extremely red, the blue water looks like peppermint toothpaste, no dingy colours or half-shades at all). After a moment, I notice that as well as the extremely strong colours, there are also completely grayscale parts to my view.

      I swim down the stream underwater marvelling at the brightly lit coral reef like sights. There are luminously bright plants, corals and animals. After a few metres I swim up to the surface and continue above the surface, flying into the air and finding myself at a part of the shore with trees. I fly up alongside a tree which has an entirely grayscale trunk/bark but glowing green leaves. I'm just starting to think about what tasks I can do and I realise the dream is fading, more's the pity!

      Fragment 1:
      (After my (IRL) alarm goes off at 07:00, I had a brief FA fragment in which I looked at the clock on my phone and it said 07:56 and I was upset that I hadn't managed to use my snooze button for any fragmentary attempts at LDing, but then the alarm went off again at 07:10 (I'd snoozed it at 7) and I went back to sleep, convinced that I'd be able to get some tiny fragments to boost my score, but this one's the only one I got :-(
    3. Competition night 14-and-a-half, Saturday 7th Feb - Naptime Fragments

      by , 02-09-2015 at 10:56 PM
      Fragment 1: I'm following some kind of national infrastructure route, it feels like a new system perhaps foir delivering some new form of power but doedsn't follow any preexisting distribution network. I'm following a line into Wales from the WEst Midlands and can see the branching structure on a map.

      Fragment 2: I'm in a car on a bridge heading downhill from the high point of the bridge toward what looks like a toll gate at the bottom of the slope. The bridge is wide, perhaps four or six lanes, and traffic is at a standstill. I hed down the hard shoulder and somebody in the car is apparently nervouis that I might hit the other cars as I pass, so I prove the point by driving so as to just clip my wing mirror on the bollards that line the other side of the gap I'm going through.

      Fragment 3:
      I'm in a car going around a roundabout, it feels familiar, I think from a dream of a few years back. I'm directing somebody else driving and tell them which exit to take, but they miss it and as we go past it becomes clear that it's more complicated than I thought because immediately adjacent to the exit we need to take, there is another exit that goes onto the wrong carriageway, and a third exit that leads onto a narrow old road that used to service the rouge. This third exit is precipitously steep, totally infeasible, but still offered as an option at the junction!
    4. Competition night 14, Fri 5th Feb - On the train

      by , 02-09-2015 at 10:50 PM
      I'm on a train platform in drizzle, burdened with large bags and a pushchair or pram, waiting for somebody getting off to get on with it so I can get on. He dithers and then gallantly offers to let me on first, which is less helpful than just getting out of my way, but I can't really refuse the gesture.

      I clamber aboard awkwardly and squeeze through the doors and vestibule into the carriage. There aren't many spare seats but I find one that's blocked by a collapsible pushchair that hasn't been collapsed. I cram my bags into a luggage rack and collapse the offending furniture to get it out of the way. I half collapse my own pushchair before remembering that I need it for the baby.

      I start settling down as the train starts moving. Once I get over the faff of getting onto the train I attend to the baby. The baby is a blond boy who looks a bit old to be in a pushchair, perhaps 2 1/2, though somewhat smaller and slightly built than Harriet. I get the impression that he's called Arthur or something similar, though he looks a little reminiscent of a friend's nipper called Jonno.

      I realise that the drizzle on the platform has left his flannelette clothes a bit wet and he's been patiently and quietly sitting and not complaining. I apologise and bustle around grabbing a towl and drying his hair and hands and ask him if he would rather I took his top off to dry him or leave it on, he says he wants me to leave the top on with language skills that again seem a bit advanced for a kid in a pushchair, perhaps 4.
      I make a game of drying him by making silly noises and tickling and such to cheer him up after being soggy and chilly.

      Behind the pushchair I spot CM looking frustratedly around and muttering under his breath that it's going to take him over an hour to get to work, he grumps through the door to the next carriage and out of sight and I return to Arthur, deciding that his clothese are now dry enough that I don't need to change him into fresh ones.
    5. Competition night 10, Mon 2nd Feb - Leaving the Hotel

      by , 02-09-2015 at 10:24 PM
      I'm at some kind of conference in a hotel. I'm supposed to be leaving to get to a meeting I have at nine but my bag has gone missing. I vault over an upright piano that's in the foyer, then I try to pack some of my gubbins in the piano. I have akey to lock the back panel onto the piano after stuffing the space behind with clothes and shoes and suitcases etc. I also have a key for the flap that covers the keyboard, but the lock is broken, so that's not much use.

      I find some of my stuff that needs packing hidden on top of a cupboard and complain to the guy who put it there that I'm likely to lose stuff if he puts it in random places like that.

      I spot a car behind the cupboard and think "oh yeah, my other car" but it's only a remote control toy and the key in my pocket is just the remote.
      Tags: cars, hotel, packing
    6. competition night 13 - Thu 5th Feb - sexy times!

      by , 02-09-2015 at 08:46 PM
      Dream: Sex with AW
      I'm in an odd place that combines a large space somewhat reminiscent of a school sports hall with rooms that feel much more like parts of a home than anything I'd expect to see attached to a sports hall.

      I explore various rooms and after a bit of looking around bump into AW (a girlfriend from years ago) I'm pleased to see her and we chat for a bit, reminiscing about various amusing memories.

      At some point during the conversation the scene changes and were lying side by side on a couch, still just talking bollocks. We both start falling asleep and she snuggles up to me, tangling her legs around mine. I start panicking, realising that this situation isn't quite what I had thought. I'm trying to process through what the implications are, trying to decide if it's OK to rekindle an old flame, whether it's OK to sleep with her so soon, whether it's OK not to have any protection etc. All this is a somewhat hurried thought process as we are now both naked and the sofa has opened out into a bed and she's climbing on board and making eye contract in a way that leaves no room for misinterpretation.

      Skipping forward a chapter, I'm skulking around the odd hybrid sports hall / house, it's night time and I'm naked, still evidently pleased to see AW and looking for something when AW's dad bimbles around a corner. He doesn't seem all that suspicious to see me naked here, though he does seem puzzled as to why I suddenly curl up into a boner concealing ball. AW then comes around the corner wearing nothing but a smile and the fact that she's so comfortable with the situation seems to satisfy her dad's curiosity.

      Mum is getting confused by the bread machine, and I'm explaining it to her

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    7. Competition night 12 - Wed 4th Feb

      by , 02-06-2015 at 12:35 AM
      Dream one - Floating through the landscape:

      [I'm sure there was more dream before I got lucid, but I can't remember what happened.]

      I'm in a field of various wild grasses, reminiscent of a wheat field but not as uniform, with different heights and shapes of grass. Judging by the flowering it's mid summer.

      For no obvious reason I suddenly suspect I'm dreaming and confirm it by floating off the ground and GET LUCID!

      I try to remember my dream goals and remember that one of them was to incubate a mountain in China complete with distinctive flora and geology. I look up and see that there are snowcapped mountains in the distance. I decide to try to fly toward them. I rise up higher until in a few hundred metres above the ground figuring that being close to the ground would make the movement seem greater and therefore harder to go a long distance. I look down and see some suburban streets and notice that I appear to be flying backwards, away from the mountains.

      I fly higher still until the ground begins to fade away behind clouds, then focus on looking intently at the mountains hoping that the scenery between me and them will fade out leaving me with only the mountains. As I'm doing this I try to picture some more authentically Chinese looking mountains. The mountains get greener and steeper and start to look more like the mountains I wanted, but as I'm doing this I'm realising that the Chinese mountains task was *incubation* and actually I need alpine mountains for my "fly through a snowy apine valley" task. I start heading up the valley reasoning that there will be not snow higher up and I can transform the mountains back to alpine style as I go.

      Unfortunately I wake up decisively moments later :-(

      Dream two - Rescue mission:
      [I wish I'd written more notes on this one when I first woke up as it's faded somewhat now]

      I'm inside some kind of vessel that could be a submarine or perhaps some a space craft, there's chaos going on with alarms and flashing lights and loud crashing noises and people rushing around reacting to whatever it is that's going on.

      The scene flashes forward to some time later when the emergency is over and everyone has settled into the realisation that we are trapped underground. I'm reminded of a story I read of recently of some German soldiers accidentally trapped for several years in a supply depot when it was sealed to keep it from the allies.

      The scene changes again, now I'm involved in some kind of rescue/salvage mission.

      I'm looking at a map or perhaps an overhead photograph of terrain showing what looks like impact marks in sandy silt at the bottom of a body of water. I can hear a woman's voice explaining that these marks indicate where a vessel hit the ground hard. At one end of the elongated scar there is a dark smudge that it is explained is the craft itself showing dimly through the silt. It turns out that is has come to rest barely below the surface. There is a painful irony that if the crew has realised they were so close to the surface they probably could have found their way out. Indeed, the female voice goolies on to explain that one ends of the vessel is just fractionally protruding above the surface.

      On closer inspection, I can see a corner of the craft, an incongruent hard straight line among a vague blurry picture. As we watch, we can even see a little movement and realise that the vessel rocks slightly as crew members within move from one end to the other and we realise that the crew, presumed dead, must still be alive!

      Rescue mission for a buried sub cum spaceship

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      non-lucid , lucid
    8. competition night 11, Tue 3rd Feb - Sailing and 3x pseudo-FA

      by , 02-04-2015 at 10:55 AM
      Dream one:
      I'm with my brother and a couple of randoms and I'm tying a knot to keep a sail tied onto the top of its mast, I do a clove hitch and a loop round turn with a highwayman's hitch to hold it in place, explaining to the randoms that it's a good idea to have a quick release knot in case of emergencies.

      Jofish takes the small boat and starts sailing it around the very shallow lake we're in (I'm still standing in the water watching him do turns and even a couple of jumps in the boat)

      [I wake up to my alarm and then fall back to sleep in what I guess was technically not a FA because I did actually wake up and turn my alarm off.]

      Dream two:
      I'm trying to get up but I'm lying in bed with my eyes really struggling to open. I take the fact that I can just about see what looks like reality as an indication that I'm awake after all even though struggling to open my eyes is a dream sign (it usually means my light box is shining in my face and my dream imagery is struggling to be seen). I get up and start telling Jofish about the dream he was in while trying to get up to make breakfast. I go downstairs and have to step over my dad who's sleeping on the floor in the dining area on the way to the kitchen - I'm back at my childhood home and am not surprised to find him here. Mum's got a large light box and I "remember" that she got prescribed one. My dream logic tells me that this is why I'm struggling to see.

      I get to the kitchen and start rifling through the fridge to find breakfast things, but it's full of housemates' stuff, then turns out to be the oven, but the fridge next to the oven is in much the same state of cluttered mess. I throw out some obviously moldy stuff and am giving up on finding what I'm looking for when I realise there's another fridge on the other side of the kitchen and that does contain useful breakfast things.

      I start trying to fry some bacon still seeing through the slits of barely openable eyes. I manage to get some bacon onto my flat griddle thingumy and start frying it. I decide I need to add some more bacon so I try to arrange the bacon so that the already started stuff doesn't over cook, then I add an egg and have to shuffle everything around again. I just about manage to find the plastic fish slice I need to flip things over without scratching the nonstick pan, after getting a little distracted by piles of washing up and having to feel my way around because my eyesight is so poor.

      In the process of shuffling items around the pan and adjusting the heat of the hob, and moving the griddle pan around to ensure the heat is under the items that need it rather than under the things that don't, I've somehow ended up almost sitting on the hob and realise that my left knee is getting uncomfortably hot and I almost set my trousers on fire.

      [Again, I wake up to my alarm (it's on a 10 minute snooze) and again manage to fall asleep straight into a dream.]

      Dream three:
      Again, I'm telling somebody about the stream I just had, again I'm trying to make breakfast. I remember telling the egg that I have to cut its yolk in half to make it cook at the right speed to be ready at the same time as the rest of the food. Again I'm struggling to open my eyes.

      [Again, the alarm thing! This time I roll over to face away from my light box half thinking I might attempt a WILD as I'm obviously in the right timing for it to work]

      The dream that arrives is yet another one of me telling somebody about my dream and the frustration of missing two dream sign crammed FAs in a row, and I don't realise the irony that I'm doing it again. I realise that I can't keep prattling about dreams because after that many alarms, I need to get on with getting ready for work, so I wake up to get to and ready for work.


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      non-lucid , false awakening , dream fragment
    9. competition Night 9, Feb 1st - Rabbit run

      by , 02-03-2015 at 07:43 PM
      I'm floating along night time roads, just off the ground using my arms as wings to glide. I have just the tiniest inkling that this seems a little unlikely but I'm not lucids enough to reject it outright and dream logic soon hand waves it away as not really flying of I'm only just off the ground and my arms ate taking the weight. Grr.

      I fly higher to avoid being hit by traffic, rising up to just above the trees that occasionally overhang the road.

      Looking behind me a realize there is a column of soldiers (Royal Marines, i think) coming up behind me. They don't seen to be interested in me as such but I still fell I ought to keep out of their way. I decide that flying is a bit conspicuous and cone back to ground level. I realise that at ground level there are purple and animals being chased and corralled by the army types. I dice over and under and through various fences, some of which appear to be recently installed for the purpose of steering quarry into particular areas. By this time I'm feeling distinctly threatened and flight has been replaced with flight(!)

      I see that some youngsters are dressed as of door a cross country run or some kind of wide game but there is a certain hunger games vibe to it. I duck under another fence, aware that another chap who had briefly been running alongside me was caught and injured quite badly (I "remember" that he's a friend and that he broke his arm in this conflict but I had dismissed it without realising the seriousness of the situation)

      Having got through this particular fence, I appear to be outside the official area of the game but an site that in not yet out of danger. By this time I'm running on all fours like a rabbit. I Scrabble down a step slope, sliding down a really long strip of paper. For since treason I try to draw a picture of the joker (as in Batman) on the paper as I fly down it at speed and fell fairly pleased with the result.

      At the bottom of the hill I scurry across a road and into a first. This road crossing and the first hundred feet or so of running through the forest repeat a couple of times, with larger bounds each time until I'm practically flying.

      The final leap takes me over a broad shallow river that's flooded songs nearby fields, there's a dark foreboding leafless fittest ahead that I recognise as the scary forest in a story among the lines of watership down. Thankfully I land short of the forest. As I cone down o find there are a handful of other rabbits alongside me.

      We have landed in a farm that is feeding up geese, ducks, and turkeys tour slaughter. We decide that here is as good a place as any to hide out for a bit, at least while it's not slaughtering time yet. The turkeys sing a cherry but morbid song about for their being fattened up for eating.

      When slaughtering time comes, I escape with some other rabbits, the farm is closing down because it's been bought by an airline. We run away through the carpark but are chased by an employee who says that until we leave the property we're his and he's going to kill is. We get ocer the fence but he decides to keep chasing us.

      We leap into the air and are flying over the black first again. The hunter man who now looks something like a fox is hanging of one of the other rabbits but we dislodge him and drop him into the dark forest

      We start looking for somewhere to land. I suggest a lake I can see but we don't know of it's deep enough to land in. I point out that it has giant fish in it so it must be deep but we notice the fish don't look friendly and one is eating another. We've drifted lower and end up just stepping onto the roof of a weird farm like building containing some really weird jelly like lizard type things that leap about and on the other side some glowing shapes like capital letter H with one arm shorter than the rest

      Wake to alarm for WBTB
    10. Competition Night 8, Jan 31st - Not a night for soup

      by , 02-03-2015 at 07:41 PM
      Two guys are in bed together obviously quite enamoured of each other, one of them comments with a grin that tonight is "not a night for soup" which appears to be what would be on the menu if they didn't find each other on the menu.

      The younger one takes offense at something the other one says and storms of in a huff. As we follow him into the next room along, it becomes apparent that this room is the ladies' room. It has the appearance of a rather lavish hotel room with a glorious cityscape view and super king bed which seems to be in good use by three young ladies who also seem to be somewhat fond of each other.

      The grumpy guy from the first room huffs again because the girls seem to be having fun without him and don't seem all that keen on interrupting their activities to give sympathy to a grumpy drama queen. He stomps off but in not really paying much attention to him...
    11. Competition night 7, 30th Jan - Qualifed for the MotoGP!

      by , 02-03-2015 at 07:40 PM
      I'm riding a motorbike around a race track that has a couple of twinges of familiarity to it [when I wake up I recognise it as being similar to one in a dream I had a year or so ago] As I go around the track it alternates between being realistic and exhibiting various unlikely features, such as being very narrow, having junctions, going off-road and through bushes etc. Sometimes I'm catching up on other bikes, or even overtaking them, other times I get a corner wrong and lose ground. (One corner in particular surprises me by being a sudden narrow dirt track up a steep hill, with a hairpin and an un-signposted junction!)

      [Gap - probably a micro awakening]

      I'm in the canteen of the race track and I'm very excited to know that I've been selected as a wildcard entry in the MotoGP! I managed to qualify on the basis that I could keep up with the traffic, even though I was pretty inconsistent.

      The canteen is full of motorcyclists and their various entourages - parents, managers, wags etc. I recognise a few faces, including some that I'm surprised to see here until I rationalise then as being friends of somebody less unexpected.

      Everyone is wearing their leathers and boots and tucking into food and drink. I realise I haven't brought anything to eat and the race is about 40 minutes of concentration so I'll need to eat something. I pinch some left over bits from somebody else's snack but it's not very satisfying. I notice that there are some huge loaves of bread on the counter at the end of the canteen, but I notice just to late to take some because we all have to go and get ready to race.

      As a total n00b, I haven't got my own leathers and bike, so I try to find out where I get kitted out. Eventually I end up with some rather fetching dayglow yellow leathers and an orange safety vest that I shove into a pocket on the thigh of my trousers. We're all jostling around trying to make sure we have or bikes and kit in order and so on. I realise I'm going to be starting from the back of the grid and on a weaker bike than most, but I'm still excited to be able to join in with Valentino Rossi (who I see on the grid) and I assume Marc Marquez is around somewhere nearby, too. I'm also quite pleased that at least in some parts of the track I'm quick enough to be competitive, though I'm a little nervous that I still don't know the track at all as well as I might.

      Unfortunately, I wake up in the middle of the grid walk and miss out on racing! Boo!
      Tags: food, motorbike
    12. Competition night 6, The 29th - Cycling and packing

      by , 01-30-2015 at 08:09 PM
      I'm in my childhood home and I'm late leaving to get to college. I briefly converse with my sister about it then rush to get ready.

      I faff about with my bike for a bit checking I've got air in my tyres and have my lights in place etc. I start cycling and it's really hard work, in pushing really hard on the pedals and barely moving, it feels like my legs are really tied and still asleep. I look down at the gears and hear levers and try to work out what hear I'm in and how to change to a lower gear, which I eventually manage after getting thoroughly confused.

      Once I'm under way I realise I've probably missed the train I was going to catch and decide that just cycling the whole way is probably my best bet. I start to get a little uncertain of the route (I've not done it in about 18 years!) The weather is glum and gets wetter, I'm getting soggy and muddy and when I get to a village on the way I decide to pull over and find somewhere to get a bit cleaned up and regroup.

      I pull into what turns out to be a cycling shop and I fell a little sheepish that I was just going to use the loo to wag the mud off and I'm in somebody's shop. I have a quick wash and return to my bike. My rucksack is a bit off balance on the rack so I decide to repack it and start turning out items into the shop floor. I try shoving various items into pockets and sections, take out and refold no less than three jumpers, a blanket and two woolly hats, rearrange a small camping stove, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember, and three raw eggs.

      At this last item evinces a quizzical grunt from the shop keeper and I explain that they're a gif snack when camping and that it you pack then wrapped in your clothes or blankets or whatever, it's not difficult to keep then safe. I note that of course you have to remember they're there when you get your jumper out of your bag or you'll to them onto the floor. As I'm explaining this I'm trying to zip up my overstuffed bag and manage to pop two of the eggs like zits, looking like a fool
    13. Competition night 5 Wed 28th Jan - Ypres is in Shropshire?!

      by , 01-29-2015 at 11:38 PM
      I'm with my parents and a smattering of other family members in Shrewsbury, visiting grandparents. We're going on a day trip in the car to Ypres. I say to Dad, isn't Ypres in Belgium of something, and he says no, it's just down the road. Who knew? Apparently it's a giant war museum these days because it was all but destroyed in the second world war.

      In the way we stop at some traffic lights and Dad hops out to pee in a bush (world's smallest bladder) and the lights go through several changes but it's not our turn for a while, but when it gets to our turn I'm shooting out the window for dad to stop faffing about (by this time he's standing in the middle of the road looking at clouds or something. There are several cars behind us waiting for us to get on with it!

      Eventually, we pull up at the end of an inauspicious country land onto a grassy parking area. There's a massive, grandiose but partially ruined Gothic edifice that appears to be the official entrance, it's somewhat reminiscent of the hollow shell of Coventry's old cathedral but made of a very blackened limestone.

      We go inside and look at the entrance fee and rules. It's only a couple of quid, but we're only allowed to spend two hours there which we all agree is a stupid rule. We go in and are on a coach driving through abandoned houses and other buildings, most have bricked up windows presumably to preserve them. I think that the rule about only spending 2 hours here sends even sillier given the obvious size of the place.

      The coach stops and we all pile out into a slightly fake looking street full of period shops with mannequins depicting typical historical activities. There's a tour guide who starts telling stories about the various buildings and other features. Somehow we've ended up with a Dutch speaking group so u don't understand much of the tour guide's stories, only catching that apparently the rule for washing was that you must use exactly 37 wipes of your flannel.

      I investigate a couple of the shops, the signage is all in English and I furrow my Bros trying to decide whether that is surprising or not. One of the shops seems to be a working but historically themes gift shop with the people behind the counter in character as people of a bygone era. Another is apparently undergoing some kind of fitting out and is essentially empty but for a woman moving boxes and such around.

      To one side of the street is a broad stream which on closer inspection turns out to have large alligators in it. There's a boy standing right by the edge of the water and I'm concerned that he might get attacked by an alligator. As I'm trying to decide if I should do sobering about that, I realise he's now walking along the back of one of the alligators and reaches down to rub the back of its head! The alligator seems to be happy enough with that and even rolls over for a belly rub! As I look closer, I realise that all the alligators have badly deformed snouts, most of them look like they've suffered some kind of fairly severe and partially healed crush injury. I figure with some confusion that these crocs have been selected (or maybe even deliberately inured) in order to be "safe" in this place.

      Harriet is here and reaches up to hold my hand, which I accept with a smile and we walk off into a gentle waking up...
    14. competition night 4 Tue 27th Jan

      by , 01-29-2015 at 11:32 PM
      Dream 1 - Soapy Jack takes down the evil accountants.
      I'm in the offices of a small accountancy firm where everything seems to be done by hand. At first I think I've got a temporary job there and just get on with the work, categorising expenses and revenue under nominal codes and all the rest of the boring crap accountants are famous for being boring for. After a while I realise there are some key gaps in my understanding that I would have known if I'd been through the basic introductory training and I rationalise this by saying I must have missed that because I'm an undercover agent!

      [I think I woke up here and rejoined the dream in a later dream but I remember it as one dream.]

      I'm back at the offices outside of office hours possibly to steal some secret paperwork or some other spy like activity and I realise there are several people already here and they've rumbled me. There are 4-5 of them and they all know kung fu, but so do I, so BRING IT ON! We start doing kicks and flips and blocks and the like, I realise that being outnumbered means I have to be creative, so I start throwing staplers and iPhones and anything else that might slow them down enough to make their attacks manageable, I manage a couple of knock down blows and then dive through the window, grabbing the paperwork on my way and run off into the night.

      When I wake up, I'm left with the impression that for some reason my character's name is Soapy Jack. No idea what that's about...

      Dream 2 - Shopping is complicated:
      I'm at the checkout at Tesco with a trolley full of shopping. I start putting items on the conveyor and reach to get a "next customer please" divider, the little track they're normally on has been used for various little items that people decided they didn't want to buy after all, but there is a divider among the creme eggs and other random bits and bobs.

      As the customer before me finishes up and leaves and it's my turn, I realise I left my reusable bags in my car. I ponder just using the disposable bags but my car is parked in the near side of the carpark, so I say to the chap manning the till "do you mind if I nip to my car and get my bags, I'll be literally less than two minutes" and I dash out while he blips my items.

      The next thing I know, I'm pulling up in my car at home and realise I just drove home on autopilot rather than getting my bags and the checkout guy has been left waiting!

      I rush back to apologise and retrieve my shopping. I get a bit distracted and pick up a couple if other things to buy. At the checkout I ask what happened to my shopping and somebody explains that they finished blipping it and put it in the trolley over by the customer service desk where I can pay for it.

      This seems like a good idea and I say thank you but it turns out they want to charge me a fee for their trouble and don't want to tell me how much it is. I wake up confused!

      Dream 3 - Sneaking through back gardens:
      [I had made notes on this with my voice recorder but managed to l lose the recording, so this is somewhat vague and brief.]

      I'm at the bottom of a largeish suburban garden, sneaking through, I climb over fences and through bushes and brambles. After going through half a dozen gardens, I start to climb a flagpole or mobile phone mast or something. At the top I perch on a spar that sticks out the side and watch some kids playing in the garden below. There's some conversation with the kids but I can't recall any of it...

      Updated 02-09-2015 at 10:11 PM by 69407 (I got my nights mixed up and missed one out!)

    15. competition night 3 Mon 26th Jan

      by , 01-27-2015 at 11:00 AM
      Dream 1 - Losing the baby at the Colliers' mansion --
      I'm at a friends house, it's a huge almost stately home sized building, but the part I'm in seems like a fairly conventional house, though still on a large scale. I'm in the kitchen and there are lots of family photos on a sideboard.

      The family has a new recent addition, a tiny baby, and I'm given the baby for a cuddle while people are bustling around preparing for some kind of event (a dinner party or something)

      The baby is tiny with as much head as the rest of the body put together. I hug the baby and smile at it and such for a while as I mooch through the house, ending up in a living room, with people still busily going about their business. At some point I realise I no longer have the baby and start panicking because I was left looking after the baby and now I appear to have mislaid it!

      I back-trace my steps trying to work out where I might have left the baby. Nobody else seems all that concerned about the missing baby and to begin with I'm glad that I get some time to try to find it without everyone panicking and telling me off for losing it.

      I spend quite a lot of time looking in increasingly unlikely places (behind the pictures in the kitchen, in boxes of toys, in the pockets of coats hanging in the hallway etc.) I retrace my steps between the living room where I realised I'd lost the baby and the kitchen where I was given it. Each time I retrace the route it gets more confusing as extra rooms and corridors are added. Eventually I manage to remember that I came into the living room with the baby so it must be in that room somewhere. As I'm taking this through with one of the less busy people, I spot the baby wedged in a little gap under a door. At first I don't connect being able to see the baby with having found what was lost (dream logic!) and I spend a moment baby talking with the baby about how it has its daddy's mouth before realising the story has reached a happy ending and I wake up relieved!

      Dream 2 - Playing bass and making up a new tune:
      I'm on the stage at some kind of village hall type building, there are a couple of the classic folding tables that every village hall has, apparently I'm going to be playing bass in a band but I'm the first to arrive apart from KM who isn't in the band but is involved in organising the event somehow. I ask if I'm supposed to be setting up in front of or behind the tables and she starts talking about how her kids want the bass amp to be right next to them. I'm not convinced that's a good idea because they're quite small kids and the amp will be pretty loud close up (in reality, one of her kids is still a bump, but on the dream she had a boy - I must tell her!)

      Some other band members and others attached to the event are milling around and discussing songs that we might sing and organising logistics. I notice that somebody has put their guitar on the stage and I pick it up to have a little play. I start plating around with some chords and come up with a new harmonisation for a song the others were discussing (I can remember the chords, but not what the song was!) The others start singing the song but to the original tune and I can't keep my concentration so I put the guitar back on its stand.

      We faff about with table cloths for a bit and start eating lunch on the tables, while I mutter about getting crumbs in the equipment
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