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    Competition night 12 - Wed 4th Feb

    by , 02-06-2015 at 12:35 AM (970 Views)
    Dream one - Floating through the landscape:

    [I'm sure there was more dream before I got lucid, but I can't remember what happened.]

    I'm in a field of various wild grasses, reminiscent of a wheat field but not as uniform, with different heights and shapes of grass. Judging by the flowering it's mid summer.

    For no obvious reason I suddenly suspect I'm dreaming and confirm it by floating off the ground and GET LUCID!

    I try to remember my dream goals and remember that one of them was to incubate a mountain in China complete with distinctive flora and geology. I look up and see that there are snowcapped mountains in the distance. I decide to try to fly toward them. I rise up higher until in a few hundred metres above the ground figuring that being close to the ground would make the movement seem greater and therefore harder to go a long distance. I look down and see some suburban streets and notice that I appear to be flying backwards, away from the mountains.

    I fly higher still until the ground begins to fade away behind clouds, then focus on looking intently at the mountains hoping that the scenery between me and them will fade out leaving me with only the mountains. As I'm doing this I try to picture some more authentically Chinese looking mountains. The mountains get greener and steeper and start to look more like the mountains I wanted, but as I'm doing this I'm realising that the Chinese mountains task was *incubation* and actually I need alpine mountains for my "fly through a snowy apine valley" task. I start heading up the valley reasoning that there will be not snow higher up and I can transform the mountains back to alpine style as I go.

    Unfortunately I wake up decisively moments later :-(

    Dream two - Rescue mission:
    [I wish I'd written more notes on this one when I first woke up as it's faded somewhat now]

    I'm inside some kind of vessel that could be a submarine or perhaps some a space craft, there's chaos going on with alarms and flashing lights and loud crashing noises and people rushing around reacting to whatever it is that's going on.

    The scene flashes forward to some time later when the emergency is over and everyone has settled into the realisation that we are trapped underground. I'm reminded of a story I read of recently of some German soldiers accidentally trapped for several years in a supply depot when it was sealed to keep it from the allies.

    The scene changes again, now I'm involved in some kind of rescue/salvage mission.

    I'm looking at a map or perhaps an overhead photograph of terrain showing what looks like impact marks in sandy silt at the bottom of a body of water. I can hear a woman's voice explaining that these marks indicate where a vessel hit the ground hard. At one end of the elongated scar there is a dark smudge that it is explained is the craft itself showing dimly through the silt. It turns out that is has come to rest barely below the surface. There is a painful irony that if the crew has realised they were so close to the surface they probably could have found their way out. Indeed, the female voice goolies on to explain that one ends of the vessel is just fractionally protruding above the surface.

    On closer inspection, I can see a corner of the craft, an incongruent hard straight line among a vague blurry picture. As we watch, we can even see a little movement and realise that the vessel rocks slightly as crew members within move from one end to the other and we realise that the crew, presumed dead, must still be alive!

    Rescue mission for a buried sub cum spaceship

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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Pretty cool the whole mountain thing. I had dreams of mountains reaching the stars lol.