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    1. Spellbee Competition Night 5

      by , 01-15-2016 at 06:33 PM
      Before bed I took 200mg of 5-HTP (in a pill that also contains an inconsequential amount of B6)

      Dream 1:

      I'm swimming in a stream, the scenery is reminiscent of the lake district on a very bright sunny day (very bright sunshine or almost complete darkness is a dreamsign for me!) As I'm floating downstream I can see bright green grass on the hills and various rocky / soil patches. I look under the water and it's very clear and well lit. The possibility I'm dreaming crosses my mind and after a few moments of building up courage, I try to test it by breathing underwater! First I breathe out and note that there aren't any bubbles, which builds my confidence, so I take a deep breath in and suddenly, as my confidence in being lucid soars, the colouring of the scene changes dramatically. The lighting is still very bright, though not as extremely, and the colours around me get super-saturated (reds look extremely red, the blue water looks like peppermint toothpaste, no dingy colours or half-shades at all). After a moment, I notice that as well as the extremely strong colours, there are also completely grayscale parts to my view.

      I swim down the stream underwater marvelling at the brightly lit coral reef like sights. There are luminously bright plants, corals and animals. After a few metres I swim up to the surface and continue above the surface, flying into the air and finding myself at a part of the shore with trees. I fly up alongside a tree which has an entirely grayscale trunk/bark but glowing green leaves. I'm just starting to think about what tasks I can do and I realise the dream is fading, more's the pity!

      Fragment 1:
      (After my (IRL) alarm goes off at 07:00, I had a brief FA fragment in which I looked at the clock on my phone and it said 07:56 and I was upset that I hadn't managed to use my snooze button for any fragmentary attempts at LDing, but then the alarm went off again at 07:10 (I'd snoozed it at 7) and I went back to sleep, convinced that I'd be able to get some tiny fragments to boost my score, but this one's the only one I got :-(
    2. Competition night 12 - Wed 4th Feb

      by , 02-06-2015 at 12:35 AM
      Dream one - Floating through the landscape:

      [I'm sure there was more dream before I got lucid, but I can't remember what happened.]

      I'm in a field of various wild grasses, reminiscent of a wheat field but not as uniform, with different heights and shapes of grass. Judging by the flowering it's mid summer.

      For no obvious reason I suddenly suspect I'm dreaming and confirm it by floating off the ground and GET LUCID!

      I try to remember my dream goals and remember that one of them was to incubate a mountain in China complete with distinctive flora and geology. I look up and see that there are snowcapped mountains in the distance. I decide to try to fly toward them. I rise up higher until in a few hundred metres above the ground figuring that being close to the ground would make the movement seem greater and therefore harder to go a long distance. I look down and see some suburban streets and notice that I appear to be flying backwards, away from the mountains.

      I fly higher still until the ground begins to fade away behind clouds, then focus on looking intently at the mountains hoping that the scenery between me and them will fade out leaving me with only the mountains. As I'm doing this I try to picture some more authentically Chinese looking mountains. The mountains get greener and steeper and start to look more like the mountains I wanted, but as I'm doing this I'm realising that the Chinese mountains task was *incubation* and actually I need alpine mountains for my "fly through a snowy apine valley" task. I start heading up the valley reasoning that there will be not snow higher up and I can transform the mountains back to alpine style as I go.

      Unfortunately I wake up decisively moments later :-(

      Dream two - Rescue mission:
      [I wish I'd written more notes on this one when I first woke up as it's faded somewhat now]

      I'm inside some kind of vessel that could be a submarine or perhaps some a space craft, there's chaos going on with alarms and flashing lights and loud crashing noises and people rushing around reacting to whatever it is that's going on.

      The scene flashes forward to some time later when the emergency is over and everyone has settled into the realisation that we are trapped underground. I'm reminded of a story I read of recently of some German soldiers accidentally trapped for several years in a supply depot when it was sealed to keep it from the allies.

      The scene changes again, now I'm involved in some kind of rescue/salvage mission.

      I'm looking at a map or perhaps an overhead photograph of terrain showing what looks like impact marks in sandy silt at the bottom of a body of water. I can hear a woman's voice explaining that these marks indicate where a vessel hit the ground hard. At one end of the elongated scar there is a dark smudge that it is explained is the craft itself showing dimly through the silt. It turns out that is has come to rest barely below the surface. There is a painful irony that if the crew has realised they were so close to the surface they probably could have found their way out. Indeed, the female voice goolies on to explain that one ends of the vessel is just fractionally protruding above the surface.

      On closer inspection, I can see a corner of the craft, an incongruent hard straight line among a vague blurry picture. As we watch, we can even see a little movement and realise that the vessel rocks slightly as crew members within move from one end to the other and we realise that the crew, presumed dead, must still be alive!

      Rescue mission for a buried sub cum spaceship

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    3. competition night 3 Mon 26th Jan

      by , 01-27-2015 at 11:00 AM
      Dream 1 - Losing the baby at the Colliers' mansion --
      I'm at a friends house, it's a huge almost stately home sized building, but the part I'm in seems like a fairly conventional house, though still on a large scale. I'm in the kitchen and there are lots of family photos on a sideboard.

      The family has a new recent addition, a tiny baby, and I'm given the baby for a cuddle while people are bustling around preparing for some kind of event (a dinner party or something)

      The baby is tiny with as much head as the rest of the body put together. I hug the baby and smile at it and such for a while as I mooch through the house, ending up in a living room, with people still busily going about their business. At some point I realise I no longer have the baby and start panicking because I was left looking after the baby and now I appear to have mislaid it!

      I back-trace my steps trying to work out where I might have left the baby. Nobody else seems all that concerned about the missing baby and to begin with I'm glad that I get some time to try to find it without everyone panicking and telling me off for losing it.

      I spend quite a lot of time looking in increasingly unlikely places (behind the pictures in the kitchen, in boxes of toys, in the pockets of coats hanging in the hallway etc.) I retrace my steps between the living room where I realised I'd lost the baby and the kitchen where I was given it. Each time I retrace the route it gets more confusing as extra rooms and corridors are added. Eventually I manage to remember that I came into the living room with the baby so it must be in that room somewhere. As I'm taking this through with one of the less busy people, I spot the baby wedged in a little gap under a door. At first I don't connect being able to see the baby with having found what was lost (dream logic!) and I spend a moment baby talking with the baby about how it has its daddy's mouth before realising the story has reached a happy ending and I wake up relieved!

      Dream 2 - Playing bass and making up a new tune:
      I'm on the stage at some kind of village hall type building, there are a couple of the classic folding tables that every village hall has, apparently I'm going to be playing bass in a band but I'm the first to arrive apart from KM who isn't in the band but is involved in organising the event somehow. I ask if I'm supposed to be setting up in front of or behind the tables and she starts talking about how her kids want the bass amp to be right next to them. I'm not convinced that's a good idea because they're quite small kids and the amp will be pretty loud close up (in reality, one of her kids is still a bump, but on the dream she had a boy - I must tell her!)

      Some other band members and others attached to the event are milling around and discussing songs that we might sing and organising logistics. I notice that somebody has put their guitar on the stage and I pick it up to have a little play. I start plating around with some chords and come up with a new harmonisation for a song the others were discussing (I can remember the chords, but not what the song was!) The others start singing the song but to the original tune and I can't keep my concentration so I put the guitar back on its stand.

      We faff about with table cloths for a bit and start eating lunch on the tables, while I mutter about getting crumbs in the equipment
    4. Competition night one Sat 24th Jan

      by , 01-25-2015 at 06:45 PM
      Dream one: Supermarket catacombs
      Somebody is ill in a large traditional church building.
      I call an ambulance, the person in the other end of the phone appears to be almost expecting the call and even knows the persons address, but I explain that the person is not at home but at the church. I go and try to spot the ambulance in case they don't know where to stop and see a variety of shops built into the edge of the church building, like a shopping arcade. I investigate behind the shops and find a large underground storage facility full of what looks like supermarket stock on dusty shelves with some yellow jacketed men shuffling around with clipboards and fork lift trucks. I snoop about a bit before realising I probably ought not to be here and heading back upstairs by means of a rickety old open lift somewhat reminiscent of warehouses in 101 films.

      Dream two: Naughty motorbiking
      I'm on a dirt bike flying through streets and tunnels doing wheelies through large puddles and trying to skim over deeper water.
      I get to the end of a tunnel and it opens out into a covered space on the bank of a river, it looks like this area is perhaps tidal or otherwise occasionally flooded with banks of sandy silt and puddles it feels a bit like the space under a pier or a large concrete pontoon. I carry on toward the bank of the river planning to use a RIB as a ramp to get over the river. At this point I think through the manoeuvre several times with variations as my dreaming mind is interrupted by the first flakes is lucidity. This repetition as my subconscious tries to decide how realistic the scenario needs to be to pass muster is a classic dreamsign and the lucidity grows until I opt to land in the middle of the river and sink down, enjoying the impossibility of breathing and riding a motorbike underwater. Unfortunately the darkness and minimal lucidity mean I lose the dream and wake up.

      I reenter the dream but non lucidly (boo!) I'm back on the motorbike coming up to a backstreet industrial area with a variety of garage sized units each occupied by separate concerns, mostly #full of boxes, some appear to be running repair shops of various kinds.

      I pull into one unit that apparently is where the bike belongs, but I get an uneasy feeling that these guys are up to nefarious activities and decide to go back out again. I see two motorbikes this time and realise a friend is with me and we head off to play in the streets and puddles again.

      Dream three: Lots of sex
      That's about it really, an awkward succession of stilted and vague sexual encounters in which neither party was all that interested and both seemed to be putting up with it for the benefit of the other. Eventually we stop because it's getting a bit sore. Heaven knows what Freud would make of that dream...

      Dream four: Tree in a car
      Leaving a large modern church building en masse to go and have lunch together. This is not the same church as in the earlier dream. I decide to take a chair with me for stone train, it's exactly like one of my table chairs. I head directly through the nearest door rather than negotiate several internal doorways, explaining the logic to Andrew on the way past. I ponder how in going to get the chair on my bike as I've left my car behind today. I overhear Maddie taking to somebody about how he wouldn't let a tree grow in his car and I investigate the subject of the conversation, pulling a small tree out of the suspension of some numpty's car. Freud would probably claim the tree was sine kind of sexual symbolism in this dream, too, I expect...

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    5. September 25th TOTM

      by , 11-03-2014 at 09:29 PM
      I'm at work and apparently I drove my car, which I now need to park somewhere and I'd rather like not to have to pay for parking, so I drive off south looking for somewhere I can park on the road. The road very rapidly starts feeling like an out of town road. I even consider parking in the entrance of a wheat field, but decide that I've driven too far from the office to walk back without being late for work, so I turn bank.

      As I head back toward the office, I get lost and the roads don't look familiar, so I check on the satnav feature of my phone and realise where I went wrong. I'm on a road called the T3. I retrace my path again and end up coming through a whole bunch of narrow pedestrianised areas that eventually become inside. At some point, my car has become a motorbike.

      At one point, my path seems to go over a very narrow footbridge - too narrow for me to go across without all the pedestrians getting out of my way. I consider going through the water underneath as it's very shallow, but am put off by a combination of the idea of driving a motorbike over what will probably be a very slippery surface, and the fact that the shallow water is teaming with tiny sharks!

      I turn around and am briefly sidelined by some confusion about whether I'm supposed to be pedaling or not and when I pay attention to navigation again, I'm indoors in something like the mailbox in Birmingham (a mostly indoor collection of shops, restaurants, flats, hotels...) So I get off the bike and push it through. As I head down some stairs there's a scuffle going on between two blokes and one of them kicks out at me so I take his shoe off and throw it over the banister.

      We argue a bit and I get bored of that and start looking for the way out. I end up in a cinema where the film is about to start but the adverts are still playing. I try to keep out of people's line of sight as I look for the exit.

      I see that a section of wall looks like a screen but I realise somehow is actually a holographic protection covering an exit from the cinema. I step into it and as I do I realise it's just the entrance into the toilets but this is too cool not to investigate!

      As I step through the screen, my view is replaced by a cartoon like facsimile of both myself and the scenery. I go down some stairs watching my cumbersome cartoonish feet on the steps and feeling how the view and the feeling are just fractionally out of synch because the cartoon view is drawn with slightly wobbly lines and not quite right angle corners. At the bottom of the stairs, I see a mirror in which I can see my cartoon self reflected. Apparently the system has decided to draw me like a rakishly thin Walter White, complete with the fedora like hat and sunglasses. I notice that I'm actually wearing a beanie hat and cardboard 3D glasses and am impressed that the system has identified what I'm wearing and created a cartoon replica that reflects that but not slavishly.

      I notice in the mirror that there a chap behind me to the left who I think is part of the behind the scenes functioning of the illusion but somehow my 3D glasses let me see him vaguely. We chat a little bit about how cool the illusion is and he asks if I've looked at my hands yet, saying they usually have six fingers but they're still working on the rendering of that part. I look at my left hand and it looks like two images of a hand superimposed, both hands have long fingers, one with then curved to the left, one with then curved to the right. The overall impression is of far more fingers than I'm used to!

      I switch to looking at my right hand. At first it looks fairly normal, though I notice I seem to have coloured felt tip pen markings. As I look a little harder, I realise that several of my fingers terminate with a further bifurcation into sub-fingers. I note that the sub fingers are made by duplicating my hand in miniature on the fingertips, though how complete the mini hand is varies from a couple of stubby blob like digits to a complete hand from the wrist up. I wiggle my fingers and delight in setting my teeny little subdigits doing their thing.

      I decide to wash my hands and note that the pen markings come off very easily - perhaps they were illusory? The chap also washes his hands and while he goes off to the other side of the room to dry them I'm smugly satisfied that my magic glasses allow me to see there's a hand drier directly under the sink.

      I head back up the stairs watching my goofy feet again, then turn a different way out of the cinema, ducking down to avoid blocking anyone's view again.

      At this point, I have a micro awakening and managed to almost pull off a DEILD but wasn't quite lucid when I reentered the dream.

      I'm in what looks like a dingy but dry basement or hidden storage area of an office building so I resume my mission to get to work on time having somehow sorted out the issue of parking. I realise that it's a long way up to the 25th floor where my office is but there's no lift in sight. I start on my way up a helix (*not* a spiral!) of platforms around the walls of the space. After about one storey of climbing, I come across some people working at desks spread out on the bare concrete floor. They give me disapproving looks as I climb over their desks and filling cabinets to get to to the next part of the building. As I climb off the top of a shelf full of boxes, I enter something much more like a house with large white gloss painted doors. Lots of corridors and small rooms give a general labyrinthine feel to the layout.

      I come into a room that feels like a living area in somebody's home. There's a chap sitting at a table and a couple of figures I don't really look at but I take to be his children sitting around on the floor and sofas.

      At this point, I GET LUCID! Though I have an of feeling that I more realised that I was already lucid (weird, huh?). I say to the guy at the table that if this is a dream then I should try to do my tasks, right? He looks a little confused but plays along. I remember that one of the TOTMs is to put shoes on and tie the laces. I ask the chap if I can borrow some shoes to do the task and he reaches around to get a shoebox from behind the table. Inside are an assortment of odd shoes from which I manage to pick out a pair of red baseball pumps. I fish out a black gym dap from inside the left shoe and put it on. I notice that the laces aren't looped into the eyes of the shoe properly and I don't fancy my chances of sorting that out in dreamland without cheating, but they are in place enough that I can try to tie a bow. I tie a bow in the left shoe laces with surprising ease and as I finish it off I realise that the laces are now correctly threaded through the eyes. Handy. I repeat the process (complete with removing another shoe from inside the one I'm trying to put on) and while I'm doing it, ask of the guy has any fortune cookies. He looks surprised again as if it's a huge coincidence that I want fortune cookies when he happens to have a bowl of them on the table! I explain that this is my deam so if I want fortune cookies, I get fortune cookies. He seems to be mostly satisfied with that but still looks a little unsure.

      I shove a cookie in my mouth, it tastes and feels like a stale prawn cracker. I try to pull the paper slip out of the cookie while I bite it and after a few false starts manage to get a bit of paper but it doesn't have anything intelligible written on it. I take another cookie and more carefully bite it open to get to the fortune. This time the fortune is a tea stain coloured mah jiang tile with a Chinese symbol I don't recognise on it. Frustrated at my second attempt being thwarted by a lack of language skills, I decide that I *do* know Chinese and have another look at the symbol. I realise that it means "Fortune" and figure that's good enough! :-)

      Next up, I want to try the toilet portal. I go through a couple of doors and find a large white porcelain appliance of a style in fitting with the late Victorian feel of the house. I pull the chain and jump into the bowl. Unfortunately, all that achieves is soggy feet. I try going in head first in a dive but chicken out because the porcelain feels intimidatingly solid!

      I give up on the toilet bowl (I should have thought to shrink myself but hey) and scan around for something else to do. I remember that Sensei's competition back in July had a task to transform a DC and decide to give that a go. I go back to the room with the table guy and children and look at a skinny girl who looks about twelve. I tell her to raise her arms sideways and grow some more arms. That seems to work quite well, she now has six arms, though the four extra ones coming out of her armpits are a little small and underformed. Inspired by the slightly odd appearance of the new arms, I decide to see if I can make one of them form into something more impressive.

      I will the fingers of one of the new arms to grow downward, which they obligingly do. The thumb of the hand also extends and becomes a head while the descending fingers become a body and legs. Eventually there are two girls looking like conjoined twins who share an arm. Shame I didn't manage that during the competition, eh?
    6. September 18th TOTM - patronum

      by , 11-03-2014 at 11:14 AM
      I attempt a WBTB WILD. I'm pretty sure there was a gap in consciousness, but as the dream scene forms around me, I know it's a dream.

      In front of me is a box/cage formed from metal bands. I decide to phase my way into the cage and back out again. The bands of metal bend with me a bit before flopping back into place like rubber bands. I remember that one of the tasks in the dream competition was to phase through something solid with eyes open so I look around for a suitable target.

      I'm in an abandoned building, bits of it feel like a multistory car park, but some bits feel like they used to be an office building. I see a wooden door and go to phase through it, I almost forget to keep my eyes open, but remember as I get to the door. The inside of the wood is a interesting combination of woody and transparent, the dark bands of the grain still visible and the light bands feel like air. As I come through the far side of the door, some of the grain bands stick to me for a bit before falling back into place like a bead curtain.

      My recall is a bit vague about the next transition of scene, as I didn't bother to write anything down until the morning (bad boy!)

      I'm at some kind of conference centre eager to get out and do some lucid dream tasks. I'm in an area outside the main auditorium room with hordes of people on their way in. I spot Jo McCaffery who's exited because she's going to be doing a presentation as part of the session and wants me to be there for moral support and feedback. I'm torn because I really want to do that for her but I also don't want to miss out on my lucid dream time. I'm just starting to follow the flow of delegates when I realise it's not actually her, but a DC, so it really doesn't matter! Lucid dreaming tasks it is!

      I walk along a road for a bit, chatting with a couple of DCs. I see a door and the word "door" triggers my TOTM mnemonic, based as usual on the Tony Buzan rhyming numbers thing.

      1 - bun. A bun opens just like a fortune cookie.
      2 - shoe. Put some shoes on and don't forget to tie them
      3 - tree. Laying a log in the toilet.
      4 - door. I bet my Patronum is just behind that door!

      I think the door is the back door of a childhood home, inside the conservatory.

      I open the door and there on the quarry tiled floor, snuggled into a nest of blanket, are two crochet stuffed toy bunnies with pig-like snouts (they actually look somewhat like the clangers, but they were definitely bunnies) they look sleepy but seem to like a bit of petting. They're soft and warm and really cute!

      I share my excitement with the random DCs, but it's too much excitement and I wake up with a "squee!"

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    7. DEID chain leads to learning a new word, robbing a bank, and plastocene eyeballs...

      by , 08-27-2014 at 02:26 PM
      This was a DEILD chain with at least three DEILDs, maybe as many as five.

      I GET LUCID waking down a street in a city centre scene that feels like some parts of Glasgow. I float into the air as an RC, then try to fly higher because flying more impressively is one of my dream goals.

      I notice that a DC has risen into the air with me, a dark haired woman perhaps in her early forties. I float across to her and say "I'd like as conversion with you, if that's OK" then go on to explain that I'm dreaming and that she's not real but I want to find out what she's like. She furrows her brow as I say she's not real as if she's considering whether to be offended. We share another couple of sentences of conversation that I can't remember.

      I come down to ground level to think what to do next. I look at a car thinking of going for a joy ride and note that it's a left hand drive like in another recent dream, so I decide I'd rather find a right hand drive car. I floatalong the street looking at a variety of weird cars, mostly looking like concept cars, but including several just plain surreal ones (one has a shaggy coat of wires, another is a small house with wheels...)

      I realise I ought to be thinking of the TOTMs, so I go through the mantra "foreign banana, eye castle, tease" (I replaced the bonus TOTM with the dare I was recently dared, because it sounded more fun!)

      I look across the street to see another DC on the pavement on the other side of the street, a shabby looking blonde woman probably in her 50s. I ask her for a foreign word and its meaning, but she wants to bustle past me. I say "well I'm going to stop you because this is my dream and I'm in charge" I accost her as she's about to enter her house. When she realises in not going to let her go without my word, she says "koinu" and I ask her what it means. "Go away / go home" is the reply, which I guess I had coming...

      The next task is to rob a bank using only a banana. I put my hand out palm up with a deliberate gesture to conjure up a banana. I get a tiny yellow dot in my palm, about the size of a lentil. I decide that's probably not intimidating enough, so I decide to try another tactic. I make another conjuring gesture at the pavement to conjure up a giant banana attack dog. I get a rather blobby banana-like dog who also doesn't look all that impressive. I stretch out his snout to make it look a little more aggressive with limited success. I realise I still have the pill sized banana in my other hand, so I throw it to the ground and it becomes another banana dog, this one smaller but at least a little more angular and aggressive looking.

      I head into the bank and shout that everyone should keep back as I have attack bananas!

      People seem suitably nervous at first, but as I go through the bank looking for a cashier to take money from, the general feel turns into one of normal interaction, as if my attack bananas have made their point and the staff are all happy to just go about the business of finding me some money to steal. At the back of the bank is a large table positively groaning with bank notes. The bank notes are tiny, about a third the size of a credit card, and very simply designed, a bit like monopoly money. I ask the chap counting and sorting the money to put as much as he could in a Tupperware sitting on the table for me and he obliges. I note that these tiny notes include some really huge denominations of thousands of pounds, so a small Tupperware of then is still a major haul. The chap hands over the cash and I head out.

      I have a long interlude here with almost no lucidity during which I read a very surreal psychedelic concept art book that my dad had lying around. The story seems to mostly relate a relationship between the main protagonist and his girlfriend, who he meets when she's about eight, and they have a difficult life trying to work out how to go about a relationship when the book seems to have started too early in their lives. The protagonist (who I identify with enough that at one point I'm living the story rather than reading it) had a weird experience of trying to work or how old his "girlfriend" is and if it's non-creepy yet for him to fancy her. Eventually, she gains boobies and he decides that makes it OK. She gets pregnant and the couple split up and feel very miserable about the while situation as if they blame the author of the book for making their lives suck. I loved the book, but my dad says he never really liked it.

      I start looking for a mirror to watch myself pull my eyeballs out. I see the Shire Hall in Shrewsbury, and outside is a rather pitiful Lord Hill's Column, about 18" of column and 6" of Lord Hill. I figure there might be a nice big mirror in the reception, so I start to head inside. The entrance turns out to be blocked with hundreds of shopping trolleys, which keeps me snared up for quite a while. Eventually, I find myself inside at a large mirror and stare at myself trying to remember how I was planning to pull my eyeballs out. I try poking my fingers behind my left eyeball (I'm less find of my left eye because it's crap) and try to retain my view through the eyeball as I remove it. I think the sight acts as an anchor keeping the eyeball in place as I'm so used to my perspective being from my eyeballs' customary position! I decide it might be more successful to try sucking my eyeball out with the palm of my hand, blocking my view as I do so.

      After a couple more unsuccessful attempts, I pull my hand away to see that my reflection has become oddly distorted, as if made a bit ineptly out of plastocene. I do note, however, that one eyeball is protruding about an inch from my face, and the other is somehow sticking out of my temple. I decide this counts and inspect my eyes in my reflection for a bit. They both look like crappy craftsmanship, but they're definitely my eyes and definitely not in their normal places. I shove them back in and start to think about the next TOTM - find Howl's castle.

      I try looking around for a giant insect like walking castle, and even try to conjure one up, but then I remember that the magic door can be a way in as well was a way out, so I look for interesting looking doors to find the inside of the castle through. I spot a door that looks tempting, it's small and characterful, so I go to open it. There are two or three street urchins lurking by the door and they keep getting in my way. I pull the door open to find shorter door behind it, then a manhole cover, then another door...

      Eventually I wake up for a final time and a twitch as I'm just about to attempt another DEILD spoils it for me :-(

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    8. Competition night #9

      by , 08-05-2014 at 08:57 AM
      Lucid dream:
      After I tried a WILD, but probably after a lapse in consciousness, I start visualising a street full of people (a scenario I have been incubating because several goals involve DCs)

      There are lots of people walking in the same direction as me as I fly a couple of feet above the ground (a favourite way of getting around in a dream - helpfully reminding me that it *is* a dream!) and a few going the other way. I try to look at people's faces to see if I recognise anyone, but nobody looks familiar.

      The street is familiar and I think it might be Dogpole in Shrewsbury (where I grew up) I nearly get distracted worrying too much about where the street goes, but realise that having a street in mind is handy because I can just let my subconscious follow the route and I don't need to think to much about generating more scenery. As I turn down the hill I realise that the street has become enclosed like a giant corridor in a shopping centre or the like. The sides of the street / corridor are a combination of shop fronts, redbrick buildings, and rich oak panelling. The ground changes from tarmac to satin finish white tiles.

      Heading down the hill, I realise almost all the people I see are heading in the same direction as me which isn't very convenient because not setting their faces turns them into "traffic" rather than "people". I turn left at a junction at the bottom of the hill (I should have just stopped at the junction, but hey) thinking that I might see more faces heading that way, but my subconscious pulls a fast one on me and I turn into a large room that feels a lot like a swimming pool changing room.

      My lucidity drops somewhat at this scene change, but I'm still just about lucid. I start faffing around with taking off my suit (apparently I'm wearing an expensive suit) carefully folding it and trying to lie it on a bench where it won't get wet. I notice a female DC who seems to want me to "interact" with her, so I oblige. My lucidity / dream recall fades out completely here.

      I'm in my suit from the previous dream, but I have been awake in between. I'm at Armoury Gardens (childhood home) getting ready for work, mum is there explaining why I'm in a suit to Sandeep (my boss's boss) and the explanation involves staying overnight at a relative's house but I don't remember the details. Alice (my sister) has a rather awesome electric violin in a nice case that seems to be designed for two. She talks about getting a chin rest for it, as the case has spare space.

      There was more to this dream but it's very vague, I remember a spiral staircase and some gizmo or other but not even really enough to call a fragment


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    9. Competition night #5 guest starring car flipping take two!

      by , 08-01-2014 at 03:30 PM
      Dream one:

      I'm arriving at the Gables [my grandparents' house] with a couple of others (family members?) And it's somewhat empty because my grandparents are planning to sell up (and move to a smaller house, probably)

      I accidentally stomp mud all over the freshly hoovered carpets from my big boots and go to look for the "hodduddudduh" to sweep it up. The carpet sweeper is as useless as ever, just spreading the mud around.

      Mum comments that she'd love to live here and I doubt she could afford it because it's much bigger that armoury gardens.

      Dream two:
      I've been kidnapped to make drugs like in Breaking Bad. Walter White is asleep in a bed and I try to wake him up to get him to help me. The man who's coercing me into making drugs explains that he's drugged and not likely top wake up soon. I also feel very heavy limbed as if I'm recovering from being drugged. I get dressed and can't find any socks because I didn't pack any as I wasn't expecting to stay.

      Dream three:
      I'm in a spherical spaceship with three competing/cooperating factions controlling their own sectors of the ship. I'm inside the ship with the other two captains, trying out some gizmos. There's one that lets us mimic each other perfectly (like a holographic disguise with voice simulation)

      The three factions are stereotypes, one of them is a very by-the-book character, which I rib him about when I mimic him. I touch the left of his three eyelids (on my face while I'm disguised as him) and he gets very angry, apparently there's some kind of cultural taboo I'm breaking. He grabs my arm and tells me he'll break it of I don't stop, and rip it off altogether of I do it again.

      I stop.

      Then we look at some close combat weapons, one in particular grabs my attention, it's a glove with razor sharp blades, hooked at the end. It's labeled the 'killingpriest". It reminds me of Vega from Street Fighter.

      There's also a selection of smaller hook like things with sharp ends which the third captain uses to rip the helmet off my face, scratching my nose in the process. Ouch.

      Lucid dream one!
      I'm arriving at some kind of jacuzzi establishment with a posse of friends. I climb into a jacuzzi booth through tinted cellophane windows that are supposed to make marketing photography more realistic. There's no water in the jacuzzi bit there is a round table about 8ft across. I sit at the table with a random chap. A couple of girls look on like they're going to join us but decide to go for the overcrowded both next door instead. I laugh and comment that nothing feels like rejection as much as girls preferring to be cramped with old folk than sit with us!

      Another couple of girls come into our booth and we start spinning the table which spins the both too, like the teacups at the amusement park. One of the girls has her feet sticking right out into the slave inner the table where I want my feet. I'm not sure if o should be irritated or if she's trying to flirt.

      Pizza arrives! I'm not sure if were supposed to get food here but we tuck in anyway. I notice my buddies outside of the booth sitting at a bar eating together, so I get up and join them. Steve G has a plate stacked high with various cured meats and comments that one of them in particular is almost pure salt. I all if I can try it and he offers me the slice. It's like the basin equivalent of a single malt whisky, full of deep rich unexpected flavours. I ask him where he got out from and he days there's a charcuterie exhibit on down the road, so I go to investigate.

      I wander through the stalls in a dimly lit exhibition hall, most of which are giving out free samples, but I somehow end up at one that's charging for samples and don't have s penny on me :-(

      I head back to the jacuzzi place (to borrow some money from a friend?) but realise that there were stalls giving out free samples so I go back down the hill again.

      I'm waking into the town centre like area with a swarm of other people milling around trying to get to wherever they're going, most going in the same direction, but stone going elsewhere and I'm feeling a little frustrated by having to squeeze through the crowd, so the possibility of floating over them cones to mind (I've been using visualisation of floating and environment manipulation as a daytime practice, which seems to have worked!)

      I GET LUCID!

      I float up above the crowd as an RC and start to think of what I should do with my lucidity. I remember that flying faster is an aim of mine and might count as advanced flying for the competition. I try a variety of swimming like manoeuvres to accelerate with limited success, I get a sensation of speed (wind in my face and the ground blurring) but I'm not covering ground any faster, so I don't think it counts. I try going higher instead to get the advanced flying goal. With a series of *whooshes* I rise up to about fifty metres, then maybe 500, then just below cloud level. I decide that's high enough to count and close my eyes to feel the sensation of flying . I'm a little nervous that this might destabilise the dream but that doesn't seem to happen.

      I decide that while I'm up here I might as well try the"fall from a great height" dare and realise it combines well with the "gain invulnerability" goal. I allow myself to fall precipitously to the ground, feeling the wind rushing past me more and more urgently, falling with a splintering sound through a tree and hitting the ground with a damp thud. The tree feels uncomfortable but the ground seems to be quite soft, like really well hydrated soft soil.

      I get up unharmed and opening my eyes (realising I probably should have fallen with my eyes open) to see a girl trying to fix a gate in front of her house, looking a little frustrated and despondent, like she's been trying for a while and is worried about the security of her house of she can't fix it. I think this night be a chance to get basic summoning by conjuring up a spare part to fix the gate, but it seems she just needs to tighten a bolt and doesn't have a spanner or the finger strength to so it by hand. I tighten the bolt for her (my left arm is uncooperative so I have to lean right in to do it - perhaps I'm sleeping on my arm?) Her mother is just arriving home and they're both grateful. I say they're welcome and mumble something about it not being perfect but it should do for now.

      I look around at the street and think about what I should do next. I think of my three step task (supper strength, basic summoning, eat something) my plan is to flip cars over, then summon and eat a bar of chocolate (with the possibility that the chocolate might be magic and transform me into the incredible hulk)

      I spot a car park across the road and fly over to it. It's night time now (it's been a sunny day so far) I land heavily on the bonnet of a car, denting it badly, jump onto another couple of cars, and then land on the ground next to another, which I kick. (I'm just enjoying being destructive with no consequences!)

      I pick a smallish car (a Micra, perhaps?) And lift out onto its side - it leaves the ground slightly in the process. I'm not happy that the strength require is superhuman enough, so I do the same with a larger car. With the third car, I concentrate on being stronger, rather than lifting harder. I consider making the car light but that surely counts as cheating. I manage to get this one to land on its other side, having rotated 270 degrees.

      I realise that I've been rolling cars in the downhill direction, so I decide to do one last car uphill. I spot a yellow skoda truck that appears to be something to do with fixing street lighting. I stand on the downhill side, grab the don't-drive-under-me rail, muster some imagination momentum, and manage to flip it onto its roof.

      Satisfied that I've been suitably superhuman, I decide to move on to the summoning part but just then my alarm goes off and I realise this entire dream happened between my alarm and the first snooze -10 minutes!

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    10. 101 dreamsigns, and I GET LUCID!

      by , 07-13-2014 at 09:18 PM
      I'm walking home from town with a couple of bags of grocery shopping, crossing the ringroad roundabout by the police station. I'm coming down the stairs into the underpass and notice that the headroom at the bottom of the stairs is very restricted, so I'm stooping to see if I'm in anyone's way.

      I spot John Fieldsend and his wife, who I've never seen outside of Shrewsbury, where I used to live years ago, and a girl I take to be their daughter (though far too young but hey) I greet them with "Hello, Fieldsends" I also notice that I'm not wearing and shoes and the ground's a little wet so my yellow socks are getting wet. I decide I should get my shipping home before I go back to town to get my boots which I "remember" I left in a shop up town.

      Coming out of the far side of the underpass (onto a street that's not the one normally there) I notice the sunny well lit ambiance and identify it as one of my dreamsigns. All of a sudden I realise that seeing the Fieldsends counts, too, and the very low headroom in the underpass, and having no shoes on is also suspicious. I decide to do a reality check because I'm more suspicious than convinced. I start levitating above the ground and now I *know* it's a dream!

      I ditch the shopping bags and fly up above the houses. My dream starts to fade rapidly. It's getting dark and I'm nowhere near any surfaces to fondle. I try spinning but the dream keeps fading. I'm now aware of my sleeping body and realise I can't keep hold of the dream. In retrospect, it might have been an FA, but I just rolled over and went back to sleep, not even smart enough to try a DEILD, Doh!
    11. July Basic TOTM - Get Naked

      by , 07-09-2014 at 11:22 AM
      With a bunch of Jubilee people heading to a meeting slash conference in an old fashioned church building. I'm torn between sitting with somebody I sort of fancy and playing it cool (can't remember who it was that I was crushing on) I end up sitting on the row in front of her. There's some conversion about the way the conference is organised this time around, with cars parking on site rather than in separate car parks.

      I'm outside of the meeting wandering to another building which contains some kind of dormitory. There's a couple of loaves of rustic looking bread on the wall beside a pond, which doesn't seem to have any purpose or meaning (but appear again later on) and down some steps there are other conference delegates and we just hang out a bit.

      Everyone else seems to be heading off to the next meeting but for some reason it's a meeting I'm not going to. I laze around a bit and have a snooze. I wake up feeling a bit miffed that I haven't got a dream to journal. It's rained a little while I was resting, the bread looks tempting but is all soggy from the rain and I'm disappointed because I kinda fancied some.

      FA - I wake up back at the meeting, I've been sleeping with my head on my crossed arms resting on a little desk for making notes. I think about the dream I just had and think about journaling it, then I realise where I am is a dream location and GET LUCID!

      I glance at the people sitting next to me and realise that they're just a dream and I don't have to sit through a meeting I'm not in the mood for. I say "fuck this" and get out of my chair a little clumsily, nearly tripping over the other nearby chairs. I hover forward feeling very excited at being lucid again after a dry patch.

      I spot Jofish sitting at a backward facing take at the front of the room. I say "hey Jo, I'm lucid!" He doesn't look all that impressed, so I hover a foot or so of the ground and say "Look! This is a dream!" He still doesn't seem to care and I remember that he's also just a DC and it really doesn't matter what he thinks. I float to the back of the room and people are starting to leave. I look at all their faces, noting that I don't recognise most of them. They are a variety of ages, including some older folk, which is a little surprising because Jubilee is sadly short on that front. I spot a nice looking young lady and start imagining how to get in her pants. The bunch of us start heading back to the campsite and I realise chasing tail isn't the highest calling in a lucid dream, so I start practicing flying along the path. I struggle to get any altitude by jumping (up to about 5 metres but coming back to a few feet above the ground) I try floating because when you jump, you come down, but floating doesn't come with that expectation. Still only a few feet up. I try doing a Superman pose and flying fast but can only go at a rather boring swift walk pace (at which speed, the Superman pose feels a little silly)

      I remember the TOTM Basic Task of getting naked, so I turn back to the bunch of people I was walking with, I'm just a bit ahead of them from my flying practice. I rip off my shirt and they all notice that something odd is going on. Because they're *my* DCs, they know why I'm doing this and they're all a little expectant. I aim to pull my trousers down leaving my boxers to last but my boxers come down with my trousers. Immediately, the several young ladies in the group start throwing themselves at me, jostling for the privilege of being unusually nice to me. Then I wake up feeling a little bit miffed that my libido managed to hijack my dream even though I'd decided to do something different but still feeling a little pleased that I was so suddenly popular, even if only with my subconscious!

      Apparently, starring a dream feeling horny can set certain expectations...

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    12. Lazy WILD

      by , 06-27-2014 at 08:10 AM
      I attempt a WILD after a small awakening - not quite successful, but I GET LUCID anyway, woo!

      I'm in the very beginnings of a dream scene and I try to use a dance-like physical anchor. I'm doing a little dance up some shallow sun-soaked sandstone stairs, I turn to the right to see an almost ladder like very step section which I feel and start climbing. At this point I realise that I'm in the dream already and GET LUCID! I decide to take a quite passive role in this dream and just explore. I climb to the top of the ladder like section and there's a broad covered walkway with a view over a castle where the original stairs were heading to. I look at a few features but forget to hold on to my lucidity and rapidly lose it (grr!) I wake up shortly after that :-(

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    13. Task of the Month for June 2014

      by , 06-17-2014 at 12:30 PM
      I become lucid spontaneously, as is most common for me. I'm in the middle of a sunny pedestrianised street. There's a general old-timey feel to the scene, perhaps mediaeval? The scene is very vague and I feel like perhaps I'm halfway between dreaming and visualising while awake. I decide to try to stabilise my connection to the dream scene and ignore any hint of waking life experience that might bring me back to the waking world. I fondle some surfaces and look intently at a few things. I try sniffing for smells but all I get is a slightly stuffy nose feeling.

      I spot the moon in the blue sky and feel drawn to stare at it. The thought crosses my mind that focusing on a specific object sometimes brings it closer, which starts to happen. As it comes closer it looks more like Earth. I decide that another planet is basically just a really big meteorite by the time it enters the atmosphere, so I will it to come faster and faster. It's silent which I consider trying to fix but realise it's probably coming multiple times faster than the speed of sound so I wouldn't be able to hear it before it arrives!

      The other-earth smashes into the ground over the horizon and there's a moment of silence before the ground leaps up in waves a couple of hundred metres high and the atmosphere explodes into flame. The waves of earth get steep enough that they "break" with the tips curving enough that they no longer bend, but snap into a million clods of earth and rubble.


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    14. Shortest LD record contender!

      by , 06-13-2014 at 08:45 AM
      I woke up around half four with a vague memory that I had dreamed, so I paused to think about it and remembered that I had become lucid and was walking through a sunny scene. I remembered that I wanted to try out as many RCs as I could remember. I tried to push my fingers through the palm of me left hand and it felt like walking life. I pushed harder and tried a twisting action. Eventually I managed to get half a finger through by wiggling.

      That's it, about four seconds!

      After that I decided to try WILDing but got memorable NLDs.

      1. Playing tennis mixed doubles, our opponents make a tactical error by coming to our side of the net as I deliver a return. I congratulate my partner with a bottom spank. I note that that's not really appropriate but think that it would be OK if I was a girl, so I was. Then the idea of playing not-tennis excites me awake, boo! :-(

      2. At a drama / history workshop, roleplaying with fake beards and moustaches, reliving some historic famine situation. I climb up a step valley side to the top of a cliff where I spot a mirage effect on one of the rocks. I shout down to some people at the bottom of the cliff and then reenact a daring rescue attempt of a girl stuck on the cliff face. Then I go back down to help tidy up the props.


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    15. Task of the Month for June 2014

      by , 06-08-2014 at 05:00 PM
      As with petty much all my lucids I got lucid spontaneously. I was in some kind of well lit warehouse or factory type space. I was surprised to be lucid because I hadn't expected it, but I had presence of mind enough to try to stabilise the dream by fondling various textures (cellophane, concrete, denim, hair) I spent a little time being distracted by a pretty girl but then remembered to think about my lucid goals.

      First, I chose one of the DCs to try repeating, he was a slightly weaselly chap who didn't really have anything interesting to say, but u repeated a few sentences of it anyway. (I can't remember what he said, it was a touch more interesting than "hey" but not much!)

      After that I thought of have a go at summoning a meteor strike, so I headed outside. It was just turning dark outside as I walked down the street looking for inspiration on the meteoric bombardment front and I decided to climb some scaffolding on a building nearby to get a better view of the sky.

      I started getting distracted by various twisting paths through the building and scaffolding and ended up switching to a classic non lucid dream about cycling through the same bit of pah multiple times until the chain wore out and needed fixing...

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