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    Inventory at the hospital.

    by , 02-21-2013 at 12:42 AM (441 Views)
    I'm at home and receive a visit from two women who claim that they need to do an inventory. I say we should go to the hospital . I walk barefoot and shirtless like the most normal thing in the world. When we arrived at the office door we can not enter because we do not have the magnetic card for doing that. Then we began to leave the hospital. We reach a staircase and I realize that two children are dangerously leaning against the railing. I carry a little girl about 4 years and suddenly people start running. We run out and I can see that there is another child in the top of the stairs. In those moments comes another lady who apparently knows me because she calls out my name. She takes the girl and I head out of the hospital. Then I start to make huge leaps as if gravity did not exist. Jumping from house to house, rather to the courtyards of the houses, I wake up suddenly.

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    Tags: railing