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    Long, long lucid dream

    by , 01-19-2013 at 03:14 PM (548 Views)

    It was 4 am in the morning and the dream began in the same way my last lucid dreams have started

    I have the feeling that I'm being dragged back from ny head and then I feel that the bed rotates clockwise. Suddenly (without any respect for my person ) I am thrown to the ground. Lying on the floor I begin fighting an entity that tries to keep me from moving. I do not see it but I can feel it. . All I can do is try to bite it. I choose to keep quiet and then the entity fades. Then I get up and head for the door of the room . This time I choose to go out using the back of the house and into a lake. Since I know I'm dreaming I jump into the water. I can walk on the water without sinking and I can hear the sound of water and feel it on my feet. I leave the lake and notice that it is dark and it strikes me that if I use a flashlight I could see better. . The flashlight works effectively. I can see quite far from the lake. The dream continues for a long time, I go to the neighbors but the people inside are alien. Finally decided to finish the dream and wake up. It lasted 20 minutes more or less.

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