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    Who pay for the broken dishes?

    by , 01-27-2013 at 01:19 PM (354 Views)
    I am in the pharmacy where I work and one of my coworkers arrives. Apparently I did something wrong and I have put some information in sealed envelopes (five of them). Soon the scene changes and we send that information and porcelain dishes downstairs using an elevator. I went to the door of the elevator and I can see my peers who are waiting for me to drop the information and dishes. Another co-worker who is Greek named Angela tells me that workers are complaining that they can not eat because almost all dishes are broken. I say it is absurd to drop the dishes by the opening the of the elevator as they break. I decide myself to design some sort of mechanism to lower the dishes without breaking them. I took a rope and tied it to a few dishes and let them slide down through the opening. Then I think that in this way if the rope breaks the dishes would fall on the head of the employees below. Dream fades and I wake up.
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